01 January 2001

Privacy Policy

Wonder Remedies care and respect its visitors privacy, privacy policy of wonder-cures is as follows:

Wonder Remedies does not involve in any kind of act related to the personal identities of the individuals. The log files only contains types of used browsers, IP addresses, time duration, dates and frequency of their visits that required for the page’s operations in the similar manner of other websites. All browser related cookies that are in par with the rules and regulations of the World Wide Web.

Google however uses cookies for ad serving purpose on the www.wonderremedies.in

DART cookies also used by Google for serving the ads as per the users visits, anyone however can opt out through http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html from the DART cookies. Goggle is our advertising partner and thus allowed by us for using web beacons and cookies on www.wonderremedies.in

In order to measure and monitor advertisement influence and effectiveness, ad networks use cookies, beacons and scripts on the page. Wonderremedies.in can neither monitor nor control ads networks’ cookies and beacons. For more information regarding the policies and procedures of the third party ad networks please, consult their respective websites.   

www.wonderremedies.in privacy policies are not bondable or applicable to any of the websites and ad networks. For any browser related queries contact the respective browser providers.    

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