28 December 2014

Moringa Tree: Natural weight loss Source

Maringa tree has varieties of health beneficial contents and therefore it is turning into a popular herbal remedy
a Moringa tree
throughout the world, countries such as Australia, Africa, India and South American countries. Researchers from the society of environment found that, a moringa tree leaves contain various essential nutrients that are beneficial for the humankind, moreover, one of the main advantages of moringa tree is that, the fat contents of moringa tree is minimal despite of its high nutritional values. This capability of moringa tree makes it an ideal diet for the weight losing enthusiasts along with those who want to follow low calorie diet routine as well.


Researchers have found a number of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals in moringa with minimum carbohydrates and fat. A renowned organization known as Moringa trees of life organization has conducted several researches on moringa tree and analyzed the nutritional contents of moringa with other food sources. The revealed many interesting facts about moringa as compared with other types of food source which states that vitamin A contents of moringa is much higher than that of carrot while the iron contents of moringa is more than that of the Spinach. Moreover, the vitamin C content of moringa is higher than orange and moringa is also high in calcium contents than milk as well. The total amount of protein in moringa is higher than that of eggs and milk jointly contains. 

Moringa for weight loss

Moringa powder
Many dieticians and fitness trainer considers moringa as a suitable diet source for the health conscious people because of its minimum calorie and fat contents which other food source lacks. Vitamin B found in moringa plays an important role in controlling metabolism and improving digestion capability of our body. In addition, vitamin B also helps our body into converting food into energy as well; Moringa is capable of fulfilling more than 100 percent of regular calcium requirement of a human body in addition with fulfilling 40% regular protein intake. The wide range of amazing features found in moringa makes it an effective weight loss diet, moreover, easy availability and easy and convenient use of moringa is also an added advantage which as a whole increasing its popularity tremendously. Its’ totally up to you, that how you want to use moringa however, preparing moringa tree, adding in salad, adding in various food preparation are also very convenient in using moringa. Local grocery and herbal stores keep moringa powder that might be useful for long periods, additionally; various herbal companies also launched moringa in capsule forms because of the increasing demands of moringa as a weight loss dietary source.

It is however, recommended that you should consult your doctor before using any sorts of remedy because he may suggest you according to your physical condition and body capability. 


19 December 2014

Herbal Remedies for Bile Reflux

A fluid that liver produces in a human body is called as bile. This fluid protects a person’s body from toxins and supports in digestion process. The condition in which bile fluid penetrate into the stomach and esophagus of a person’s body and results in causing inflammation known as bile reflux. Its’ not a serious medical condition if treated suitably in early stages however, it may leads to serious medical problems if avoided for long duration. The causes of bile reflux include alcoholism, smoking, chronic disease, stomach ulcers and dependency on spicy foods. A person suffering from bile reflux may contain symptoms like irregular digestion, nausea, inflammation, continuous weight loss, stomach pain and vomiting tendencies.
The best way to treat bile reflux is treating it quickly after its conformation. You may find various types of remedies for the treatment of bile reflux through your doctor, however, physicians sometime prescribes specific dieting programs to treat it as well. In addition, natural remedies also found effective in its treatments; some of them mentioned in the following paragraphs.
Chamomile is a versatile herb containing varieties of medicinal properties including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are very useful for the treatment of infections and body inflammation. One may easily find chamomile tea and chamomile tincture in any herbal or grocery shops. Use chamomile tea to get relief from the bile reflux problem, making chamomile tea is quite simple. You may add limejuice and black salt in this tea as well; consuming it 2 times in a day may give you fruitful result within a week.
MintAnother effective herbal remedy for the treatment of bile reflux is Basil, which also used in varieties of applications as well. Containing wonderful medicinal qualities such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antibiotic and antioxidant, basil is an essential household item found in almost every parts of the world. Basil is a multi-purpose herb with uses like toxin removal, immune and digestion system enhancement, infection treatments, cough and cold treatments and obviously bile reflux treatments. Drink basil tea regularly for getting quick relief from bile reflux, you may also use basil in various other ways as well such as for salad preparations, adding in food recipes, consuming with honey or ginger as well.
Peppermint is very effecting in digestion enhancement and toxins removal. Moreover, peppermint is also helpful for problems like nausea, flu, cold, headache, bile reflux and infections. Useful properties like antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties of peppermint give it ability to treat several health problems. Using peppermint is same as that of basil therefore, use it in tea or in food preparations as stated above for basil.   
Ginger is a as a very common household item that used in verities of medicinal applications like infections, inflammation, bile reflux and many other health disorders. Ginger with its different   medicinal capabilities becomes an affective cure for physical and oral infections of a human body. With properties like antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-allergic and antifungal, Ginger effectively reduces the symptoms of bile reflux; drinking ginger tea regularly is the best approach against bile reflux. You can even take ginger with honey or with adding in your food preparations as well.
It is a proven fact that turmeric is very useful in enhancing the immune system of a person’s body, moreover, it helps digestion and stomach cleansing as well. Turmeric too contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that helps in countering body infections, allergies, wounds and other skin problems along with the bile reflux. You can use turmeric in multiple ways such as adding in milk or tea, adding with honey or you can even apply its paste in infected body area as well.


