24 November 2013

Home Remedies for Hives

Hives, in medical term defined as a reaction that causes small red pimple like bubbles on our body due to some medicine reactions or allergies. These small red bubbles called as hives. Hives are very painful and irritating and cause burning like sensation on and around the affected area of our body. Hives are not limited to any particular parts of our body but can affect any or all parts of our body. Some hives disappears in a week or two but some can lasts longer.
Various reasons that can cause hives includes reactions to some medications, due to allergy towards particular things, Excessive cold or heat, insect bites, skin infections, lack of hygiene and many others. You can find a number of ointments and lotions in your local market to help you get relief, while you can additionally try various home remedies too, that sometime proves very effective. It is always better to contact you doctor before using any home remedies.

Ginger is one of those day to day used item that posses many medicinal qualities that you can use in various health problems. Ginger has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties that effectively used for treating skin infections. Hive is a type of infection that you can treat with this wonderful root vegetable. When using ginger against hives, first mesh it and make paste of it, apply this paste on the affected areas of skin. For a short interval, you may feel burning like sensation but then it will be all right. Using ginger for hives is very effective and it will surely relieve you from hives.

Cautious diets hygiene
You can feel like oh, again diet and hygiene factor, but friends the topmost remedy for any infections or disease is proper hygiene and balanced diets. All other remedies come later; if you keep proper body hygiene, the chances of getting hives or any infections are very low, moreover, proper and healthy diet can help us in keeping any problems away. Eat fruits that contain vitamin C and B12, use neem soap for bathing, use clean and dry towel. These all will help you from preventing and minimizing the effects of hives.

Ice cubes
Ice cubes are also effective and will give you relief from itching hives. It is very simple method to use, take some ice cubes and rub them slowly on the affected skin. You can also do this by putting ice cubes on a clean cotton cloth and rubbing slowly around the affected area. Ice soothes the itching and burning sensation
Neem ( Azadirachta Indica) Leaves
of hives.

Tea tree oil
We often see that all the home remedies repeatedly used in many different problems, do you know the reason for this. It is because they all contain various medicinal qualities like antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Antibacterial qualities can be used in any bacterial infection where as anti-fungal properties makes it useful for fungal infections and so on. Tea tree oil too has such properties that will give you relief from hives.

Neem or azadirachta indica
Neem or azadirachta indica is another wonderful easily available home remedy that can be used for hives. Its various medicinal properties make it ideal for various hives and other skin infections. You can use neem leaves by pouring in warm water and having bath with neem mix water.  You can use neem soaps for bathing to get relief from hives.
                                           All the above shown home remedies may give you an extra protection from skin infections and other minor health problems; these are the ‘wonder cures’ you can use to treat naturally.


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