29 May 2015

Herbal Remedies to kick out low immunity

Herbs to kick low immunity
A person has to counter a variety of non-visible threats from viruses, bacteria, fungus and other similar microorganisms. Our body can easily resist these threats if our immune system is strong enough; it is very difficult for a low immunity body to counter such threats effectively, which further results into different types of health disorders.  For example, you can’t penetrate a needle into a metal sheet while a needle could easily penetrate through a cardboard sheet, similarly viruses and bacteria can easily penetrate a weak immune system and cause health problems such as infections, oral problems, fever, flu, cold and other types of health complications. There are many reasons that may cause low immunity problem in a person’s body such as malnutrition, aging, long medicinal treatments, chronic diseases, smoking, alcohol consumption and improper dietary habits. Moreover, long duration of illness and chronic disease may also cause low immunity in a person as well. Various symptoms involved with low immunity includes, weakness, non-activeness, dullness, stressful appearance and frequent fever. Sometime, a person with low immunity may gain weight as well. 

A common misconception about increasing body immune resistance is to take antibiotic medications however; antibiotics come with certain disadvantages as well. Whereas, natural and herbal resources are free from any kind of side effects and may boost body resistance in a healthy manner. This article focuses on some very effective herbs for enhancing your body’s immune system naturally. Please consult your doctor before using them.

Ginseng teaGinseng is one among some widely used herbs since a long time, In Asian region Ginseng is used in a variety of health disorders and as immune system enhancer, people in China, Korea and Japan regularly use Ginseng tea every morning. Ginseng contains many beneficial properties that make it a perfect herbal remedy for various minor diseases; moreover, these properties of ginseng are very useful in building up body’s immune system, enhancing concentration capability and providing instant energy for the body as well. Many believe that ginseng is very effective in countering erectile dysfunction and boosting up sexual capabilities. Ginseng
posses’ antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antibiotic properties, moreover, ginseng also contains minerals like sodium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, tin and iron. It also contains vitamins and other essential nutrients as well.  The best way to use ginseng is to drink ginseng tea, which you can easily get, from your local market or you can buy dry roots of ginseng and prepare tea from it as well. Taking ginseng tea once daily is sufficient to observe its benefit in improving your body’s resistance.


With the properties like anti-allergen, antibiotic, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory turmeric is among one of the best natural herbs that is used in wide range of minor health problems. Health related problems such as indigestion, joint pain, arthritis, liver problems, oral infections and skin diseases are some common problems where turmeric may provide relief. Moreover, turmeric is also useful in clearing the toxins and strengthening body immune system of the body as well. You can use turmeric in a variety of way however, consuming turmeric with warm milk once or twice daily is the easiest of all. Adding a little amount of turmeric in your food is also useful.   


Echinacea is a good immune system enhancer when it comes to counter low immunity problem.  A number of valuable medicinal properties found in Echinacea helps in improving the immune system of a person’s body. You can use Echinacea tincture by taking one tablespoon two times a day. Consuming tea made with Echinacea is also very useful if you want to counter low immunity problem.


GarlicGarlic is a highly admirable and widely used herb used in almost every household around the world. Whether to increase the taste of your food or to heal minor health problems in home, garlic always comes handy. Apart from being helpful in various health related problems like skin infections, oral problems, digestion problem and many others, garlic is very effective for body’s immune system enhancement as well. Garlic contains wide variety of wonder medicinal properties that makes it a useful home remedy for various health problems, properties like antiseptic, antifungal, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, antiviral and antibacterial  found in garlic makes it an effective remedy to counter low immunity and boost the overall resistance of the body. Garlic is a versatile home item that you can use in many ways such as adding in food, consuming raw or you can even buy its capsules from any drugstore as well. 


 Ginger is another useful easily available home base item that may help you in preventing low immunity problem by boosting your overall immune capability. Similar as garlic, ginger too has various amazing properties, which makes it an effective home remedy besides the daily use in home. The best way to use ginger is by making ginger tea apart from using it with food moreover you can use raw ginger with honey to enhance your body immunity as well.


23 May 2015

Natural Home & Herbal Remedies for Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea illustration
An oral problem infecting the gum tissues surrounding our teeth is termed as Pyorrhea. Pyorrhea occurs due to the lack of oral hygiene, in its initial stage it is not of much trouble and can be treated easily. However, once it turns into a serious tooth infection it may give you a very hard time both physically and economically. Pyorrhea causes infection into the gum tissues, which in turn loosen the grips of teeth from the supporting gums and inflict pain and smelly breath.  Moreover, these may even leads to discharging of puss from the gums as well. A wide variety of reasons may involve in causing the problem of pyorrhea including ill habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, Alcohol consumption, negligence towards mouth hygiene, medicinal reactions, allergies, injury out of accidents, improper diets and too much stress. In addition, various chronic diseases may also cause pyorrhea as well. Pyorrhea can be easily identified by the associated symptoms such as severe toothache, smelly breath, swelling, puss and blood discharge from the gums. 

