21 July 2015

Home and Herbal Treatment for Malaria

Female Anopheles Mosquito
A spasmodic fever that spreads with the biting of a female mosquito named Anopheles is called as malaria. The saliva of female anopheles mosquito contains a variety of deadly parasites that transfer with her bite into the bitten person’s body and finds shelter in his liver, gain momentum and multiplies itself and spreads along with the bloodstream. The main target of these parasites is the red blood cells in our blood stream. When the parasite infects red blood cells of a person it causes headache, fever, fatigue, vomiting and other serious health concerns that may even lead to death if not taken care of. There was a time when Malaria was considered as lethal as bubonic plague that, when broke wipes out a huge portion of the population. A mere tiny mosquito is responsible for killing and wiping out millions of people during the past several centuries and still causing deaths to many, not in such massive numbers though. Malaria is almost under control in most parts of the world now but countries on the African continent, South America and some parts of Asian peninsula are still considered risky regarding malaria.  

The main cause of malaria is the bite of female anopheles mosquito however the types of parasites may differ from person to person therefore its severity and symptoms as well. There are a number of symptoms associated with malaria such as fever, feeling sudden cold, vomiting, muscular pain, nausea and fatigue moreover, jaundice, anemia and sweating may also occur as well. The key to counter malaria is to prevent the biting of female anopheles by adopting various means such as using mosquito net and controlling the population of the mosquito. You can find various types of medications containing quinine and chloroquinine for treating malaria with the consult of a doctor however there are various home and herbal remedies to treat malaria as well. Let’s have a look on some of them.

Cinchona Tree (Quina tree)
Cinchona tree bark
Cinchona tree bark is the main source of quinine, a well known anti malaria remedy.  A native of South American sub continent Cinchona has a long history of medicinal uses in Ecuador, Peru and other surrounding countries of South America however its various species are now found in Asia, America and Europe as well. The quinine compound found in Cinchona bark not only contains anti malaria capabilities but it also contains anti-inflammatory and pain reducing capabilities as well. Cinchona bark is first dried and then made powder of it for medicinal use; you can buy its powder from any herbal store however you should first consult your doctor regarding the dosage and use of it.


Garlic is another useful home remedy when it comes to counter malaria as it contains several beneficial medicinal properties. Garlic has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties; moreover, garlic contains natural disulfides and allicin that has the capability to counter malaria and cancer parasites. You can use garlic tablets available in drugstores or eat raw garlic cloves moreover; you can use crushed garlic with honey or with orange juice as well.


Similar to garlic, onion also contains some natural disulfides which are very effective in treating malaria and cancer. Therefore, onion sometime referred as anti cancer remedy as well, onion also contains several medicinal properties such as antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antispasmodic and antibiotic that are very useful in treating infections and other health related problems as well. You can use onion with salad, with food preparation or you can eat it out raw.


Ginger is another effective way of treating malaria along with various other health related problems because similar to garlic, ginger too contains several useful medicinal properties as well. The best way of using ginger for malaria is to boil it along with raisins in proportionate amount of water, let it boil for half an hour and then consume it after letting it cool properly.


Cinnamon is another easily available home remedy that serves in treating a variety of health disorders including Malaria. People from Asia and Africa used cinnamon for past several centuries to treat malaria and dengue fever and it is still relevant in treating the same. In order to use cinnamon boil its powder along with
Papaya Seeds
pepper and let the mixture cool for some time, add few drops of honey into it for consuming.

Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds are also very effective in preventing malaria and dengue fever. You just need to eat out few papaya seeds twice daily for few days to fight back malaria.

Other Useful Remedies

Other useful remedies for Malaria include:
·        Basil
·        Grape Fruit
·        Alum
·        Lemon
·        Fever Nut
·        Orange juice
·        Neem
·        Sweet wormwood
·        Snakeroot plant
·        Artemisia leaves

Malaria is not something that might be taken lightly as it may lead to serious health problems if not taken proper care. You should consult your doctor as soon as you see the symptoms associated with it moreover, you should be very careful about your diet as well. Always remember that prevention is better than cure so prevent you from being bitten by the dangerous female anopheles mosquito by using mosquito net and other available things. 



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