03 December 2014

Amazing herbs for Enhancing White blood cells

Leukocytes or often referred as white blood cells are essential part of a person’s immune system that plays a key role in our body’s infection prevention as well. Leukocytes are part of a five members group in our body that includes eosinophilis, basophiles, neutrphils and monocytes in addition with leukocytes. The usual life span of leukocytes ranges from several weeks to a few days, however, several natural resources might be helpful in increasing the life span as well as the counts of white blood cells or leukocytes. Always, seek your doctor’s advice before using any treatments.

The normal count of leukocytes in a physically fit person ranges from 7,000 to 25,000 for one drop of his blood whereas; the leukocytes count of an infectious person would be much higher. Higher the numbers of leukocytes in a person’s blood, greater the level of infections in his body. When the count of white blood cells of a person increases above a particular value, it indicates the possibility of leukemia in that person. In many cases of leukemia, the number of leukocytes measured was more than 45,000-50,000 in one drop of blood.

There are plenty of wonderful remedies present in nature that my come handy in different types of physical and psychological disorders. However, consulting a doctor before using any of such things is highly recommended.   

LigustrumEffective Herbal Remedies

Nature contains a wide variety of medicinal herbs that may effectively increase white blood cell, moreover, many herbs posses capability enhancing the immune system of our body as well. Medicinal herbs such as Astragalus, Licorice, Ligustrum, Boneset, Ash Bark, Ginseng, Echinacea, osha and Cardonopsis are very useful in enhancing our body’s immune systems. Moreover, medicinal herbs are also effective in minimizing the effects of radiation therapy as well.     

Japanese Privet or Ligustrum

Found in different parts of Asian peninsula, America and native Australia, Ligustrum or Japanese Privet classified as an evergreen shrub that contain brownish stem bark and long greenish leaves. Natural therapist and herbalists often prescribes it as a white blood cell booster for their visitors. According to studies, ligustrum is very effective in treating cancer when used with asragalus; moreover, it is useful for the treatment of infections also.


Licorice root
Licorice root
Licorice has a long history of medicinal use in Chinese, India and other parts of the world. During the older time, people used it for the prevention of side effects from other treatments and for enhancing body’s resistance power. Licorice roots contain glycyrrhetinic acid, which is a good immune system enhancer.

Echinacea is a common herb used in most parts of the world. Native Americans used it for a variety of health disorders such as, infections, digestion problems, cough & cold, sore throat, influenza and many others. Echinacea has unique ability of stimulating our body’s immune performance to counter infection and other body problems.  

Ash Bark

Another useful herb for the enhancement of white blood cell count is Ash bark, which is also known as prickly ash bark. Moreover, it serves as a blood purifier and energy booster for our body as well.    

Always remember to consult a physician before using herbal, ayurvadic or any type of medications including white blood cell enhancer. The doctor may advice you according to your physical status and allergic behavior. 


30 November 2014

Natural ways to Lower High Blood Pressure..

Foods pic
A heart in a person's body acts as a pump for circulating the blood to different body organs by implying force through the artery walls. The pressure or force by which blood circulate inside a person’s body is known as blood pressure in medical terms. Health issues such as low blood pressure and high blood pressure are very common and people often heard about them. High blood pressure is a condition when the pressure of blood flow exceeds the normal limit referred as high blood pressure while, low blood pressure is a condition in which blood pressure decreases below the normal value. Both of these conditions accompanied by plenty of health related problems such as heart attack, depression, fatigue and even heart attacks along with vital body organ failure. There are various techniques and medications available for controlling hypertension as well as low blood pressure, in this article we are focusing on natural solutions for preventing hypertension by lowering the blood pressure to the normal limits. Remember to consult your doctor before using any heart related cures so he may suggest you the suitable solution according to your body’s capability.

