27 March 2014

Potty Train your baby in 3 Days.

Baby's potty training
It is true that you can potty train your baby in 3 days with the help of a potty chair. Three days time duration reflects the time in which the baby learns the basic steps to use a potty chair rather than mastering it. However, the training session enables your baby to use a potty chair without much trouble.   

It is important to make your baby familiar with bathroom and potty before initiating a potty training session. Try to encourage your child to sit on a potty chair even if the baby is fully clothed during the earlier stage. Moreover, convince the baby’s father for accompanying the kid to the toilet; you can do this by yourself also to make your baby familiar with the use of a bathroom

First Day

During the first day of potty training session take out the lower clothing of your baby as soon as he awakes, you can leave the shirt on baby for the rest of the day. Try to feed him watermelon, juices and other water containing foods frequently, make your baby to see every time you or any other family member drinks water or juices. You should use consuming salty snakes and watery foods more often to encourage your baby as well. In the meantime, use bathroom as much as you can in order to make your baby repeating the same.
 You have to monitor your child closely to know about his requirements of using a bathroom. Accompany your baby along with you every time you are going a bathroom, show him unzipping and lowering his pant, convince him to poop or pee only on a potty chair. Always remember to praise your baby every time he uses potty successfully Encourage your kid on successfully using the potty.
Never discourage your baby even if he commits mistakes while learning to make him strong enough to face the challenge. On such occasions, try to show him the proper place for peeing or pooping.

Second Day

During the second day of potty training go along with your baby to the bathroom when required, you should wait there for your kid to complete. Your baby can learn things even faster in this way, as he knew about your presence to support him whenever needed.

Third Day

Take your child out with you in order to convince him that, firstly he should use a bathroom first before going out of the house. You should take extra clothing for your baby along with his potty chair whenever going outside of your house.

Job Done

After completing his potty training session, you should use shirts or similar upper garments for your baby for one or two months. Always carry extra pants with you whenever you are going out with your baby, never forget to carry his potty chair with you whenever going out with your baby. You can easily complete potty training in 3 days by attention to the above shown techniques; the only thing that matters is your dedication and patience while teaching your baby.


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