24 March 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Fainting

Last month I was shopping for groceries in a local mall, suddenly a man around 45yrs fell down. Shoppers gathered around him including me, as I was checking his body for any injury, to my surprise he gets up. Strange I thought, when he said it was nothing just he fainted away. Have you ever witnessed the same situations? Anyway it is not a serious problem until them affected person remains in safe place, otherwise it might get worse in case of fainting during drive or crossing road or doing any similar work. Fainting or syncope is a term used for sudden blanked out mind along with the body control that may be prolong to several minutes or just a few second and the fainted out person then regain his consciousness again. The condition of fainting is nothing but the discontinuation of blood supply and oxygen to the brain of a person for few moments. A variety of reasons and situation may cause fainting in a person including blood pressure decrease, increase or decrease in blood sugar, heart related disorders, mental disorders, sudden mishaps, fatal injury, pregnancy and few others. The various symptoms involved with fainting are dizziness, vision blurring, nausea and heavy head feelings, various types of herbs may be useful against fainting some of them are as follows.

Lavender oil

Lavender works great on a person who losses consciousness and fainted out specially its oil that helps the person to regain his consciousness. The process of aromatherapy widely adopts the use of Lavender oil for therapeutic massage and varieties of herbal treatments throughout the world. Lavender oil contains many wonderful medicinal properties including analgesic, anti oxidant and antiseptic properties. Moreover, lavender oil is very useful in relieving the depression as well. Various minor related problems such as nausea, cough, sinusitis, cough and depression may easily sorted out with the use of lavender oil. The process of using lavender oil on a fainted out person is very easy, one need to apply a little amount of lavender oil around the nostrils of the affected person.


Basil is a miraculous herb that helps us in multiple ways; basil is very popular in every parts of the world for wide varieties of uses both in cooking as well as natural home remedy. Basil has many wonderful medicinal capabilities that includes anti depressant, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and anti bacterial.  Moreover, basil is also effective in activating and stimulating the nerves as well which is very useful for a
Basil Leaf
Basil leaf
fainted out person. The best measure of applying basil on a fainted out person is by soaking a little amount of basil oil in cotton and applying it in his nasal openings.
Mint is considered as an effective herbal remedy to minimize the frequencies of the fainting and can be found easily in local drugstores and grocery shops. Moreover, mint is a commonly used home kitchen plant in most part of the world as well.  The medicinal properties found in mint includes anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, mint has a unique ability of activating and sensitizing the nerves that works great on a fainted out person. The process of using mint on a fainted out person is same as basil to bring back the consciousness of a fainted out person quickly.


A variety of wonderful medicinal properties such as analgesic, anti inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial and
nerve enhancement makes Ginger a perfect companion of humans. The capability of nerve enhancement found in ginger is very effective in bringing back a fainted out person in normal condition moreover, ginger is also capable of decreasing the rate of fainting in an affected person as well. For a person who has a repetitive tendency of fainting, ginger tea if taken two times a day may work like wonder in minimizing this tendency. It is best to rub ginger mixed with mustered oil near the nostrils of the affected person to help him regaining his consciousness quickly.


Onion contains pungent smell, which is useful in helping out a fainted person to regain his consciousness back. Using onion in case of a fainted out person is quite easy, you just need to rub the slice of a raw onion near his nasal openings.   


14 March 2015

Goodness of Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit
Kiwi Fruit
Kiwi fruit is very popular in Asia and Australia from long times, and from last few decades it is gaining popularity in America and now it becomes a regular item of united state’s market. Kiwi fruit is delicious as well as nutritious and have rich contents of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other essential nutrients. Kiwi fruit is oblong and have size similar to the plum. Kiwi fruit has fuzzy brown exterior with glistening emerald green flesh. It is juicy and refreshing and its taste is like combination of strawberry & pineapple. Kiwi fruit can be peeled and eaten raw or in fruit salads. Kiwi fruits can be used in making pastries, sorbets, smoothies and in other desserts.


In one cup of kiwi fruit it has 108 calories, 26 grams (g) carbohydrates, 2g protein and 1g fat. It also contains 250 percent recommended vitamin C. Kiwi fruit is high in vitamin E, C and folic acid. Also kiwi fruit is low in sodium and high in potassium and copper which is an essential mineral. A serving of kiwi fruit also provides 5g of soluble and insoluble fiber.


