26 February 2015

Avocado : Best Companion for your Skin

Avocado Fruit
Nature has everything that living beings need to sustain in a healthy manner, one only have to look out for these amazing gifts of nature. A wide variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and several other natural things not only contains essential nutrients but also posses’ capability to beautify and heal you as well. Avocado is just one among the amazing gifts of nature, if you want to get rid of acne & dry skin or wants a healthy glowing face then, instead of using many skin care products available use natural avocado fruit. Open an avocado and apply its yellow pulp directly to your skin, it will soothe, protect and moisturize your skin that soaks up oil’s high vitamins concentration, fatty acids and antioxidants.

Properties and Capabilities of Avocado & its Oil:

Skin Barrier

A natural hydrating ability of avocado oil makes it easily absorbed by the squamous layer of the skin. Avocado oil’ ability to retain water and its chemical properties makes avocado oil an emollient that promotes and supple and soft tissue. Because of avocado oil’s these properties it is very useful for those who are suffering from itchy dry skin by using those cosmetic products and lotions that contains avocado oil.

Ant oxidative Properties

Vitamin E is a known powerful antioxidant; it mops up free radicals and helps in decelerating aging signs. According to some human nutrition experts, avocados have highest vitamin E content as compared to other fruits. The powerful antioxidant property of avocado oil protects circulating white blood cells and helps skin
from oxidizing while it permeates through the cell wall.

 High in Sterolins

The compounds extracted from the plants and used in the creation of dextrose are termed as sterolins. The role of sterolins is to properly absorb fat to improve immune system quality. Avocado oil contains sterolins that helps to produce more skin collagen that reduces the effects of aging spots. This property of avocado oil makes it suitable for itchy dry skin.

Essential Fatty Acids

The good fats or essential fatty acids play a major part in the body’s metabolic processes. These ‘good fats’ promotes cell functions, keep heart healthy and decreases cyst.
According to some dermatologist, foods that contain unhealthy saturated fat (like butter) should be avoided and instead foods containing essential fatty acids (like salmon, nuts, flack seeds and avocados) should be used. Essential fatty acids or EFA’s are core components of lipids and sebum (our body’s natural oils) and should be used two to four servings a day.

Avocados in a tree
Avocado Tree
Omega-3 Oil

Both fish and avocado contains large amount of omega-3 oils. Omega-3 is very effective in protecting from UV solar radiation and hence decreasing the chances of getting sun burn and skin cancer.

Usable Forms of Avocado

Avocado oil can be used in liquid forms or from avocado fruit itself. But for using avocado fruits directly, its skin and pit should be removed. You can rub avocado pulp directly on your skin in needed areas. It is advised that for trying anything new you should be very cautious and aware of any adverse allergic reaction. It is better to consult a qualified health care professional before using avocado oil for any particular health or skin condition.


20 February 2015

.. Natural Home Remedies for Pneumonia ..

When we were kids, we often heard our mothers asking us not to play outside especially on colder days and in rainy seasons or else, we could catch pneumonia. The chances of getting pneumonia in children and older persons are far more than that of adults. In general, we can define pneumonia as a liver infection caused due to bacteria or virus and in some cases; insects and fungal infections may be responsible for causing pneumonia as well. There are various reasons behind causing pneumonia however; in most cases, infections of various kinds are the main culprits in causing pneumonia. A person with weaker immune resistance might easily catch infection by various germs moreover; chronic diseases, flu and fever also can be responsible for causing pneumonia.

Although, various medicinal treatments for pneumonia are available in the market now days, however, many home based remedies are also be very effective for treating pneumonia as well. We may use these home remedies for common pneumonia but in severe condition, it is better to contact some medical experts.

Things to Remember

Its’ always said that being cautious is the best remedy for anything, there are many things you may consider to keep yourself away from Pneumonia. Always remember take balanced diet, drink as much water as you can, try to keep away from moisture and wet places,  use clean & personal towel, always keep honey, garlic, ginger, lemon, cloves, tree oil, baking soda and other useful home items readily available. The main cause of pneumonia is infection and keeping safe side is not a bad thing when it comes to your health.

Natural Home Based Remedies for Pneumonia:
Raw garlic

Raw garlic is one of the best home remedy for treating minor pneumonia. The various medicinal values of garlic have made it an ultimate solution for different types of infections. Garlic contains natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties and hence it can be used for minor infections too. In case of pneumonia take just 2-3 raw cloves of garlic and chew it. You can repeat this once in 12-hrs for 2-3 days. It will surely help you.