Do not drink alcohol signOne of the best and permanent solution for preventing as well as lowering high blood pressure problem is to adopt a healthy diet routine which referred as DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension).This includes discontinuation of your regular food courses and start eating health friendly nutritious food that not only help you in relieving from hypertension but also strengthens your overall body fitness. Use green vegetables frequently because of their good nutritional values, in addition, consume fruits, whole grains, fat-less dairy items, fish and legumes in regular intervals. You may use potassium in adequate quantity by consulting your doctor as well for lowering saturated fats and normalizing high blood pressure.

Another important step to counter hypertension and bringing down high blood pressure to normal limit is monitoring your daily sodium intake. Sodium if taken in large quantity may cause water retention that may further result in high blood pressure. According to experts, recommended amount of salt or sodium for a normal person is 2,400 milligrams per day; however, by following DASH you may decrease your daily intake of sodium to 1,500 mg approximately. Avoid using too much frozen or processed food, which contains sodium in large amount.

Do not smoke signAlcohol consumption is another factor in causing high blood pressure and hypertension. High amount of alcohol if taken at once may trigger hypertension instantly whereas; regular consumption of alcohol by a habitual drinker ultimately weakens his heart. For a hypertensive habitual drinker, quitting alcoholism is the best solution however, limiting the frequency and amount of alcohol might provide some relief as well. 
An overweight person requires more blood then a normal person for supplying adequate amount of Oxygen and essential nutrients to the body. Increased amount of blood increases the blood pressure as well in the body of overweight person. Therefore, for a hypertensive and overweight person, decreasing an adequate amount of body weight would be the best solution for bringing back high blood pressure to normal limit. Regular workout is very helpful in lowering high blood pressure resulting from decreasing body weight. Habit like smoking also exceeds the chances of high blood pressure therefore; a hypertensive person should always avoid smoking as well.


28 November 2014

The amazing Fig


Nature has countless wonderful things for humankind and Fig indeed is one of nature’s precious gift. Although it has very limited season but still its sweetness, freshness and tenderness pleases millions of people around the world. A few weeks harvesting season of fig begins with the ending of summer and ends in initial days of fall however, this does not affects the liking of its admirers. Fig contains varieties of essential nutrients including minerals, vitamins, fiber and various other beneficial supplements within it, some of them are discussed bellow.  


Fig is a powerful source of minerals that are essential parts of our regular nutritional intake.  Fig contains usual minerals such as potassium, copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, fluoride, phosphorus and selenium. Copper found in fig is essential for producing red blood cells in our body while, potassium is important for our body fluid, which further maintains our body’s blood pressure and controls heart rate. A fresh fig is capable of fulfilling 10% of a person’s required nutritional intakes per day. Fig is also free from fats cholesterol and sodium as well.


Figs are very rich in vitamins also; it contains vitamin K, vitamin E and vitamin A, vitamin B 12, vitamin C, vitamin B 6 and vitamin D, which protects us from infections, diabetes and even cancers as well. Other important vitamins like pentatonic, acid, folates, thiamin, choline, riboflavin and niacin also found in figs.


FigsA normal person requires 25-30 grams of fiber per day; a fig may contribute 10 percent of our daily-required intake of fiber that means a fig contains 2-3 g of fiber within it. Fiber is an essential requirement for our body that serves in lowering cholesterol and regulating sugar level in our blood. Another important function of fiber is to ensure our feeling of stomach fullness for long duration to maintain our body weight.

Antioxidant Properties

Figs are very good source of antioxidants as well, chlorogenic acid, lutein, carotenes antioxidants found in fig are very useful for keeping a person physically fit. Another important antioxidant found in fig is phenol that helps in countering various health disorders such as cancers, heart problems and harmful infections.  

How to Use Figs 

You can buy both fresh as well as dried fig for use because both contain plenty of essential nutrients. Using figs with or without its skin is totally up to you so use it according to your taste and needs but remember to clean it with fresh water before using it. Many people like eating fresh figs while others love it dried. There are plenty of ways one can use figs, add it with ice cream, cheese chicken or beef it always tastes delicious. Adding figs in salad is also a way enjoying this healthy fruit as well.