Best way to prevent and treat pyorrhea is keeping your mouth at the best of oral hygiene however, different types of medications are also available for the treatment of pyorrhea as well. Moreover, various types of home and herbal remedies are also very useful for the treatment of pyorrhea as well. It is advised to consult your physician prior using any type of home and herbal remedy.

Holy Basil

Clove oil
Widely used home remedy Holy basil is very effective in treating pyorrhea and other minor health disorders. Besides pyorrhea, holy basil is also useful for treating oral problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, and oral infections as well. There are tremendous medicinal properties found in basil, which makes it an important home remedy, it contains antiseptic, anti inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties for treating various minor health disorders. Basil is very common in Asian countries and people use it as a home plant as well for adding it into various food recipes. In order to treat pyorrhea, make paste by using basil extracts and mustard oil and add a little black salt in it, massage this paste by your index finger over the affected parts twice daily. Moreover, using basil in making tea is also useful or you can even use its oil for massaging your gums as well. 

Clove & Clove oil

Another effective and easily available remedy is Clove, which is widely used for the treatment of gum and tooth problems. A variety of medicinal properties found in clove makes it perfect remedy for treating tooth problem along with other oral problems. Clove has a wide array of medicinal properties within it which includes antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti allergic and anti inflammatory properties.  You can use clove in many ways for the treatment of pyorrhea, just press 2-3 buds of cloves between the affected teeth to get instant relief from pain. Moreover, you can use clove oil for massaging gently over the affected portion of the gums or you can place a clove oil dipped cotton ball near the affected surface for few minutes also.


Barberry is another useful item for treating pyorrhea and other gum related problems. Different type of medicinal properties such as anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial capabilities makes Barberry very effective in treating oral infections like pyorrhea. One of the useful contents found in barberry is berberine,
which works wonder in oral infections. You can use barberry in a variety of ways such as in making mouthwash and tea with it, moreover, you can use its extracts for making juice as well.  


Echinacea is another easily available though very useful item that serves as remedy for pyorrhea, gum related problems and other minor health disorders. Anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral capabilities makes Echinacea a very effective remedy for the treatment of pyorrhea. Drinking tea made with Echinacea leaves twice daily is very useful in providing relief from pyorrhea moreover; you can use it with lemon and even add its leaves in your food as well.


Ginger has plenty of uses in any household however; it is also a very useful home remedy that may treat many types of minor health problems mainly infections. Use of Ginger in problems like gingivitis, pyorrhea and other types of oral infections is a widely practiced phenomenon in Africa and Asian peninsula. Ginger contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties along with various other useful properties to make its medicinal values. You can use ginger in making tea, in food preparations or even with honey, try to consume ginger tea twice daily for getting relief from pyorrhea.


18 May 2015

Health Benefits of Vitamin C Crystals

Citrus fruit
Majority of mammals are capable of producing vitamin C or ascorbic acid in the livers. Humans are those unfortunate mammals that have no capability of producing it. Juice, fresh fruits and vitamin C crystals like chewable supplementary items made vitamin C easily available for us. Theses supplements are easily consumable so we can get benefits of vitamin C easily. Its’ often observed that physicians recommend vitamin C supplements for some of their patients who are having its deficiency. Those supplements are nothing but the Vitamin C Crystals.

Vitamin C supplements or vitamin C Crystals contains all the properties and capabilities of vitamin C, Following are some properties of Vitamin C Crystals that helps us in a variety of way to keep us fit and healthy.

Antioxidant Boosts

Antioxidants benefits are highly popular for good reasons but Glutathione, famous as mother of Antioxidants. Vitamin C acts as catalysts for producing Glutathione in our body along with enhancing the longevity and effectiveness of vitamin E & vitamin k. This will be impossible without vitamin C. The above process makes a casual chain of motions that puts away the free radicals and results in decreased aging process.

Immunity Boosts

Our body’s immune system has few nutrients as beneficial as vitamin C. Vitamin C crystals helps in producing lymphocytes when consumed. Theses lymphocytes are powerful immune system cells that thyme
Vitamin C
glands generate. Bloodstreams carry these lymphocytes cells in order to identify and erase disease. Lymphocytes are planned to destroy any unknown bacteria & microbes that considered as threat by our immune system.

