04 March 2014

Herbal Cure for Gas & Bloating....

Fennel seeds
In bloating condition, people may experience swelling or abdominal enlargement, while on the other hand when our digestive tract contains air then such condition known as gas. Often people suffer both problems together that further leads to intestinal cramping causing discomfort. You can find a number of herbal medications in your local market to get rid of bloating & gas problems. People around various parts of the world often grow these herbal plants in their kitchen gardens for multiple uses. 

Fennel Seed

Fennel seed is best known for its relieving effects on digestion related disorders, in addition, it also used in gripe waters. There are number of useful contents found in fennel seeds including anethol & fenchone containing carminatives nature to help preventing and at the same time dispersing the formed gas instantly. Various health disorders such as cramps and nausea may also treated with fennel seeds in addition with the gas problems and bloating. Additionally, fennel seeds are very effective for the treatment of muscular spasms in and around stomach as well. The best way to use fennel seed is by chewing it slowly, you can use these seeds for quick digestion after having fried or oily foods also. Another way to use fennel seed is by making tea, first crush some fennel seeds and then let them boil in proportionate water for sometimes and then leave it for cooling. Drink this tea 1-2 times daily until you find relief from bloating or gas problems. 

Anise Seed

Another useful herbal remedy to ease gas and bloating problem is anise seed, which considered as a powerful resource for quick gas removal. Anise seed is also used as mouth and breathe freshener in India and other Asian countries, while in African countries people use anise seeds to achieve quick digestion. Anise seed contains many useful medicinal properties including diuretic, anethole, antibacterial and
Anise seeds
carminatives capabilities and used in food preservation as well. Diuretic properties found in anise seed makes it very useful in bloating and water retention purpose in addition; it helps in calming the muscles and prevents cramping and gas formation in the digestive tract of our body.

You can use anise seed same as fennel seed; prepare tea with crushed anise seeds in cup full of water to drink once in a day to get relief, you can also use anise seeds for consuming or you can mix it with honey or with ginger also to take it orally.


You must have heard the name of peppermint and many of you even have used it as mouth freshener as well. You can find peppermint in almost every part of the world, people often plants it in their kitchen gardens for cooking purpose also. Peppermint is widely recognized remedy for bloating and gas problems. Peppermint contains many useful medicinal properties that make it suitable for relieving gas and digestion problems, the medicinal properties of peppermint includes   antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-nausea and muscle relaxant, moreover, it contains menthol as well. You can use peppermint in relieving various health disorders such as cold, coughs, congestion, nausea, cramps and muscular spasms; it clears the digestive tract of our body from gas and bloating as well. 



  1. I also make a "tea" of fresh ginger, fresh peppermint, and fresh lemon balm.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Kim. Its great to listen that you do use herbal tea..Can you please share your experience of using herbal tea with us ?

    2. Thanks for visiting my blog Kim. Its great to listen that you do use herbal tea..Can you please share your experience of using herbal tea with us ?