12 March 2014

Home remedies for Back Pain

Often aged people talks about back pain while children and youngsters does not affected by the back pain normally. Some cases of back pain during pregnancy are also been reported. Back pain in medical terms defined as the pain occurring over the back portion of human body including bones muscles, nerves and spinal area. Generally, back pain occurs over the upper, middle and lower areas separately or it may occur all over the back portion. Different factors may involve in causing back pain including prolonged sitting in same position, lifting or pulling heavy weights, fracture & injuries, or fractures, chronic diseases like insomnia or arthritis and turning older as well. Additionally, alcoholism and smoking may also lead to back pain.  
                                                           Having back pain due to increasing age is not something to be worried about much, but otherwise if it occurs forcibly due to chronic disease or injuries then it requires professional monitoring & caring.  While a number of medicines available today in order to provide relief from back pain but using certain home exercises, keeping proper body posture or using natural remedies may also help in treating back pain. Please consult your doctor before using these home remedies.

Sleep in proper body posture
It looks very simple but considered as one of the best back pain relieving techniques. Many times after waking in morning, we feel pain in back or under the neck due to sleeping in wrong body postures.  Similarly, by adopting correct body position for Sleeping may ease your back pain in an effective manner as well. Therefore, always sleep properly and use comfortable cushions and flat bed for proper back support as well.  Avoid straining your back and other muscular parts; switch your sleeping positions carefully and slowly to prevent back pain.

Yoga is one of the best exercises for keeping fit. Yoga originated from India and later spreads other parts of the world. Now day yoga becomes an essential part of everyday life especially in metro cities you can find people doing yoga early morning in the parks. Various studies have found that yoga may help in preventing joint and back pain also. You can try doing one or two simple ‘asana’ of yoga regularly in morning or evening for getting relief from your back pain. In order to do it, sit in straight position on a flat surface or on floor, keep you both hands on your knees initially and slowly raise them until both hands opened up fully, now cross the fingers of both hands with each other and try to apply a little pressure on your spine with
fingers remaining in crossed position.  Do this position 2-3 times between 2-3 minutes intervals. Another
asana for back pain relief is similar also, for doing this asana, start with the same position as earlier and try to twist your shoulders simultaneously in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Repeat 2-3 times between few minutes interval to feel relieved.

 Did you know that you could counter body infections and muscle aches effectively with the help of raw potato? Potato contains useful minerals, fibers and an adequate amount of vitamin C, Potato is very rich in vitamin c, which makes it an effective home remedy for treating back pain and other health disorders. In order to use potato for curing back pain, take one or two raw potatoes and wrap them into a clean cotton cloth in such a manner that it appears like a ball. Now mesh this ball containing potatoes inside it and apply the meshed out potatoes still enclosed inside the cotton cloth over the affected area.  Use this method two times in a day for few days and it will surely provide you relief from back pain.

Lime is among the few of those daily used home based items that you can use in various minor health disorders. You can easily find lemons in your local market or even in neighbor’s home. The best way to use lime in order to get relief from back pain is by extracting its juice and adding little amount of salt in it. Drink this juice 1-2 times daily to get relief.

 Garlic with Mustered Oil
Garlic is another wonderful home based item that you can easily use in various health problems. The method for using is quite simple, pour little amount of mustered oil into a pan and add 3-4 garlic cloves into it, heat the mixture until the cloves turn brownish. Leave it to cool and then apply then massage the affected part with this oil, leave it for 2-3 hours and then have bath with warm water. You will certainly feel relaxed after few days’ application.



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