19 March 2016

Effective Home and Herbal Remedies for the treatment of Plague..

‘Plague’ is a word that once brought hell to this world; it was so notorious in those older times that people often referred plague as the Black Death. The reason for giving it such a horrible name was due to its capacity to wipe out entire towns and villages in one sweep, the skin of the patients suffering with plague turn black. It was a sure death for patients of plague as there were no counter measures available during those older days as people know nothing about this fearful disease. As the time changes, people become more and more aware about the reasons that causes plague and therefore started exploring & developing counter measures against this horrific disease. Yes plague is still lethal but with the advancement of modern technology, medical science has developed various counter measures to stop the growth of this deadly disease. It is a very contagious disease that spreads from one person to other through air, a bacterium referred as Yesinia Pestis is the main culprit behind causing plague.  Rats are the main carrier of this bacteria Yesinia pestis which transmits from rats to humans and increases its grip from one person to other.

Causes & Symptoms
As mentioned above, the main reason for causing plague is a bacteria which is termed as Yesinia pestis, this bacterium is found in rats and later reaches to humans through air. Therefore it is vital to clean the surrounding from food remains that often attracts rats, moreover, proper hygiene and sanitation is also very important. The various symptoms associated with plague includes muscular and chest pain, coughing, cold sensation, itchiness, nausea, fever, headache, breathing problem, weakness, stomach ache and vomiting. The bacteria fist attacks the lymph nodes and causes it become tender & swollen. In advanced stage, the skin of the person affected with plague turns black as well.    

 A variety of antibiotic remedies are prescribed by the doctors now days, it is not considered fatal if proper medication is taken in earlier stage. In addition, there are various home and herbal remedies also available that may cure plague in the earlier stage as well. You should always remember to consult your doctor before using any type of home and herbal remedies.

Home & Herbal remedies for Plague                                                                    
Essential Oils

Essential oil
Wherever there’s a health problem there’s a solution with Essential oil as these oils contain a number of amazing medicinal properties. According to some herbalists, essential oils were the main source of medicinal treatments during the older times as well. Plague is a bacterial infection and therefore essential oil can be used for curing plague as well because essential oils are very effective against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. A number of very effective essential oils for bacterial infection include clove oil, ginger oil, eucalyptus oil, thyme oil, cinnamon and oil of oregano. These essential oils not only cure but also help in improving the overall immune system capability of the human body as well. The essential oils are loaded with wonderful medicinal capabilities such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Essential oil can be used in varieties of ways such as mixing it in bathing water, massaging or through inhalation

Yarrow was among few herbal remedies that people used against plague during the older times and it is proven to be very effective as well. Loaded with various medicinal properties such as antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory capabilities, yarrow is very effective in treating health concerns like, cold & flu, nausea, pneumonia, fever and various types of infections. The best way to use yarrow is to prepare its tea using dried yarrow flower, consume this tea twice daily for quick relief.

There are many home based items that you can use in a variety of health problems and ginger is one among them. You can find ginger in almost every household in the world however only few are familiar with the amazing medicinal capabilities of ginger. Ginger contains various medicinal properties such as antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation which as a result make ginger a perfect home remedy for many health related problems. It is very effective in countering any type of infection and inflammation, moreover ginger is also a very good immune system booster as well. The various health problems that finds ginger very effective includes digestion problems, cough, cold, nausea, respiratory problems, headache, allergies, heart problems, diabetes, plague, muscular cramps and many others. The best way to use ginger is to drink ginger tea moreover; you can consume it raw with honey and also use it in salad and your daily food preparation as well.

Herbal Tea
 Herbal Tea
When we talk about herbal tea, it does not mean that we are talking about a particular tea but it has many varieties.  You can use basil tea, ginseng tea, margosa tea, nettle tea, chamomile tea, Echinacea tea and many more as herbal tea. Comfrey, margosa, rosemary, basil, Echinacea and mint extracts can give you some very effective herbal tea for countering plague.   

No home or herbal remedy list is said to be complete without adding garlic in it, garlic is widely used and very easily available kitchen item. You can find garlic in almost every part of the world; people during the older days were also familiar with the healing power of garlic. Garlic is blessed with some wonderful properties including antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. Garlic is very effective in treating infections, respiratory problems, heart problems, kidney problems, digestion problems, cancer, headache, stomachache, blood pressure, plague, fatigue, muscular cramps and many other problems. Garlic can be used in a variety of ways such as raw, with honey, capsules, oil or adding it in salad or your daily food preparation. Moreover, you can consume raw garlic clove regularly to keep your immune system in best shape as well.



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