Blood & Bones

Vitamin C considered very useful for healthy bones, however it also acts as catalytic nutrients. Crystals of vitamin C helps in calcium synthesis in order to keep our bones in healthy condition. Vitamin C crystals help in converting iron into hemoglobin that prevents harmful bacteria & viruses. Additionally, Vitamin C crystals help in effectively treating anemia due to iron deficiency.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

  When healthy cells attacked by toxins, it results in inflammation. Earlier inflammation considered as symptoms of some problems but later it dismissed. Inflammation in itself found harmful to healthy body cells. It occurs when our immune system counters the infecting toxins. This action cycle of intruding toxins and counter attacking white blood cells causes inflammation that in long term may result in cancer.

15 May 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is a very common problem that may occur to anyone, but besides being a common problem, it could be a warning bell of some other diseases too. In common words we can define nausea as a sickening and uneasy sensation with the feeling that you are going to vomit but not necessarily. There are a number of factors that can cause nausea; some of them are viral infections of stomach, motion problems, over eating or drinking, during pregnancy, food poisoning, allergies, medicinal reactions and many more. Sometimes travelling can also be a cause of nausea, in many cases some shocking news or sudden weather change can also cause nausea though not much.

You can find many medicinal products that can give relief from nausea, any drugstore can provide them. Also in those cases when nausea is caused due to overeating or drinking, travelling or other, just getting out that particular condition can relieve you from nausea. Also there are various home remedies available which can be used in case of nausea. Generally these home remedies are very effective against common nausea.

Soda or soft drinks

In many cases of nausea that are related with stomach motions and acidity, plain soda drink can be very useful. Various soft drinks containing soda or lime which are commonly available everywhere is also good for common nausea. Soda works as cleanser for your stomach.


We all know that mint is a wonderful home remedy that can be used in many minor medical conditions. You can use mint as peppermint chips, mint tea or mint chewing gums mint in other forms. You can find any mint product easily. Mint is very useful in case of digestion and motions problem that can cause nausea. In some cases mint tea is advised during pregnancy. High temperature in summer season is also responsible for nausea in some people, in this case take some meshed mint leaves add water and black salt and mix them to make liquid drink. Consuming it twice a day will give you relief from nausea.

Cardamom is another wonderful home remedy for nausea; it is generally available in almost all homes. You can take cardamom directly and keep chewing it for some time; it will give you relief from nausea. Cardamom is an effective stomachic that removes gas problems in stomach; it helps digestion and decreases stomach motions that can leads to nausea.


Ginger with its excellent medicinal properties can be used in various medicinal conditions. It is found throughout the world and has an important place in every home’s kitchen. Ginger tends to increase digestion and relieves stomach motions. In case of nausea due to pregnancy, ginger is widely used. Ginger can be taken with black salt; also it can be taken with tea & lime.

Basil or tulsi

Basil is another multipurpose home remedy and widely used in all parts of the world. You can take it raw or with food, you can also take basil with tea. Basil is very useful in case of digestion and motions causing nausea. Basil has natural properties of relieving tensions, stress and depression that can cause nausea.


09 May 2015

Health Friendly Barley

Barley Grass
You must have heard the name of Barley grass, which however belongs to grass subcategory but contains tremendous amount of beneficial nutrients within itself. It has a long history of usefulness for the humans from past several centuries and is still relevant for fulfilling our daily intake of essential nutrients. Humans have cultivated barley grass purposely to satisfy their hunger when there were a shortage of meat and they had to look for other alternatives than hunting. As the time passes, people become more aware of its nutritional richness and find it useful for feeding their pet animals as well. Now days, barley considered as an important cereal grain used in variety of food supplements, energy drinks and acts as fermentation agent for food processing.

  The nutritional richness of barley includes phosphorus, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, manganese and selenium. Vitamin B1, vitamin B3 along with the richness of fiber found in barely makes it far superior than any other food grains. There is numerous health and other benefits found in barley grass, some of which mentioned below.

Nutritional Benefits

One of the major benefits involved with barley grass is its nutritional benefit for humankind. It contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, iron, calcium, useful enzymes, folic acids and many other useful supplements as well. Moreover, Barley grass contains magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, molybdenum, selenium and various renowned nutritionists in the world referred barley grass as one food source for all the
barley grass
required nutrition by us.

Health Benefits

Barley comes under the whole grain category, which is an important and nutritious diet source for humans. Various medicinal properties found in barley grass makes it an ultimate source for preventing a number of health disorders and in addition, it may be used for the treatments of certain medical conditions as well. Following are some health benefits of barley associated with the medicinal properties and contents of barley.

 Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Various health benefits of barley grass due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory medicinal properties include treatment of various skin problems, digestion irregularities, cold and flu, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, diabetes, arthritis, liver problems, cholesterol level maintenance and many other health disorders.

