19 August 2015

Colloidal Silver and Its Medicinal Uses..

A colloidal silver illustration
You people must have heard about colloidal silver however do you know what colloidal silver really is? Colloidal silver is nothing but tiniest particles of silver suspended or mixed in clean water through the process of concentration. There’s a particular proportion for mixing silver particles in water to make colloidal silver which may slightly differ from manufacturers to manufacturers. However, the standard proportion is 10: 1000000 where 10 is for silver particles and 1000000 is for the water quantity. At the time of World War 2, colloidal silver was the means of treating soldiers who suffered from various skin infections and fever due to the unhygienic conditions of the war fields. Colloidal silver with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties can counter various types of skin infections caused by these micro-organisms.  

Colloidal Silver & Acne

The main reason behind causing acne is the blockage of the tiny pores found over the skin, this blockage of follicles cause the acne.  Our skin contains several glands that produce sebum which is a kind of lubricating oil to provide nourishment for our skin in order to keep it healthy. The blockage prevents the flow of sebum or nourishing oil to the skin which further results in acne.  

Acne has nothing to do with age or gender and it may occur to anyone anytime however studies have found that teenagers have more chances of getting acne as compared to the adult population. Today acne is one of the main skin infections that affect a large portion of world population. Generally the treatment of acne is carried out by using Antibiotic medicines and colloidal silver contain antibiotic capability therefore it may cure acne as well. It is proved by various researches however, there are a number of studies still going on to specify the effectiveness of colloidal silver in treating acne and other skin infections.

Other Health Benefits

Colloidal Silver contains antibacterial, antibiotic and antifungal capabilities which make it an ideal remedy for a variety of health problems. Moreover, colloidal silver is very effective in enhancing the immune system of our body so we can resist different types of health threats effectively. There are a wide range of health friendly uses of colloidal silver, some of which are mentioned below:

Viral Infections
Viral infections are the infections that spread through various types of viruses present in the atmosphere. The antiviral properties of colloidal silver make it useful for the treatment of a wide variety of viral infections including sore throat, cough, cold, flu, chest congestion, bronchitis, smallpox, pneumonia, nasal infection, viral fever, insect bites, dengue, malaria and even the HIV virus.

Fungal Infections  
 The wonderful medicinal properties of colloidal silver have wide range of medicinal uses; it not only counters the infections but enhances the immune capability of the body as well. Similar to viral infections colloidal silver is capable of treating a wide variety of fungal infections as well. Various types of fungal infections that can be treated with colloidal silver include ring worms, athlete’s foot, yeast infections, tinea, jock itch, candidiasis, gingivitis, oral thrush and many others.

Bacterial Infections 
Bacterial infections referred to the infections caused by bacteria, not all the bacteria are harmful however many can inflict serious harm as well. Colloidal silver contains antibacterial properties and therefore it can be used in treating various types of bacterial infections. Colloidal silver serves as an effective remedy for the treatment of a variety of bacterial infections including ulcers, gastritis, meningitis, strep throat, ear infections, abscesses, cellulitis, folliculitis and many others.  

How to use colloidal silver
There are various types of colloidal silver found in the market now days moreover, a variety of skin sprays, soaps, ointment and lotions are also available that contains a small amount of colloidal silver as well. Various oral suspension of colloidal silver also available now a day which, may be used to treat different types of infections after consulting an expert. Many experts suggest taking 50-60 ml of silver colloidal solution containing 10 parts in one million-concentration rate for treatment. Additionally they suggest taking maintenance doze of 20-30 ml silver colloidal solution. Vegetarians and vegan can take silver as small intestine absolved it. Whatever may the reason but you should always consult your physician about the dosage of colloidal silver in accordance with your physical ability and the severity of the problem. 

The use of Colloidal Silver for various health problems is rapidly increasing however there’s still controversy regarding its benefits and side effects. It is vital to use it after consulting your doctor moreover; you need to be careful about its doses. Always ask en expert about the recommended dose as per your requirement and physical ability.  


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