27 November 2014

How to prevent unpleasant body odor

Smelly body odorEvery human being has a particular odor or smell, and surprisingly a person’s body odor never matches with the odor of another person, same as happens with our fingerprints. Sometimes, a person’s body odor not only smells ill to the surrounding peoples but also to the person himself. There are wide variety of products such as deodorant and perfumes available in the market now days that claims eliminating ill odor instantly however, the facts are not always the same. These products may remove your body odor for a short duration but not for the whole day as often claimed by their manufacturers. These products are manufactured artificially and therefore, may cause side effects; moreover, people with allergies may find difficulty in tolerating the odor of these products as well. Fortunately, nature posses’ solution for everything and so do for smelly odor as well. There are plenty of natural resources available for preventing the foul body smell. Manufacturers often label their product as natural even if its’ not, it happens due to the absence of an international regulatory authority for defining the word ‘natural’ and monitoring its use in order to prevent manufacturers falsely using it. Therefore, always read ingredients of a product to avoid being cheated by false natural products. 

 Regular Wash

pic to promote bath daily A human body is highly susceptible to the wide varieties of bacteria found in the atmosphere, often these bacteria comes in contact with a person’s body and cause foul smell. However, regular bath and body cleanups might eliminate any such threat easily and prevent smelly body odor. One should always remember to clean specific areas like feet, armpits, private parts, and finger gaps because these are the areas, bacteria love the most. In addition, avoid leaving your body wet for long duration because damp body parts are like heavens for bacteria.   

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is natural bacteria, virus and fungi killers because it contains antibacterial and antiseptic capabilities. Applying white vinegar or apple cider vinegar is very effective in eliminating and preventing bad body odors. The best way of application is soaking clean cotton in vinegar and applying it over armpits, feet and other body parts then wiping out with a clean cloth.

Green Supplements

Adding green supplements like wheat grass in your daily intake is also effective in eliminating the foul body smell because they are natural deodorizers and pleasant in odor.

 Wear clean cloths

Researchers have found that, persons using materials like silk, cotton or any other natural fiber fabrics have fewer chances of smelling ill as compared to the persons wearing synthetic cloth materials. Natural fabric allows air to pass through it easily and keeps you dry whereas, synthetic clothing lacks this capability and dampens the body and attracts fungus and bacteria. In addition, try to wear comfortable dresses and avoid wearing tight dresses that blocks air circulations.

Sterilize your body with natural sterilizers                                                          

SpinachNatural sterilizers such as tea tree oil, hazel, eucalyptus oil are very effective in preventing the bad odor of your body. Theses natural sterilizers contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in bad odor removal. Additionally they keep body’s ph level in control as well which is effective in preventing bacteria as well. Another thing you may use easily is baking soda; use the same technique you used for applying natural sterilizers.

 Diet Routine

Avoid using onion and garlic when going out because these may also cause ill odor sometimes. Moreover, milk products are also sometime responsible for the bad body odor as well. Therefore, avoid using while visiting places. People who are having digestion problems should avoid frequent eating of foods like eggs and fishes. If you are a habitual smoker or drinker than it would be wise for you to reduce you dependency on these products, as they may only add bad odors to your body as well.  
Eating green vegetables like spinach is also useful in decreasing foul body odor; spinach is a good detoxifying agent therefore limiting bad odor. Other green vegetables you might found useful are Parsley, Kale, artichokes, fennel, broccoli, dandelion roots, thistle and other green veggies.


22 November 2014

Suggestions for Reducing Your Omentum Size

Omentum is a fatty organ held between the stomach and the pelvic portion of our body in a suspended position. Decreasing omentum fat is quite easy; you can easily achieve this goal of omentum decrease by adopting regular exercise routine and adding health beneficial foods to your daily diets. You have heard about beer belly, which used for a person having excessive omentum fats in his body.

foods for omentum cut
Various researchers have found that omentum cells prevent abdominal infections and counter harmful germs from reaching the abdomen. Omentum can be divided into two categories healthy and unhealthy omentum. A healthy omentum is one that has transparent and lace shaped appearance while, omentum with a thick and opaque omentum referred as unhealthy omentum. Abdominal inflammation, body’s sugar level fluctuation and arterial disorders are some common problems that might occur because of an unhealthy omenetum.  The normal omentum size suggested by experts for women is 32 inches while for men 35 inches omentum considered within the normal limit. Carry on reading the following paragraphs to know about simple ways of achieving a healthy omentum.

