01 July 2015

Asthma treatment through Natural home & herbal remedies

Ajwain (Carom seeds)
Many of you have had noticed that a number of people living around you uses a certain type of inhaler which they use when breathing become harder for them. They put the nozzle into their mouth and press the bottom of inhaler to resume breathing naturally. Well, they are doing it because they are suffering from a certain respiratory problem known as ‘Asthma’. It is a condition that shrinks the breathing passage for a while which as a result causes the breathing problem. In order to clear the breathing passage again, one need to use the inhaler you often noticed. Asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder that often makes breathing harder by causing spasm in the airways and decreases the amount of oxygen reaching into lungs. Today a large portion of human population is suffering from this problem even when we are living in the ultra modern edge of medical facilities; a majority of People in world’s most advanced countries like US and UK are suffering with asthma as well.

In today’s time, the pollution level of our surroundings is increasing in an alarming rate due to the rapid growth of industrial sector. The price this industrial and technological advancement causing us is our health, pollution is one of the main reasons that trigger asthmatic attacks. The dust particles, airborne micro-organisms and other types of impurities present in the air attacks the respiratory system of a person. A person with a sensitive respiratory system can very easily catch asthma. Moreover, chronic diseases such as prolonged cough & cold may also some time cause asthma as well. Other reasons that may cause asthma include family history of asthma, allergies, infection in the respiratory passage, stress, smoking and anxiety. Sometimes, exercise is also responsible for triggering asthma as well.


The symptoms of asthma are not very hard to identify, one can easily understand if someone is having asthma by the following symptoms.
·        Feeling of suffocation and breadth shortness
·        Frequent coughing while working or speaking loudly, moreover severe coughing problem during the night.
·        A whistle like sound during breathing
·        Felling pressure on the chest 
·        Tiredness and dullness
·        Loss of sleep
·        Nasal and head congestion

Precautions and Prevention :

Despite the invention of cutting edge medical equipment and advancement of medical science, hundred percent cure of asthma is still a thing of another world. There are inhalers and nebulizers to calm an asthma patient by providing him pressurized oxygen dose but it is not something that comes under treatment. These measures can only provide temporary relief to an asthmatic person, besides you can find varieties of medications that may provide short term relief but nothing works for long. The only thing you can do is to control yourself from getting into the triggering points of asthma, for example an asthmatic person should avoid going into a polluted place, and moreover he should avoid dust, moisture and pollen as much as possible. An asthmatic person if allergic to certain things than it is in his best interest to avoid those things, similarly, a smoker should immediately quit smoking if he sees any symptoms of asthma. The most important things that asthma patient should consider is to follow balanced diet and balanced routine without failure. Apart from the above precautions one can  use the following herbal/home remedies for controlling frequent asthma attacks as well as decreasing the symptoms associated with it.
Clove plant

Whenever we talk about natural remedies, the name of garlic comes first in our minds, garlic is among those few home based remedies that may help you in a wide range of health disorders. Garlic contains medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, antibactarial, antiviral, antifungal and anti oxidant which works wonder on various health problems including asthma. The anti-infalmmatory capability of garlic helps in curing the inflammation of airway passage that reduces the amount of oxygen reaching to the lungs. Moreover, garlic increases your immune resistance against allergy and different types of airborne threats. You can use garlic in many ways such as eating it raw, taking it along with your meal or with honey. Moreover you can take 1-2 cloves of it with luke warm water and salt or you can take it with milk as well.


Ginger is another useful herb that you can find and use easily whenever in need. Ginger is capable of clearing the airway congestion due to its anti-inflammatory action, regular use of ginger may reduce the frequency of asthma attacks dramatically. Similar to garlic, you can use ginger in many ways such as mixing with your food, adding it in your tea or consuming its juice. However, the best way to use ginger for asthma patients is to consume a little portion of it with honey twice daily.

Carom Seeds( Ajwain)

Although these seeds are tiny but the work they do is much broader, carom seed or bishop seed is one of the best remedies for the treatment of asthma, gestation, acidity, respiratory disorders, nasal congestion, stomachache, rheumatism, digestive disorders and  various other health problems. Carom seeds are an essential part of kitchen in India, Pakistan, China and other parts of Asian Peninsula from past several centuries but now  it is equally praised in other parts of the world as well. Carom seed contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties along with an essential oil named ‘Thyme’ that increases its medicinal value. In order to use carom seed for asthma first heat them for some time till the seeds turn brownish in color and use it for consuming 2-3 times daily in small quantity. Moreover, you can consume carom seed with warm water or even inhale its vapors as well.  


Clove is also very effective in controlling asthma along with a wide array of other health problems. Clove has rich medicinal properties which makes it an ideal home as well as herbal remedy for asthma, cold, flu, head and nasal congestion. For using clove, first boil some cloves with the proportionate amount of water, mix a little honey after boiling the mixture and consume it 2-3 times in a day.

Other useful home / herbal remedies for Asthma :  

·        Honey
·        Licroice
·        Onion
·        Cinamon
·        Basil
·        Mint
·        Pepper



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