Dietary Fiber

The dietary fiber found in barley ensures wide range of health benefits for humankind. It regulates the cholesterol level of body and decreases it when needed moreover, dietary fiber is very important for abdominal and intestinal health as well. It also reduces the chances of getting hemorrhoids, cancer and cardiovascular disease as well due to Niacin found in barley.  Rich dietary fiber value and low calorie contents of barley make it a perfect food for the weight losing enthusiasts also.  

Barley field
Barley fields
Copper and Phosphorus

Barley contains copper, which is a great source for preventing the threats of rheumatoid arthritis; in addition, barley contains another useful item phosphorus that not only strengthens the bone tissue but also helps in repairing the damaged body tissue as well.

Commercial Benefits

Barley grass is beneficial for the commercial purposes also, products like bear and alcoholic beverages are made through the fermentation process without which one can’t get bear or alcohol. The fermentation process in alcoholic drinks and bear making commercially carried out through the use barley grass. In addition, it extensively used in various foods processing as well.

                                                    So next time you are using Barley be confident that you are getting plenty of health benefits from it.


04 May 2015

How to keep yourself healthy in Summer

Summer fruits
Summer is a great season for everyone, for children it’s a holiday season that brings lots of fun, travelling and reunion time with uncle, aunt and grandparents. Summer is a great time for elders too as they find some relaxation from sending their kids to school and teaching them at nights. However, summer is also a season that needs lots of care for overall health as well; you have to take extra care for your skin and proper body hydration as well. Following are some tips to keep you healthy and fit in hot chilly summer days.

Tips for your skin

·         First and most important precaution you should take is to keep your body well hydrated because during hot season you swat a lot which decreases the amount of water and moisture from your body. You should drink plenty of water and watery drinks to keep your hydration level in balanced condition.

·                 Another important thing you should keep in mind is to avoid direct sun rays as much as you can, use scarf, cap or any suitable thing to cover your face, ears, head and bare body parts if your work does not permits you to stay inside home. Use any good sunscreen lotion to keep your face and put goggles to keep your eyes safe during the day out.

·        Avoid using highly publicized cold drinks instead use lemon drink, plain water, mango pana, Jaljeera
Summer vegetables
, coconut water, watermelon juice and other similar drinks to keep proper  moisture level of your skin.

·         Maintain proper hygiene, wash and cleanse your face thoroughly at least twice regularly to ensure proper blood circulation. You can use milk, honey, turmeric, papaya, cucumber, banana, yogurt, rose water and other similar natural items to make face mask and cleanser for getting a glowing skin even in summer days.

Tips on Diets        

One of the key factors to keep your body fit in summer season is to carefully monitor your diet and avoid foods that may cause problems in summer instead, use summer friendly foods to have a healthy body and a glowing smile on your face even in summer as well. Following are few tips on summer diets.

·         One of the most important things you should keep in mind if you want to avoid health complications in summer is to keep away from junk foods. Junk food contains too much carbohydrate and fats that may create problems especially in summer.

Raw mango drink
·         Avoid using cold drink for instant relief because they contain too much caffeine and sugar which may create harmful effects on your body. However, you can use plenty of other things to prepare drinks for yourself such as, raw mango, oranges, watermelon, curd, litchi, lemon, banana, coconut and other water rich fruits.


Eat as much as vegetables as you can during summer, you can consume many vegetables in forms of Salad as well. Vegetables are good source for vitamin, minerals, fiber and other essential nutrients to keep you fit, some health friendly vegetables for summer includes  Karela(bitter gourd), pumpkin, snake gourd, onion, capsicum, cucumber, ash gourd, Avocados, eggplants, blueberries, zucchini, corn, carrot, hot peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, bottle gourd, mushrooms, green beans and a lot more.

Coconut water·         In summer season, you need to maintain your hydration level otherwise; you will be in the state of dehydration for sure. Use water based fruits as much as you can to avoid such situation, health friendly fruits for the summer season includes watermelon, oranges, litchis, pears, peaches, guava, papaya, kiwi fruit, mangoes, pineapple, bananas, grapes, cherries, strawberries, coconut, cantaloupes, figs and plenty more.

 Summer workouts

You can’t do hard and lengthy exercises during summer because it will soon exhausts you and cause you headaches, cramps and even fainting. Therefore, always perform light workout routines and that too in early morning or after the sun sets out. Swimming is one of the best exercises for the summer season; yoga routine such as Pranyam is good for these days as well. Moreover, you can also try simple meditation also during the early hours or late hours of the day. Avoid using tight fitting clothes during workouts instead wear loose clothes, never do exercise for too long instead break the routines into 4-5 sessions of short duration.

                                                                          Keeping you fit and healthy during summer is very much simple, you just need to follow the above tips and you can enjoy summer in full swing with the best of your health.