 Effects of Diets

Taking health friendly food is one of the best options for decreasing the size of your omentum.  Healthy diet ensures a healthy body and therefore a healthy omentum. Foods containing omega-3, which is a fatty acid mainly, found in vegetables, whole grains, fruits and fishes (biggest source of omega-3). The fiber contents found in whole grains and fruits are very effective in preventing you from excessive eating moreover, it helps you in achieving longer stomach fullness feelings. You may also decrease your omentum size by avoiding processed foods and also increasing the frequency of your eating i.e. eating in small quantities multiple times instead of taking full meals three times a day.   


Fitness experts and medical professionals often recommend regular exercises for increasing the fitness level of their clients. Same thing applies for reducing omentum size as well. A half an hour walk in regular frequencies along with 20minutes of weekly power lifting sessions are the best methods for achieving your omentum reducing goal. A 20-minute weekly workout is also helpful in this regard.


A glass of smoothieBreakfast contents and timings also play a key role in building up of your body fats and therefore you should take your breakfast in a fixed daily schedules, additionally you need to add health friendly and nutritious items in your breakfast as well. According to various researchers and dietary experts, a nutritious breakfast with its
fiber contents keeps your body’s sugar level balanced in addition with controlling your excessive eating habits. Regular use of nutritious drink in your breakfast is also helpful in cutting your omentum fat as well.

How to make a Nutritious Breakfast Drink:

Making a nutritious drink is quite simple and anyone can do it. You require half tablespoon of flaxseed oil, blueberries (frozen), banana, soy protein, psyillium seed and half tablespoon of honey. In order to blend the ingredients together, you need to first mix them with water depending upon the quantities of ingredients. With a few minutes of blending, your nutritious breakfast drink is ready for consumption.


16 November 2014

Foods for Relieving Depression..

Fish oil capsules
Fish Oil

 Its’ often seen in depression relieving product’s advertisement that the main reason that causes depression is the fluctuation of serotonin level in our brain, the serotonin level of your brain when unbalanced causes depression. While, some experts say that even if you increase the amount of serotonin in your brain then also you cannot be relieved from the depression. If its’ true then why many physicians prescribe such medicines for depression despite of the fact that it causes severe side effects including mood fluctuations, violent behavior and sometimes suicidal tendencies, moreover, such medicines lacks the ability of countering depression as well.
                     There are many options available for countering depression other then the tablets, improper diet habits and insufficient nutrition may cause depression, fatigue and mood fluctuation as well. One can minimize the chances of depression and fatigue by consuming foods rich in essential nutrients, these foods not only controls depression but also sharpens the mind. Some of them are

 Depression Relieving Foods

Brown Rice:

Brown Rice
Brown Rice
 Brown rice contains many essential nutrients such as Vitamin B3, folic acid and vitamin B1 that energizes our minds to perform daily activities. Brown rice supports our body to release glucose, additionally, the low glycemic properties of brown rice lowers the sugar and decreases the possibility of mind fluctuations as well. Essential minerals found in brown rice help your body in properly functioning and minimizes the cholesterol level, moreover, the rich fiber contents of brown rice help us in digestion as well.            

Fish Oils

 Fatty acids’ deficiency in the body is the major cause behind the state of depression in any individual. Several researchers have found that fish oil is good source of omega-3 fatty acid that effectively performs variety of body functions and controls mind fluctuations. As a result, omega-3 decreases symptoms like suicidal tendency, anxiety, sleep related problems and decreasing sexual activeness. Moreover, omega-3 also strengthens the cardiovascular activities and decreases body’s cholesterol level as well.

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s Yeast is very rich source of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B3 moreover; brewer’s yeast also contains sixteen types of fatty acids and fourteen types of minerals essential for our body. As indicated above that amino acid is essential for keeping a person's nervous system in perfect condition for the adequate performance.

Whole-Grain Oats

Essential nutrients like vitamin B6 and vitamin B1 found in whole grain oats are very effective in controlling the mind fluctuations by maintaining body’s blood sugar. Whole grain oat has folic acid and pantothenic acid as well that decreases body’s cholesterol level and enhances digestion.


Similarly, Cabbage has Vitamin C and folic acid that supports our body against heart diseases, cancer and infections. In addition, cabbage is very effective in relieving stress along with preventing stomach ulcer as well.


