30 January 2015

Wanna Look Charming? Try Zero Carbohydrate Foods....

The recommended dose of carbohydrate per day for a normal person should be around 50-55% of regular calorie intakes. Most of the dieting programs work on the principle of decreasing regular dose of carbohydrates, which may affect your body in long run. You should consider taking complex carbohydrates because Plant foods contain complex carbohydrates that should be your focus to get sufficient carbohydrate amounts. Simple carbohydrates have starch, sugar, and high carbohydrates, while complex carbohydrates have fewer amounts.

Milk and Its products

Milk does not contain carbohydrates or has zero carbohydrates, is a common misunderstanding among people. However, according to understanding nutrition, milk has lactose, a type of sugar, which contains 12 gm of carbohydrates in it. While, cheddar, fontina, Muenster, Monterey jack   and mozzarella cheese has no carbohydrates present.  Cottage cheese is the only exception as it has 6gm carbohydrate contents in one serving, explained understanding nutrition.

Meats and Its Alternatives

Only processed meat products as packaged meat contains carbohydrates while, raw meat and various meat products have no carbohydrates. To decrease the fat contents, you should bake or grill the meat. Similarly, nuts and legumes have fiber, but starch of nuts and legumes contain approximately 15 gm carbohydrates in a


Usually most vegetables only contains fiber, however some vegetables have starch also along with fiber.  According to Understanding Nutrition, the vegetables, which do not contains starch has very little about 5 gm carbohydrates in a serving. It is better to use vegetables that contain no starch such as spinach, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and squash. Starch containing vegetables like potatoes, corns and peas has about 15 gm of carbohydrates in a serving.

Other Foods

Pure vegetables oil has zero carbohydrate contents, according to a medical news website. However, vegetable oil has about 15 gm fats present in one serving and therefore you should use it as reserve. Drinking minimum eight glasses of water is good, as it has no carbohydrates.      



27 January 2015

Goodness of Rice

Rice is a member of grass family that is used extensively as regular meal in various parts of the world specially Asia. Asia considered as a major Rice producing belt where most people love rice in their meal. The demand of rice in Asian countries could only fulfilled by producing it in large scale and therefore, rice is the major crop of these countries. Even Japan and Korea that are the developed Asian countries adopts the same habits as well. Apart from Asia, there are many countries in the world where people eat rice through snacks or any other forms. So, what is it in the rice that makes it perfect for the regular consumption? Let us find about the calorie contents of the Rice: 

RiceAn ordinary cup of rice has approximately 430 units, just more than enough for a normal person to fulfill his regular energy needs. Rice has other benefits too, the fat contents of rice are quite low, in addition, rice is also free from cholesterol as well, which gives it an ability to work as a healthy food grain. The carbohydrate content of rice is quite high which includes adequate amount of healthy dietary fiber as well, despite of high carbohydrate contents rice is free from the sugar. The mineral contents of rice is impressively high, the minerals found in rice includes Iron, Zinc, Potassium, magnesium, selenium and Calcium whereas, Iron contents of rice exceeds up to 15% which is a quite high value. Rice does not contain much Vitamins however, the high mineral contents of rice fills the gap.

Rice fieldThe white rice contains nearly 240 calories in one serve that is amazingly good for the energy requirement of a whole day.  The main reason behind the healthy dietary value of rice is its low fat, low sodium contents along with the zero cholesterol contents that in total exceed the health friendly side of the rice. Although rice is high on the carbohydrate contents however, most amount of the carbohydrate comes with zero sugar but rich dietary fiber.

A common misconception about rice is that it increases the body weight however, its’ not fully true, anyone who follows weight loss program often avoids consuming rice due to this common misconception. However, one can lose weight without removing rice from his daily diet, but he need to minimize the quantity and maximize the frequency rather. In addition, exercise is also important in case you do not want to remove rice from your plate. 


16 January 2015

Corn: An overall Health Remedy..

