09 February 2016

Food you must consider while going on Camping

Camping food cartoon
It is hard to find a person who doesn’t love camping, as a matter of fact everybody loves camping because it provides an opportunity to enjoy nature with friends and family. Camping not only boosts your energy level for the coming working days but it also helps in improving your relationship with your loved ones. It gives you an opportunity to spend time with your family without being worried about the official workloads or day to day worries. However camping may turn into a nightmare if your camping foods are not properly planned, without a proper camping diet plan, your trip may cause you your health as well. There are many options available from where you can camp such as car, camper, tent or from a cabin and accordingly decide your camping food menu. Also remember to consider the nature of camping i.e. tracking, hiking, Jungle safari, nature watch, and hunting etc. before finalizing the camping food menu. Following are some suggestions regarding your camping food that will make camping, a pleasant and healthy experience for you.

 Ready to Eat Foods

Mixed NutsNuts are the best eat ready items to carry on camping as they comes with shells that anyone can easily break, however, walnuts or similar nuts requires a cracker to break its shell. Nuts like peanuts and pistachios shells are very easy to remove and therefore ideal for camping. According to a well-known author in his book on nutrition, nuts are very rich in protein and contain some fiber & carbohydrates too. Some fruits like. You can carry grapes, bananas and apples very easily without worrying of any preparation or packing. Another ready to eat items such as trail mix and granola bars are very easy in carrying and contains protein & carbohydrates as well.

Easy to Prepare Foods

Some food items provide multiple and easy to use options and are very good for camping purpose, one such item is peanut butter. You can carry peanut butter very easily with you and in addition, you can use it with fruits, vegetables, bread spread, tortillas or you can even consume peanut butter alone. With its rich protein contents, peanut butter enables a person to have fullness feelings longer than others. When peanut butter mixed with carbohydrate containing vegetables, fruits or breads it makes a complete and balanced diet to campers to fulfill their energy needs. If you are carrying a small camping stove with you then you should carry eggs as a good choice because you can prepare it quickly to consume. Eating eggs with two bread slices fulfills your carbohydrate needs instantly. Pasta is also very easy to prepare food that you can carry for camping; you just need hot water, vegetables and some sauce to prepare instant pasta. 

Fruits & Veg Illustration
Family Camping Meals

In order to have a healthy breakfast during your camping use instant pancakes as it needs only water to prepare pancakes on a stove or griddle. For your nutrients and vitamin fulfillment use pancakes with fruits in breakfast. Use pasta with sauce, vegetables and tuna to mix for making a healthy lunch while on camping to compensate your protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients requirement. Use fish and grilled chicken to have a nutritious dinner during your camping time, use foods with low on saturated fats such as turkey patties instead using hamburger meat. Saturated fat considered as unhealthy or bad fat due to its involvement with cardiovascular disorders, states a Medical Report. Although absence of S’more may shorten your camping enjoyment but, you can adopt some health friendly procedures to use them such as using them with two pieces dark chocolates, marshmallow or with graham crackers made with whole grain. 

                  So next time whenever going for camping, plan your food items you are carrying with you. By planning your camping food wisely, you will sure have a wonderful and healthy camping experience.