30 April 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Male Yeast Infection

A common misconception about yeast infection is that it only affects women however; it is far from the truth, yeast infection may occur to males as well. A fungus biologically referred as Candida is the main reason that causes yeast infection. The commonly affected male body part from yeast infection is genital parts however; the infection may affect a man’s mouth as well. Yeast infection is easily visible through the naked eyes by the appearance of itchy pink or red rashes over the affected body parts. There are numbers of reasons that may
cause yeast infection in males such as unhygienic conditions, unhygienic cloths, heavy antibiotics dosage, smoking, alcoholic beverages, allergy, contact with affected person and poor resistance capability of body’s immune system.  

Although yeast infection in women are far more than that of men but men too catches Yeast infection as well, in less numbers than women though. A wide range of products including creams and ointment are available now days however, a variety of home based remedies are also found effective for the treatment of male yeast infections. It is advised to contact your family doctor before using any kind of home remedies because he knows your body’s temperament well.


Vinegar is a commonly found home based item that may help you in minor health disorders as well including the male yeast infection. The process to use vinegar to get relief from yeast infection is quite simple; first dilute the vinegar by adding a proportionate amount of water. Take a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball and soak it into the diluted vinegar, apply the diluted vinegar with the help of cotton ball over the affected portion of your body. The fungus Candida killed by the diluted vinegar and you will be relieved. Use it twice daily for few days to get rid of yeast infection completely.


The ancient people used garlic in many ways to get rid of various types of health problems, most of their rituals included garlic in one way or another. Garlic still comes under a useful home remedy for the treatment skin infections and other related problems.  Loaded with wonderful medicinal properties such as antibacterial and antifungal capabilities garlic proved to be a good and effective home remedy for treating yeast infection
. You can use garlic in a variety of ways to get rid from yeast infect, you can eat few cloves of raw garlic or you can apply a paste of garlic prepared with adding water, milk or vinegar on the infected part.  


Water not only gives life but it helps in maintaining and safeguarding the life as well. People often avoid using water as home remedy and does not even considers it as a home remedy. Well, this is not a good thing because it is the easiest resource that one can find in any household; moreover, it gives you protection from various diseases and capable of eliminating minor health problems and skin infections as well. Doctors often suggest drinking plenty of water because it not only purifies your body thoroughly but also prevents infections as well. For people having yeast infection, increasing the daily dose of water is very useful in getting relief.


Maintaining a proper diet routine is a very good practice in keeping your body in perfect health. Since dietary habit is also involved in causing yeast infections watching your diet may give you relief from this problem as well. Remember to monitor your daily dosage of sugar because it causes yeast infection as well. Try to reduce your daily dose of sugar, limit alcoholic beverages, avoid using fast food and fried foods as well to get rid of yeast infection. 


17 April 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Dry cough
Have you ever experienced the problem of cough? We have heard this word cough many times and we all understand what cough means. The process of bursting out air with or without mucus from your mouth is termed as cough, when you burst out only air with a negligible amount of mucus or without mucus then it referred as dry cough. In dry cough we feel some irritation in our throat, which further result in a pressurized burst of air without mucus. While in wet cough, mucus comes out from our lungs with air burst. The reasons behind causing dry cough may involve pollution, smoking, infections, bronchitis, asthma cold, flu and allergies. Moreover, medicinal reactions and disease may also trigger dry cough, it gives you feeling of a choked throat or something similar, sometimes you may feel pain in chest and heavy heads too. It not only discomforts you physically but also make you feel like neglected as no one likes to sit beside a coughing person.

Although a variety of medication for the treatment of dry cough is available in drug stores however, home remedies are also very useful in such case. Following are some natural home remedies that you may try to get rid of dry cough.

Water is the most common readily available resource, which you can use in treating plenty of minor health disorders. As we all know that it’s the nearest thing that we can use therefore why not try using water in the first place if it help you out from minor health problems?  Doctors often advise to drink as much water as possible for the health sake moreover; water softens the mucus that may easily discharge from the nostrils. So try water in case of dry cough it will give you relief from dry cough.

Hot milk with Sonth (dry ginger)

Lemon black salt drinkMilk is another daily use and readily available item in households. Milk itself considered as a health friendly drink however, when added with different types of home based items such as ginger, black salt, turmeric, pepper and honey then it becomes a strong remedy for various health problems as well. Drinking hot milk with added ginger and honey is very effective for getting rid of dry cough. You can also take some dry ginger often referred as Sonth in India to boil it with milk. Take this hot drink 2-3 times and it will surely give you relief from dry cough.

Lemon with black salt

Most of you must be familiar with rock salt or black salt a useful household item. Rock salt has specialty of absorbing moisture whereas lemon contains anti microbial properties along with vitamin C in good amount. Using black salt and lemon could do wonder in treating your dry coughs. Dip a lemon slice into the rock salt to and start chewing it, use it in every 2-3 hours to get rid of dry cough moreover it will minimize throat irritation and prevent sour throat as well.

Gargling with salt water

This is a common remedy, which you can use in getting relief from dry cough and other similar worries. Using it is very easy you just need to take a glass of water and boil it, moreover, add a little amount of salt while boiling it. Use it for gargling after the mixture reaches to normal temperature i.e. neither cold nor hot. For getting better result, repeat gargling in every 3-4 hours.  Gargling is also useful in swelling of gums or other similar tooth problems as well.

Turmeric is another wonderful home item that can be used in varieties of skin and mouth related health disorders. A variety of amazing medicinal capabilities found in turmeric makes it a very useful household medicinal item. You can use turmeric in many ways for treatment of dry cough, like add some turmeric in hot milk, add some honey with turmeric; you can make powder of turmeric and use it with milk or water for relief.