31 October 2014

Vegetable benefits for Gout Patients


Gout is a form of arthritis that occurs because of uric acid formation in blood. The uric acid in blood results in forming crystals near the joints and cause stiffness into the joints of n affected person’s body. The stiffness of joints causes pain when the affected person tries to move. Several researchers found that the best way to counter gout is by planning and properly customizing your diet by adding plenty of vegetables in your daily diet. Vegetables and a number of food posses the capability to decrease the relative symptoms of gout. Here is the reason why vegetables are great for gout patients.

Rich Vitamin C contents

Vegetables are very rich in vitamin C, which limits the formation of uric acid in the blood of a Gout patient and with the lack of uric acid formation in patient’s blood. Therefore, the process of crystal formation in joints automatically stops however; its’ not clinically proven yet. Vegetables that are rich in vitamin C include kale, broccoli, potatoes, guava, pepper, cabbage, lemon, blackberries, kiwifruit, spinach and many others.

Rich Fiber

According to some experts, foods containing rich quantity of fiber may help in minimizing the gout related symptoms and pain associated with it. You can find plenty of rich fiber containing vegetables such as root vegetables that grow below the earth surface i.e. squash, radish, potatoes, turnips, yams and beets. Moreover, vegetables like spinach, asparagus, broccoli cabbages and other green vegetables contain dietary fibers in plenty.

Magnesium Contents

Researchers have found that the effect and symptoms of gout tends to decrease by adding Magnesium rich vegetables in diet routines. There are plentiful of vegetables that contains adequate amount of Magnesium such as, spinach, potatoes, broccoli, okra, avocados artichokes and many others. You can take vegetables in multiple ways such as cooked, raw, as salad, soup or mixing with other regular recopies.
                                                                 Apart from the above advantages, vegetables contain various other capabilities as well and therefore, physicians often recommend taking green vegetables on regular basis.  


21 October 2014

Benefits of Garlic for Breast-Feeding Mothers..


Garlic is an important herb praised by herbalists and natural therapists all across the world, garlic is among a few items that people used in older times and are still relevant due to their medicinal use.  Although garlic has a wide range of medicinal uses, however we are talking here about the use of garlic for breast feeding mothers. According to many Herbalists, garlic serves the purpose of a supplementary diet for the mothers during their breast feeding days. Garlic contains pervasive aroma, which extends the breast-feeding time of a baby and ensures added nourishment supply for them according to the research. Garlic has a variety of beneficial medicinal properties such as anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and antibiotic, which helps a breast-feeding mother in countering fungal infections like thrush and mastitis.

Prolonged Nursing

Several researches has revealed that mothers who takes garlic 1-2 hours prior to breast feeding can feed their babies for long time against those who are doing regular breast-feeding to their kids. Long duration nursing ensures constant and enough milk flow in nursing mothers’ breasts so the baby can have sufficient amount of nourishment and full satisfaction. Garlic has pungent flavor that provokes a baby to respond and ingest milk from her mother.


 Babies are highly susceptible to fungal infections and therefore may catch thrush, a yeast infection. You can identify whether your baby is having thrush or not by symptoms like white patches on your baby’s tongue, irritation due to sore throat and pink rashes on baby’s back. A baby if affected by thrush start showing less interest in breast feeding and even pulls herself out. Breastfeeding mothers are also sensitive towards a type of yeast infection known as Candida and which causes rashes on baby’s skin as well. Garlic has natural anti-fungal capability and may easily counter infections like Candida or thrush and prevent both mother and baby during breast-feeding.  

Mastitis Fighting Capability

Mastitis is a serious concern for nursing mothers because it blocks the duct openings of breast-feeding mothers and causes a decrease in their milk.  Various medicinal capabilities of garlic including antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-fungal actions plays an important role in keeping a mother away from mastitis so she can provide enough nourishment to her baby. Please seek the help of your doctor in case if any symptoms of mastitis appear on your body.


18 October 2014

Lemon for lowering your Cholesterol level


High cholesterol level is the main reason for causing heart disease. According to many experts, the death ratio due to heart disease caused by high level of cholesterol is much higher in America and Europe as compared to other countries in the world. Every sixth American has high cholesterol level according to the center for disease control while the situation in Europe is much better than America but it is still a serious concern. However, cholesterol level control is not an impossible to achieve task, you can control your body’s cholesterol level by decreasing your dependency on junk foods and adding cholesterol lowering food items in your daily diet. A variety of foods may help you in lowering your body’s cholesterol level; we are talking about Lemon as a cholesterol lowering food in this article. Citrus acid found in lemon has high amount of vitamin C, zero cholesterol fewer calories; in addition, it is free from sodium and fat as well.

