19 December 2015

Wonderful Flowers that are Medicines as well

Rose Flower
Flowers are the most beautiful gift of nature to the humankind as they initiate varieties of emotions like love, warmth, care, affection, happiness, forgiveness and many other similar feelings in our mind. You may hardly find a person who doesn’t love flower or who can avoid the mesmerizing effect of magnificent flowers. Flowers are not only attracts us with its sheer beauty but also sensationalize us with its wonderful aromatic essence and therefore many Flowers are used in aromatherapy as well. Apart from aromatherapy flowers are widely used in essence based products such as perfumes, talk and lotions moreover, they are used in confectionaries, jellies and other food items also. However, it is very interesting to know that, there are many types of flowers which contain wonderful medicinal capabilities for treating different types of health problems as well. This article is going to reveal some amazing flowers that also serve as medicines, please carry on reading the following paragraphs to know about wonderful medicinal flowers.


Many of you must have seen this beautiful flower. Lavender flower is among some of the most beneficial flowers to mankind because of its extensive uses in both medicinal and commercial purpose. Moreover it is an essential part of aromatherapy because of its soothing fragrance that helps in calming the nerves, respiratory problems, ensuring proper blood circulation decreasing high blood pressure and achieving a sound sleep as well.  Other health benefits of lavender include preventing fungal and bacterial infections, preventing hair loss and serving as skin cleanser also.

Chrysanthemum (gul daudi or sevanti)

Often referred as Chrysanths, it is widely found in Asia, and Europe. It is assumed that it were Chinese who used chrysanthemum for medicinal purpose for the first time; however, Chrysanthemum widely used in Indian Ayurvedic medicines from past several centuries as well. There are three sub category of this flower depending on the colors of flowers i.e. White, Orange and yellow. One of the best ways of using Chrysanthemum flower for medicinal purpose is drinking its tea; chrysanthemum tea is very useful in calming the nerves, preventing dizziness, relieving stress, soothing eyes, clearing liver and decreasing fever. Moreover, Chrysanthemum tea is also useful for relieving sore throat, nasal congestion and countering acne and pimples as well. You can prepare chrysanthemum tea by using the dried up flower easily at your home.

Some important use of Chrysanthemum as home remedy:
·         Decoction of Chrysanthemum is very effective in regularizing the irregular menstrual cycle.
·         Chrysanthemum decoction is useful in relieving stomachache and also helps in smooth digestion.

Marigold Flower
Marigold is one of the most popular flowers found on the earth; you can find it almost in any part of the world. It is widely used in flower decoration, coloring, dying, and food additive in most part of the world however; in India it is used for spiritual and religious purposes as well. In addition marigold also serves as medicinal remedies for a variety of health problems such as warts removal, allergies, eye problems, dandruff removal, skin infections, ulcers, killing germs, healing wounds, detox, diabetes, eczema, cancer, sun burns and many others. The medicinal properties found in marigold include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic moreover it is also used in anti aging cream and ointments as well.  

Some important use of Marigold as home remedy:

·         For Hemorrhoids: take half gram of marigold petals and fry it in pure ghee, give it twice a day to stop the bleeding. 
·         For Asthma and Cough: Take the seeds of marigold flower and consume it along with sugar and curd.
·         For Ring Worm:  Apply the juice of its leaves to the affected part for 10-15 days to get relief from the ring worm.
·          For Ear Pain:  Pour few drops of marigold leaf juice into the ear to get relief from ear pain.

Rose is the king of all the flowers, it is found almost in every part of the world and widely recognized for its beauty, fragrance and sheer elegance. Rose is one of those flowers that are known for their versatility of uses for commercial as well as medicinal purposes. There are more than hundred varieties of roses found in the world which are classified according to their fragrance, color, nativity and uses. Roses have wide range of uses including ornamental, medicinal, fragrance, perfumeries, food and food additives. There’s a long history of medicinal uses of rose and it was an essential part of Chinese, Arabic, Ayurvedic, herbal and traditional medicine during the ancient times. Roses are very good source of Vitamin C and contains a number of useful medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial anti depressant capabilities. Because of its wonderful medicinal properties roses are very effective in digestion problems, stomach problems, eye problems, headaches, sore throat, diarrhea, depression, itchiness, skin infections, inflammation, pimples, acne, black heads and many other health related problems.        

Some important use of Roses as home remedy:
·         Rose petal jam or Gulkand is one of the best remedies for sharpening the mind and enhancing the memory.
·         For itching eyes: pour few drops of rose water into the eyes to get relief, it will also help in cooling down your eyes as well.
·         For mouth ulcers: Boil some dried rose flowers and gargle with it twice daily to get relief.

Ginger Lily or Hedychium (gulkawali)

Ginger Lily is a widely known flower throughout the world. This flower not only useful for fragrance but also useful for medicinal purpose as well. Ginger Lily is found in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Central and South America. The essential oil of Ginger Lily is used for massaging as well as aroma therapy, moreover ginger lily is also helpful in liver problems, digestion irregularities, pain, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory problems, wounds, fever, ulcers and eye problems.   

Jasmine Flower
Jasmine (Juhi)
Jasmine is another multipurpose flower which not only pleases us with its beauty and sheer fragrance but also helps us in various health problems as well. There are two types of Jasmine found throughout the world, one is white colored jasmine and the other is yellow jasmine. Jasmine contains a wide range of medicinal properties that makes it useful in varieties of health problems including eye disease, heart problem, migraine, cough, cold, skin problems, oral infections, ear infection and dental problems. 

Some important use of Jasmine as home remedy:
·         For ear pain: pour few drops of Jasmine flower’s juice into the ear for getting relief from the pain.
·         For the cracked heals: Mesh its leaves to make paste like solution, add few drops of rose water into the paste and apply the paste into the cracked heal for 3-4 days to smoothen it.
·         For Migraine:  Mesh some jasmine leaves to make paste for applying into the affected portion to recover from the pain.   

  Other important flowers with medicinal values:
·         Chamomile
·         St. Johns Wart
·          Dandelion
·         Valerian Flower
·         Calendula
·         Sunflower
·         Nasturtium
·         Carnation
·         Lotus

·         Gardenia



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