The Corn is one of the few foods that falls under double categories. The vegetable part of corn is cob’s kernel while but both the popcorn (popped out corn) and dry kernels categorized under the food grains. With rich nutritional values, high fiber contents and antioxidant capability, corn is one of the most health friendly food that you can add in a variety of food preparations. The corn not only fulfills your daily intakes of essential nutrients but also enhance the taste sensors as well. Corn comes in many varieties such as red corn, purple corn, yellow corn, blue corn and white corn    

Genetically Modified Corn

Many of you have heard about genetically modified corn while some of you have purchased it from your local grocery stores or a super market.  Wide varieties of genetically modified corns sold through various groceries and grain stores in every parts of the world now days. Genetically modified corn or GMO Sweet corn is made herbicide proof by genetically modifying it to produce its own toxins to counter the threat of various herbicides. It develops its own resistance power to neutralize the external threats. These products are laboratory tested and therefore are not harmful however; some time consuming these types of food grains may inflict allergens into the body. Therefore, its’ always better to use organic foodstuff instead of any genetically modified grains to be on the safe side.
corn field
Blood Pressure Improvement

The corn is useful for the people having Low blood pressure as it significantly improves the blood pressure. Corn has good amount of potassium, a single cupful of white corn contains approximately 410 milligrams of potassium while the yellow corn of the same quantity has around 390 milligrams of potassium within it. A potassium rich diet increases the body’s blood pressure however; it is not advisable for every individual especially for the older aged people and a person having any kind of kidney disorder as well. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your family Doctor before taking it in a large quantity.

 Antioxidant Richness

Corn is very effective in countering the cell damaging free radicals in the body moreover, it prevents heart related problems and fight cancers as well. The antioxidants property of corn is greater than rice, wheat and oats, additionally the antioxidants present in corn includes vitamin C, vitamin E, ferulic acid, vanillic acid, letuin, caffeic acid and Carotenoid as well. The antioxidant capability of corn also helps in digestion and various other minor health disorders as well.
Pop corn
 Beneficial for Eyes

Corn has Carotenoid, which helps the body in many ways; compounds like luetin and zeaxanthin are very useful for different body organs especially for the human eyes. Light contains a high-energy blue web length, which may damage the human eyes however, both luetin and zeaxanthin prevents the eyes healthy cells from damages.  According to various eye specialists, various eye related disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts could be prevented by zeaxanthin and luetin that found in corn.  
Overall Health

Corn has extensive benefits for the overall human body; it is very effective in controlling blood sugar, lowering the cholesterol level of body and prevents the chances of heart strokes. In addition, it is effective in preventing anemia, Alzheimer, hair dullness, hair loss, wrinkles and skin disorders as well. Moreover, corn is useful in preventing hypertension and stress also; people of poor health may use corn as a weight enhancer as well.


09 January 2015

Natural Cancer Remedies..

RadishesCancer ranked among the deadliest diseases in the world that is responsible for hundredth of thousands of deaths every year. Despite of the latest cutting-edge medical equipment and variety of new inventions in medicinal cures, Cancer still is not 100% curable. The term cancer is used for the abnormal cells growth within the body, these cells grow in an uncontrollable way and spreads to other parts of the body such breast, rectal, thyroid, lungs,  blood, prostate, skin  or anywhere within the body and damages the vital organs. A number of reasons are responsible for the growth of the cancer cells including alcoholism, smoking habit, consumption of tobacco, pollution, sun exposure for very long time, obesity and genetic reasons also sometimes involved for the growth of the cancer cells as well

Natural cancer Remedies

Cancer further classified into subcategories according to the specific body portion it affects, there are about 100 types of Cancer subcategories has been revealed by the medical professional however, the most commonly heard cancers include skin cancer, lung cancer, oral cancer, rectal cancer, prostate cancer and the breast cancer in women.
Treatment of cancer is not a short a process, moreover, it needs professionals help to follow the procedures however; sometimes alternative remedies might also provides fruitful results in case if the cancer was detected in the earlier stages. Some of the useful Alternative remedies are listed below that may help you in the cancer treatment; however, it is recommended that you should consult your doctor prior to use any of the given remedies.

Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen per oxide molecules
In the early stage of oral cancer, Hydrogen peroxide found to be effective in erasing the cancer cells and preventing further growth of the harmful cells as well. The application of hydrogen peroxide is very simple; you require diluting the solution by adding the appropriate amount of water. The solution once diluted should be applied with a swab of cotton over the affected area; it is not a quick relieving solution and could take 1-2 months to observe the result. The reason for effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in relieving earlier stage of oral cancer is due to its oxidizing nature that prevents and kills the cancer cells.