 Cholesterol Control by Lemon
Lemon not only has an advantageous color but also posse’s health friendly compounds as well as flavor. Lemon contains Limuloids that reduces the production of Apo B and helps in lowering the cholesterol level of your body. In addition, lemon also contains flavonoids that provide anti-oxidant capability to lemon, the anti-oxidant properties of lemon controls LDL or Lipoprotein, which sometimes referred as bad protein. Lipoprotein or LDL when oxidized accelerates the building up of fats in your arteries. Lemon with its anti-oxidant capability blocks the oxidization of LDL and erases the chances of fat building in the arteries. Another useful compound found in lemon is Pectin that has the ability lower the cholesterol level of your body, moreover, Pectin absorbs bile acid in your body, which results in utilization of the stored cholesterol in your body to produce bile acid and hence lowers the body cholesterol.

Uses of Lemon
Lemon is as a flavoring agent in many parts of the world; various types of seafood preparation said to be incomplete unless lemon added in them. No one can imagine the tastes meat, fish, vegetables or even drinks without the tangling touch of lemon. In additionally you may use lemon as a substitute of salt as well. One interesting fact about lemon is its easy availability, you can easily buy lemon anywhere in the world because of its universal presence, additionally in can grow it in your kitchen garden as well.
When we talk about the uses of lemon than who can forget the sensational taste’s of lemonade that we all loves. Apart from the above-described uses, you can use lemons in countless ways including:
Controlling High Blood pressure
For keeping vegetables fresh
As anti-oxidant and for anti-aging
As a washing item for utensils and vegetables
Preventing infection and allergies
For mouth hygiene and mouth freshening
Metal polisher
Digestion and stomach problems
Sliced lemonAs deodorant and stain remover  

 How to pick Lemons                                                                                             
Choosing lemon is not a difficult task or needed special skills, just remember to choose the one with thin skin, contrast yellow in color a little heavy. Lemon not only work as a freshening agent for your vegetables but lemons itself remains fresh for 10-15 days in your refrigerator as well.

Lemons could do wonders in lowering your body cholesterol but you need to minimize your smoking habit, alcohol dependency as well. Additionally, try to add lemon in your food preparation as well for the best result.


12 October 2014

Simple ways to have healthy and thick hair

Visiting costly beauty parlors does not assure your hair’s thickness. However, you can do it yourself by 
Healthy hair
giving proper attention to your diet routines and avoiding the use of junk hair oils and soaps. The only thing you need to remember is patience because this is not an instant miracle but it needs time and proper caring to develop thick and healthy hair. Obviously, genetics also plays an important role that you cannot control in shaping your hair buildups but by proper and regular care, you can have beautiful and thick hair.

Proper Vitamins
Vitamins are the main nutrients in shaping your hair healthy and thick, some important vitamins are vitamin C, vitamin E, biotin and vitamin A. Vitamin A  serve as a natural body oil that minimizes the roughness and brittleness of hair, vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that makes your hair shaft strong and healthy. Vitamin C also decreases the formation of split ends in the hair as well. The main purpose of biotin is to eliminate the possibility of hair loss while vitamin E ensures proper blood circulation in your scalp. You can easily maintain your vitamin intake with the help of a diet chart.

Importance of Water
Water is one of a few miraculous things silently do wonders in our body and therefore therapists and professionals always advice drinking plenty of water regularly, water is the main source for keeping your body sufficiently hydrated. Lacks of proper hydration is the main cause behind hair dryness and brittleness therefore, drinking plenty of water daily ensures healthy and thick hair. Experts suggest that drinking 2.5-3.5 litter of water in a day is enough for keeping you properly hydrated. Therefore, you can keep your hair in healthy condition by drinking plenty of water daily.

Hair Trimming
You can avoid split-ended hair by regular trimming, daily trimming not only eliminates dull and split ending of your hair but also prevents them in reaching follicles as well.

Hair conditioners helps your hair to grow strong, thick and smooth, hair conditioner provides miniaturization for your hair follicles by creating a layer that prevents hair brittleness and hair damage. Hair conditioner contains humectants whose main purpose is to absorb moisture from the air and pass this moisture to your hair shaft to make your hair thick, smooth and healthy. Therefore, use hair conditioners in proper intervals for making your hair shiny and thick in volume.  

