01 April 2015

Knee Water Exercise

Aqua aerobicThe popularity of knee water exercising therapy is gradually increasing, practicing knee therapy in the water suits people of any size or age and for different severe injury levels. Water with its upward force helps bearing some of your joint pressure and enables you to practice those knee workouts you cannot perform on land. You can choose any water exercise that suits your knee. Some American clinics offering advanced water exercising programs, and according to them, any person having incontinence, seizure or wounds should avoid practicing knee water exercise. It is always better to consult a physical therapist or a doctor before doing this type of therapies.

Aqua Aerobics

Aqua joggingIt is a technique, in which cardiovascular workouts performed inside water; you can select the water levels according to your needs such as go deep if you require exercise that is more difficult or for light workout use swallow level of water. You can practice few peculiar aqua aerobic routines for your knee such as calf rotations, calf raises, lungs and squats. Practice a single set of 10 times during your initial stage and then increase the sets up-to 10 sets of ten times for every routine. According to a renowned expert of aqua aerobics, any person undergone knee surgery should avoid any knee extending exercise that employs resistance.

Aqua Jogging

You can perform aqua jogging exercise on both deep and swallow water levels for your knees. Aqua jogging therapy in swallow water includes simply walking or jogging within the pool and without being worried about falling or receiving injuries if performing on land. Deep water aqua jogging practiced with wearing an aqua belt to keep you afloat, the main advantage of deep-water aqua jogging is that, your feet remains above the pool bottom that prevents impacting your knees. Practice deep-water aqua jogging in proper interval such as use initial 60 seconds only to walk and then run for 15 seconds by applying an interval of 10 minutes; repeat this technique as advised by your physician.

Therapy pool
Therapy Pools

Therapy pool technique involves using water-strengthening jets for effective water workouts. In simple words, you can say that these types of pools consists strong jets of water to provide you resistance in standing & balancing there. Start with walking against the water jets current and then move to jogging. Many therapy pools provide warm water jets with mild pressure in order to give you gentle knee massage and providing a convenient space to exercise stretching. These pools have temperature control mechanism that a regular pool lacks. Sit before a steam jet and put your knees against the streams coming from jet, after few seconds stretch your leg slowly and then repeat again.             



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