28 October 2015

How to quickly heal off C-section scars

C-section delivery
C-section scars are those scars that a woman may get after the surgery of abdomen’s c-section area. It is very common in women who have undergone cesarean delivery, these c-section scars does not possess any threat to a woman’s health though. It needs specific time intervals to heal after a c-section surgery however; the scars may remain there for a long time or even for rest of the life.   Post abdominal surgery comprises of c-section, which are quite common and needs sufficient time to heal and recover.  Early recovery from a c-section surgery is the main concern for women who gave birth to their babies through it as they want to devote full time to their babies. There are various things to consider if you want quick recovery from the c-section surgery however you should consult your doctor first before doing any of these methods. Natural processes are effective then using some medication or remedies. Following are some very simple yet effective techniques for a speedy recovery after a c-section surgery.


It is quite hard for a mother to breastfeed her baby as soon as she deliver a baby through cesarean process because it requires some time to recover from the surgery as well as the medications she has undergone during and after the c-section surgery. It has been clinically proven that breastfeeding is the most suitable option for accelerating the recovery after the c-section surgery. Therefore, try to breastfeed your baby as early as possible to recover and heal quickly after the surgery. You can find help from breastfeeding experts and social groups that promote breast feeding, they will assist you in breastfeeding your baby during the recovery period. Breast feeding not only helps you in early recovery but it also lays the foundation of strong bonding between the baby and you as well. Breastfeeding accelerates both physical as well as mental recovery for the mother and ensures fast recovery from pain and mental tiredness after the c-section surgery.

Light Walk

This is another effective method for a fast recovery from the c-section surgery. However, it is very important that you should cover only a short distance by walking slowly and in addition, you should be accompanied by your partner, your mother or anyone you feel comfortable with. Remember to seek permission from your
C-section scars
doctor before initiating light walk sessions. Avoid walking fast or doing any sort of exercise during these days moreover, avoid any hard domestic work for at least 3-4 weeks after the c-section surgery as well.  Walking will ensure proper blood circulation of your body and helps you in recovering quickly.

Seek Help

 It is quite normal that doing any type of household work or any physical activity just after the surgery is not possible therefore, do not try to be heroic by performing hard domestic work  as it may stress you abdominal part and may torn the stitches as well. It may even cause infection in that particular portion as well. Take help from your partner or call your mother or in laws for few weeks until you recover fully moreover, you can hire a babysitter in case no one is available to help you out from regular domestic works.

Proper Hygiene

It is a well known fact that maintaining proper hygiene is the key to recover from any medical condition and therefore it applies in this case as well. Keep yourself and your c-section stitches dry and clean. Damp clothing and wetness around the incision may cause infection therefore take proper care of it and use clean cotton towel to pat dry the dampen area. You can also take advice from your doctor to keep incision away from infection moreover; you can also ask your doctor for some medicinal ointment for fast relief as well.    

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