Avoid direct Heat
Using iron, hair dryers to flatten up your hair or making your hair curly is not a wise idea because these equipment absorb moisture from your hair and result in making your hair dull and brittle. The best way to dry your hair Is by drying them in natural way. By adopting few simple things as shown above you too can have healthy, thick and smooth hair.

Ismail Khan..

10 October 2014

The Amazing Apples

 Apple is one of the best fruit because of zero fat, zero cholesterol and minimum calorie contents; in addition, Apples are very rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals.  The best way to consume an apple is without peeling its outer skin, as it is the main nutritional part of this fruit.  

An Apple per day

You must have heard the phrase ‘an apple a day keeps the doctors away ‘which defines the true value of an apple for our health. A normal size apple contributes around eleven percent of a woman’s daily-required intake of vitamin C and about nine percent of a men’s regular intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an essential body supplement for us that supports in the making of various organs of our body including cartilage, ligaments, skin, blood vessels and collagen. Apart from this vitamin C helps our body by repairing and maintaining teeth and body bones along with quick wound healing. Another important work that performed by vitamin C is slowing the aging of our body by decreasing the free radicals. Antioxidant properties of apple are equally important for a human body as well.  

 Strong Signal Flow

An average apple contains vitamin B-6, which is an important nutrient for our body because it manages the signal flow of our nerve cells through neurotransmitters. Vitamin B-6 supplied by an average apple covers
Apple tree
approximately six percent of our daily-required vitamin B-6 intake. Other important functions of vitamin B-6 include producing the important hormones for our body like melatonin, epinephrine and serotonin, which works in controlling the mood fluctuations and synchronization of our biological clock. Additionally, Vitamin B-6 helps our body in absorbing vitamin B-12, which is very important for producing immune cells and red blood cells in our body.

Eliminating Free Radicals

 Vitamin B-2 or riboflavin found in apple is very important for our body as it makes energy from food and counters free radicals present in our body by its anti-oxidant nature. An average sized apple can cover our regular requirements of vitamin B-2 or riboflavin intake’s five percent.

 Stress Relieving

Vitamin B-1 which is an anti stress vitamin supports the immune system of our body and help us in tension releasing. Vitamin B-1 from an average size apple covers about four percent of our regular recommended intake. In addition, vitamin B-1 helps in produces adenosine triphosphate or ATP, which is the main energy source of our body and also eases our body’s metabolic reactions.

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25 July 2014

RED Mans Syndrom

Red man’s syndrome
Using an antibiotic medicine named Vancomycin may cause two types of hypersensitive reactions; anaphylaxis is one of them and the second one known as red man syndrome or red neck syndrome. Red neck or Red man syndrome is the most common side effects of vancomycin. Carry on reading the below paragraphs to find the symptoms, causes, treatments and preventive steps of red man syndrome.
Red Man Syndrome

Red man syndrome mainly caused by using vancomycin through injection or consumed orally, when the infusion of vancomycin on any individual reacts in a specific manner then it leads to red man syndrome. But one cannot blame vancomycin only for causing Red man syndrome, there are some other antibiotic medicines that may cause RMS or red man syndrome. Some of these antibiotic medicines are includes ciprofloxacin, refompcine, teicoplanin and amfotericine B. One common thing that involved with all these antibiotic medicines including Vancomycin is the direct de-granulation of basophiles and mast cells.

Red man syndrome intensity varies with the consumed amount and types of the antibiotic medications used, the effect of Red man syndrome will be more if more than one type of antibiotics used. Consumption of drugs along with Vancomycin or any other antibiotic may cause serious RMS in any individual. Any muscular relaxation or analgesic drugs might cause such serious RMS problem.


Various symptoms involved with RMS or red man syndrome are:
Low blood pressure
Nausea or Vomiting tendency
Itchiness and irritations
Rise in heartbeats
Fever and cold feelings
 Appearance of body rashes in neck, arms, back or other parts
 Angioedema and hypotension might possible in some cases but occurs rarely. Pain on chest and back, dyspnea or muscular spasms might also possible in RMS.
Treatments and Preventions
Various treatment and medications are available to get relief from RMS, in market today. Using antihistamine medication is an effective way to get relief from RMS; you can use hydroxyzine before taking vancomycin in order to minimize pruritus and erythema. Diphenhydramine is also effective if taken one gram per hour to block RMS after taking or infusing vancomycin. Experts also suggest mixing H1 blocker receptor with H2 receptor blocker to prevent RMS. 

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