24 March 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Fainting

Last month I was shopping for groceries in a local mall, suddenly a man around 45yrs fell down. Shoppers gathered around him including me, as I was checking his body for any injury, to my surprise he gets up. Strange I thought, when he said it was nothing just he fainted away. Have you ever witnessed the same situations? Anyway it is not a serious problem until them affected person remains in safe place, otherwise it might get worse in case of fainting during drive or crossing road or doing any similar work. Fainting or syncope is a term used for sudden blanked out mind along with the body control that may be prolong to several minutes or just a few second and the fainted out person then regain his consciousness again. The condition of fainting is nothing but the discontinuation of blood supply and oxygen to the brain of a person for few moments. A variety of reasons and situation may cause fainting in a person including blood pressure decrease, increase or decrease in blood sugar, heart related disorders, mental disorders, sudden mishaps, fatal injury, pregnancy and few others. The various symptoms involved with fainting are dizziness, vision blurring, nausea and heavy head feelings, various types of herbs may be useful against fainting some of them are as follows.

Lavender oil

Lavender works great on a person who losses consciousness and fainted out specially its oil that helps the person to regain his consciousness. The process of aromatherapy widely adopts the use of Lavender oil for therapeutic massage and varieties of herbal treatments throughout the world. Lavender oil contains many wonderful medicinal properties including analgesic, anti oxidant and antiseptic properties. Moreover, lavender oil is very useful in relieving the depression as well. Various minor related problems such as nausea, cough, sinusitis, cough and depression may easily sorted out with the use of lavender oil. The process of using lavender oil on a fainted out person is very easy, one need to apply a little amount of lavender oil around the nostrils of the affected person.


Basil is a miraculous herb that helps us in multiple ways; basil is very popular in every parts of the world for wide varieties of uses both in cooking as well as natural home remedy. Basil has many wonderful medicinal capabilities that includes anti depressant, anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, antiseptic and anti bacterial.  Moreover, basil is also effective in activating and stimulating the nerves as well which is very useful for a
Basil Leaf
Basil leaf
fainted out person. The best measure of applying basil on a fainted out person is by soaking a little amount of basil oil in cotton and applying it in his nasal openings.
Mint is considered as an effective herbal remedy to minimize the frequencies of the fainting and can be found easily in local drugstores and grocery shops. Moreover, mint is a commonly used home kitchen plant in most part of the world as well.  The medicinal properties found in mint includes anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, analgesic, antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, mint has a unique ability of activating and sensitizing the nerves that works great on a fainted out person. The process of using mint on a fainted out person is same as basil to bring back the consciousness of a fainted out person quickly.


A variety of wonderful medicinal properties such as analgesic, anti inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial and
nerve enhancement makes Ginger a perfect companion of humans. The capability of nerve enhancement found in ginger is very effective in bringing back a fainted out person in normal condition moreover, ginger is also capable of decreasing the rate of fainting in an affected person as well. For a person who has a repetitive tendency of fainting, ginger tea if taken two times a day may work like wonder in minimizing this tendency. It is best to rub ginger mixed with mustered oil near the nostrils of the affected person to help him regaining his consciousness quickly.


Onion contains pungent smell, which is useful in helping out a fainted person to regain his consciousness back. Using onion in case of a fainted out person is quite easy, you just need to rub the slice of a raw onion near his nasal openings.   



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