Carrot and Carrot Juice:

Turmeric powderCarrot juice and raw carrot both are useful for the treatment of oral, skin and prostate cancer. Carrot is loaded with a number of essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and folic acid, in addition, several medicinal properties including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities of carrot found effective in countering and preventing cancer cells growth. You can make salad or consume raw carrot both will help you, moreover, you can also prepare carrot juice for regular consumption as well. Carrot contains cartenoid, which is effective in preventing the further growth of cancer cells.


Turmeric is also effective in cancer treatment especially in oral, prostate and skin cancers. Loaded with plentiful of medicinal properties like antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic along with anti-inflammation, turmeric has natural cancer fighting tendency because of its immune system enhancing capability. Turmeric can be used with honey, adding in food or with warm milk; in addition, its powder is also useful against external infections and skin cancer as well.


GarlicGarlic is also useful in the primary stage of cancer as all the above alternative remedies while the advance stage of cancer needed professional treatment and can’t be treated with these alternative remedies. Garlic is useful in earlier stage of oral and prostate cancer because of its tremendous medicinal properties; moreover, garlic enhances the immune system of a human body as well. Containing sulfur and other compounds, garlic prevents further cancer cells growth. You can consume garlic raw or with food, in addition, the paste of garlic with honey is also convenient to use as well.  



03 January 2015

Tui Na: The Massage Therapy of China..

China is one of the most knowledgeable countries when it comes to herbal legacy, Chinese herbalists are using varieties of herbs in various medicinal purposes from thousands of years. Therapeutic use of acupressure and acupuncture techniques that are widely practiced everywhere in the world now days were invented by the Chinese. The massage therapy tui na was invented in China during the reign of Ming Dynasty and later reached to other parts of the world

The ancient people of China used tui na massage to treat external body disorders like joint dislocation, arthritis, muscular stress, back pain and minor bone cracks. In addition, maintaining the overall physical fitness and energy level of body through tui Na massage technique also practiced during the older times as well. The ancient Chinese therapist used various subcategories of the tui na massage techniques as per the age of the concerned person, for an infant they used mild massage therapy while for a grown up person they used different methods of massage. Today, tui na massage therapy is a widely practiced technique everywhere in the world that therapists uses not only in muscular strain and joint dislocation but in body and mind relaxing massage as well. Tui Na massage is a technique of erasing the cause instead of providing short term relief, therapies like acupuncture and acupressure are widely used along with Tui na throughout the world including China now a day. A wide range of physical disorders such as shoulder dislocation, body aches, migraine, constipation, back pain sciatica along with other similar problems are treated with tui na massage in several countries including America, Europe and Asian subcontinent now days.

A perfect blend of psychological and physical therapy, tui na adopts simple approach to heal the problems, it is so simple that even a clothed person could undergo this therapy without any complications and without removing the worn out cloths. Traditional Chinese therapeutic concept states that a person’s body consists of several meridian points and these meridian points distributed equally within the body. There are 12 meridian points in the body that equally divided on the either side i.e. each side contains 6 meridian points, additionally, a human body also posses 2 meridian circles individually that located at the transaction of trunk and the head. The energy (Qi as per the Chinese theory) that controls the human body flows through the meridian points of the body, this energy distribution should remain balanced and uniform. The energy equilibrium whenever disturbed creates health problems like depression, irritation. Tui na is the technique of massaging different meridian points of the body to ensure balance of the Qi or life energy that further results in erasing the problem. A tui na master needs to know the extensive techniques of tui na and its implementations in the problem solving. It requires prolong training, wiliness to serve others and lifelong dedication to become a tui na master, institutions in Europe, America and Asian regions are organizing these courses along with China.
Massage points
Advantages of Tui Na

Tui Na is a multi diverse therapy, which strengthens mental and physical status of humans and provides relief from stress and depression. Another important function performed by tui na massage is ensuring proper blood circulation throughout the body and maintaining body’s blood pressure within the normal limit to avoid depression. Tui na also plays an important role in treating problems like insomnia, tiredness, respiratory problems and diarrhea as well.