It is a well-known fact that ginger is very effective for infections and pneumonia is a type of infection therefore, Ginger acts perfectly against pneumonia as well. For using ginger make a paste of ginger with some honey, you can add some black pepper too in it as well. Take this mixture 2-3 times a day; it is very effective home remedy for the treatment of pneumonia.


We all are familiar with onion that is widely used everywhere every day in cooking, but It also contains variety of medicinal properties for the treatment of various types of minor health disorders as well. In case of pneumonia take 3-4 medium size onions place them in a pot, add some vinegar & few drops mustered oil put the pot on stove or gas and mix all three, you can also mesh the onions before mixing with the other ingredients but do not mesh it much. Now when it gets brown and thick like paste, make a poultice (place the mixture in a clean cotton cloth and make a small ball like shape) Place this poultice on chest for short intervals twice daily to feel better.


Basil or tulsi is another wonderful home remedy for various problems and it is also very effective in treating pneumonia as well. For using basil make juice of basil leaves with some black pepper and drink this mixture 2-3 times a day to get relief.


15 February 2015

Goodness of Radish

RadishRadish is an import part of our diet that people often ignores. Radish however considered precious during the older times; many of sculptures found in Greece, Egypt and southern Asian Peninsula displays its importance during the older times as well.  Many time we just ignores radish not even take radish as an optional snack. Some reports. Radish contains varieties of health friendly qualities and adequate proportion of essential nutrients, many experts assume radish as a native of Asia however many other believes that it originated in Europe. Radish belongs to Brassicaceae family and is a root vegetable category wise. Many people assumes Radishes as a red colored vegetable however other varieties such as green, pink, black color radishes also found in different parts of the world as well. However, each variety of radishes contains almost the same characteristics.  

Essential Nutrients in Radish:

Radish contains everything from Vitamins and Minerals to fiber and electrolytes. The Vitamins found in Radish includes, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin and Folates while the minerals present in Radish includes Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and Copper. Radish also contains electrolytes such as Potassium and Sodium apart from the other essential nutrients including dietary fiber, protein and carbohydrates as well.    


Radishes contain four percent of a normal person’s fiber requirement, which equals to one gram per half cup of radishes. It is good to eat radishes in form of salad to acquire added amount of fiber for our body, which is very effective in preventing serious health disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers of colon as

Radishes are very rich in vitamins especially in Vitamin C. Taking only a half cup filled with radishes may provide a person with fourteen percent of his daily-required doze of Vitamin C, which equals to around 8.6 mg in quantity. Vitamin C is one of the main essential nutrients required by our body that helps in varieties of body activities such as body tissue rebuilding, teeth maintenance, bone strengthening and maintenance of our blood vessels as well.  Moreover, vitamin C acts as a counter measure against the damaging our body cells as well to protect us from various diseases.

 Radishes for Cancer Protection

Each varieties of Radish contains an important compound referred as isothiocyanates which is mainly a group of compound found effective in prevention of various types of cancers. The compound, isothiocyanates found in both bulbs and root part of radishes and is capable of blocking the growth of cancer cells in addition with eliminating the formed cancer cells. 

Low Calorie & Health Friendly

Radish There are a large variety of health friendly foods that many people assumes as hurdles in their weight losing goal however that obviously is just a misconception. Similarly, many assume Radish as a weight increasing diet but the fact is just the opposite because Radishes are least in carbohydrate and calorie contents. An average cup filled with Radish contains four grams of carbohydrate while the calorie contents of an average sized cup of Radish contains 18 calorie only which is far less than any other food. The antioxidant capability of Radish makes it effective in different types of skin disorders such as pimples, acne and other similar problems, in addition, Radish is also useful skin cleansing and maintaining the hydration level of skin to keep it fresh moreover, It prevents dandruff and hair damage as well.

You can use Radish in varieties of ways, you can eat it raw or add it in your cooking as well. It is totally up to you, how you like to enjoy health friendly Radishes.  


07 February 2015

Easy way to Control your blood sugar level during pregnancy.

Foods to control sugar
Gestational diabetes is a term used for high level of blood sugar during pregnancy. Around 3-5 percent American women during their pregnancy period affected by gestational diabetes, that causes hormonal changes on the bodies of pregnant women, according to a Renowned Clinic, Various risk factors associated with gestational diabetes include earlier history of stillborn or large babies, any in the family having diabetes and excessive weight gain earlier of the pregnancy. Generally, the increased levels of blood sugar itself decreased after baby’s birth, additionally, taking proper care of gestational diabetes during the period of pregnancy effectively eliminates any complication for baby as well as mom.