Kiwi fruit has significant antioxidant properties because it has high levels of vitamin C and a photochemical
Kiwi fruit
called lutein, which is a carotenoid that has the ability to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer and also prevents eye disorders like cataracts and macular degeneration. Kiwi fruit has high dietary fiber that effectively provides added protection against variety of disease such as diabetes, heart disease and gastrointestinal diseases as well. Various other benefits associated with Kiwi fruit includes, helpful in digestion, body’s immune system enhancement and maintaining blood pressure.  


There are plentiful of misconceptions about various fruits, one such popular belief that Vitamin C content of oranges is highest in comparisons with other fruits however, its’ not. In fact vitamin C content of an orange is just half of the vitamin C content found in a Kiwi fruit. A kiwi fruit contains two times more Vitamin C than that of an orange moreover; Kiwi fruit is also very high in potassium, which is more than bananas.


A recent study from the department of nutrition has determined that eating kiwi fruit regularly can decrease the chances of blood clots by reducing the platelet aggression. This study has also indicates that kiwi fruit is also able to reduce fats in the form of triglycerides from bloodstream.


06 March 2015

Home/Herbal Remedies for Liver Pain...

We all have to come across thick & thin in our lives, health related problems or physical problems such as infections, disease, injuries are some common example of physical problems. Physical problem such as liver pain is a problem that often heard by us, liver is an important organ of our body that purifies various toxins, filtering blood and helps us digesting foods, liver problems if caused may decrease your work efficiency greatly. Various reasons that may responsible for causing liver pain such as  improper diets, alcohol consumption, due to medicinal prescriptions, food additives, various chronic diseases like hepatitis and jaundice, blocked duct and even few more.

It is possible to treat liver pain in initial stage when not very serious with various medications available in any drug store. Besides these, some herbal/home remedies also helpful in liver pain as they can provide long lasting relief from pain. Here we have mentioned some home/herbal remedies that, you may use in case of liver pain.

Gooseberry or Amla

Gooseberry or amla is a useful herbal remedy for liver. Vitamin C found in Gooseberry is very help in maintaining a healthy liver. You can use gooseberry in many ways, you can have it raw with salt, making juice, used with cooked vegetables or as salad. Its various medicinal properties include antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it a wonderful remedy that helps in different medical problems.


Turmeric Powder
The use of Turmeric is also an effective way of minimizing minor health disorder related to the liver. Turmeric contains a variety of wonderful medicinal capabilities that are very effective for the treatments of different types of health problems. Turmeric has anti-oxidative, antifungal, antiviral properties and antibacterial properties that make it suitable for numbers of uses; Turmeric is widely used in every parts of the world especially in Asia where people use it as a food additive as well. For using turmeric add some small pieces of turmeric in milk and boil it, after cooling it a little consume the milk. You can also use turmeric by adding it in cooking.


Garlic always considered as one of the easily available & effective remedy. Garlic contains many properties with medicinal values that make it a real companion for day-to-day use. Garlic acts as a very good cleanser in our stomach disorders and its anti fungal nature helps liver to fight and eliminate various fungus attacking our body, it also has anti-oxidant properties that help in clearing any harmful toxins from our body. You can use garlic in many ways, additionally; you can take 1-2 cloves of garlic daily in its raw form to avoid many body disorders. You can also use garlic as adding in various cooking items or with honey. It is up to you how you use garlic but do use garlic daily for better health and better liver.


Lemon is an active anti-oxidant home item that helps in liver pain and digestion problems. People during the older times considered lemon as a liver tonic. Its various properties include antibacterial, antacid, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Other contents found in Lemon include lutein, citric acid, vitamin A, carotene, vitamin K and vitamin C. Additionally lemon contains iron, potassium, copper and calcium too. Lemon is very easy to use; you can make lemon tea by adding a little amount of black salt in lemon juice and boiling the mixture for a while as well. You can use lemon tea two times per day that.

                                               It is always better to consult your family doctors prior of using any home or herbal remedies, so as to be sure if you are having any allergies towards these options. However, ‘it is said that prevention is always better then cure’ but sometimes you cannot prevent yourself from sudden environmental change or other forced measures, that time these natural treatment techniques may prove effective for you.