09 April 2015

Natural Home Remedies to prevent Night Sweats.

Herbal Tea
Herbal Tea
Night sweats is a common disorder that may occur to male as well as female however, women usually affected more than men are.  A major factor that plays an important role in women’s case is the menopausal stage as night sweats occurs mostly when a woman crosses this phase. Night sweats however may be caused by varieties of factors such as excess heat, serious health disorders including TB and cancer, medicinal reactions, depression and infections may also cause night sweats as well. Moreover, factors like too much excitement and hormonal changes in a person may trigger night sweats in some cases.

There are various types of medicines available in medical stores as well as utility shops for the treatment of night sweats. In addition, a variety of herbal and home remedies also found effective for the treatment of night sweats as well. Below are few things that you may found effective in treating night sweats however, its’ always advised to consult a physician before adopting any of the given techniques or using the given medications.

Chilled water

Simple Workouts
Sometime too much heat is the reason behind causing night sweats therefore; using chilled water would be very helpful in minimizing the effect of night sweats. Cold water serves as an instant excessive heat reliever and helps the person affected by night sweats. Moreover, water is very important in keeping your body well hydrated as well. It is better to keep yourself hydrated and at the same time keep a water bottle near you to use at night as well.   

Careful diets

Diet plays an important role in keeping your body fit and healthy, in case of night sweats, taking balanced diet is the key solution. If you are a habitual user of fast food, fried food and spicy foods then you should avoid using such food habits if you are suffering from night sweets. Moreover, fat containing foods may triggers night sweats as well. Certain ill habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol and having too much caffeine may also trigger night sweats and therefore, a person should avoid using such things. Vegetables are always a good choice for both health conscious people and people having some health disorder, fruits, spinach, salads and beans are very effective in preventing night sweets. Tomatoes, orange, melons and strawberries are also useful in minimizing night sweats as well.

Herbal tea

Hormonal changes in human body is another night sweats causing reason, herbal tea helps in balancing the hormonal changes in a person’s body.  Night sweats is also caused due to hormonal changes, and having herbal tea twice a day can help during these hormonal changes and helps in minimizing the problem. You can find a wide range of herbal tea in your local grocery and drug stores. Just make sure you buy organic herbal tea like black cohosh tea, licorice and other types of organic teas.

Exercise & relaxing

Night sweats problem can also be sorted out by regular Exercise, moreover stretching and relaxing the body muscles helps in avoiding night sweats problem as well. You can find various workout which not only easy in performing but also free from causing too much stress as well.  One such routine is to lay on the back by keeping both hands beneath the head in relaxing posture, now try to lift up your right leg slightly and keeping the left one as it is. Now lower the right leg slowly to the ground and lift up your left leg same as you did with the right one then put it back to the ground slowly after few seconds. By doing the given simple workout
routine you can minimize your night sweats problem up to a great extent.


The popularity of Indian yoga is increasing not because of some publicity stunts, but yoga actually works in many cases when all the other options fail. Yoga is the best solution for various health related problems, even medical experts recommends yoga in many problems. One particular asana (position) of yoga for night sweats relief is ‘Pranayam’. Just sit straight by keeping the hand on lap, and then breathe slowly. This simple method can be magical in case of night sweats.

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01 April 2015

Knee Water Exercise

Aqua aerobicThe popularity of knee water exercising therapy is gradually increasing, practicing knee therapy in the water suits people of any size or age and for different severe injury levels. Water with its upward force helps bearing some of your joint pressure and enables you to practice those knee workouts you cannot perform on land. You can choose any water exercise that suits your knee. Some American clinics offering advanced water exercising programs, and according to them, any person having incontinence, seizure or wounds should avoid practicing knee water exercise. It is always better to consult a physical therapist or a doctor before doing this type of therapies.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua joggingIt is a technique, in which cardiovascular workouts performed inside water; you can select the water levels according to your needs such as go deep if you require exercise that is more difficult or for light workout use swallow level of water. You can practice few peculiar aqua aerobic routines for your knee such as calf rotations, calf raises, lungs and squats. Practice a single set of 10 times during your initial stage and then increase the sets up-to 10 sets of ten times for every routine. According to a renowned expert of aqua aerobics, any person undergone knee surgery should avoid any knee extending exercise that employs resistance.

Aqua Jogging

You can perform aqua jogging exercise on both deep and swallow water levels for your knees. Aqua jogging therapy in swallow water includes simply walking or jogging within the pool and without being worried about falling or receiving injuries if performing on land. Deep water aqua jogging practiced with wearing an aqua belt to keep you afloat, the main advantage of deep-water aqua jogging is that, your feet remains above the pool bottom that prevents impacting your knees. Practice deep-water aqua jogging in proper interval such as use initial 60 seconds only to walk and then run for 15 seconds by applying an interval of 10 minutes; repeat this technique as advised by your physician.

Therapy pool
Therapy Pools

Therapy pool technique involves using water-strengthening jets for effective water workouts. In simple words, you can say that these types of pools consists strong jets of water to provide you resistance in standing & balancing there. Start with walking against the water jets current and then move to jogging. Many therapy pools provide warm water jets with mild pressure in order to give you gentle knee massage and providing a convenient space to exercise stretching. These pools have temperature control mechanism that a regular pool lacks. Sit before a steam jet and put your knees against the streams coming from jet, after few seconds stretch your leg slowly and then repeat again.