Consult a professional dietician or any suitable medical professional to sorting out a diet plan as per your pregnancy requirements in order to maintain and reduce blood sugar levels during pregnancy times are usually similar. Your obstetrician knew your condition, your age, health and any history, therefore, would consider all things into account.


Minimize the use of sugary foods, drinks and snacks. Avoid using food items including soda, cookie, cakes or any other items containing excessive sugar in order to prevent increased sugar levels during your pregnancy time that can make gestational diabetes more severe.


Eat often during your pregnancy period; take light meals 3-4 times in a day and additionally eat snacks between the intervals to prevent your blood sugar level from dropping between the two meal intervals.


Limit the regular intake of carbohydrates in meals instead; use high fiber containing foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.


Keep your body properly hydrated during your pregnancy days, take at least 64 oz fluid per day. This way your blood sugar level remains constant without causing any problems and complications in pregnancy.

Consult your doctor about knowing some mild routines such as swimming, walking or other suitable activities to keep you fit and prevent gaining excess weight. You can use these activities to maintain your blood sugar level, and in addition helps you in losing weight after baby’s delivery as well.


Use a glucose meter often to monitor your blood sugar level, you can easily use these meters by dripping a little blood on the given strip and insert it into the machine to display your blood sugar level correctly. You can then maintain your blood sugar level through diet & medicines to avoid hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic problems.


Ask your doctor about testing ketones level in your urine. When your body burns energy or fat, ketones appears in urine that may possess harm for your unborn baby.


If your doctor has suggested you using insulin then use it according doctor’s advice. Your doctor will tell everything from using time, amount and frequency of using insulin, in addition, your doctor will advise you about the place to store insulin safely. 


03 February 2015

Natural Remedies for Common Fractures..

Pic: Comfrey flower
A common problem, fracture may occur to anyone. Fracture is nothing but the cracking or breaking of bones partially or completely because of sudden mishaps. The reason behind causing fracture is the impact of a sudden excessive force to the bones that broke the bone tissues. There are many categories of fractures including spinal fracture, oblique fracture, complete fracture, pathological fracture, complete fracture, traumatic fracture and so on. A variety of fracture causing reasons includes osteoporosis, weakness, sudden injuries, diseases and older age in addition with several others. One can easily reveal a fracture with some  commonly associated symptoms such as rashes, pain and swelling in that specific area, tenderness and immovability of the affected part.    

Mostly the fractures of shoulder, arm, ankle, knee bones are not serious and are easy in treating however, the femur bone fracture and the fracture of spine may sometime cause partial or complete body paralysis as well. In ancient time herbal remedies and bamboo sticks were used to reconnect the broken bones however, artificial plasters along with allopathic medicines are commonly used for fixing the bones now days. Nevertheless, herbs also used widely now a day to cure the cracked bones as well. Following are some effective and commonly available herbal remedies for fractures. Please remember to consult your doctor before using any of the herbal remedies mentioned here.


Horsetail Plant
The name of Arnica always comes first in mind when we talk about fractures and it indeed is very effective in relocating the fractured bones as well. Containing several wonderful medicinal qualities including rheumatic, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory along with analgesic capability, Arnica effectively decreases pain and swelling from the affected area. Moreover, it helps in relocating the broken bones as well. There are plenty of Arnica based creams and ointments available in the market now a day which one can use to apply in and around the affected bone. In addition, Arnica oil is also very useful when applied through soft massage as well.
Horsetail herb

Another effective and commonly used herbal remedy in fractured bone relocation is horsetail herb. Horsetail herb is loaded with wonderful medicinal properties such as antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, additionally useful contents like calcium, iron, glycosides and potassium found in horsetail makes it perfect for different types of health disorders including fractures. An important content found in horsetail is silicon that effectively helps in joining the broken bones. Massaging with horsetail oil helps in healing and relocating the broken bones in a quick manner.


Comfrey is a versatile herb that used in variety of applications including fractures, wounds and swelling.  With its anti-inflammatory nature, comfrey effectively treats rashes, swelling and external injuries moreover, the presence of Vitamin A & C, iron, calcium, fiber and sulphur enables comfrey to strengthen the bones as well. In fractures, wrapping the poultice of comfrey and mustard oil in the paste form is an effective and quick healing technique.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities that make it suitable for the treatment of fractures and strengthening up bones. The technique of using Turmeric in fracture is similar to that of the comfrey; you need to make a poultice of onion and turmeric meshed together with mustard oil. Remember to heat the mixture before placing it into the poultice for wrapping around the fractured bone.