18 May 2014

Morning Home Exercises

Good Morning
It is quite hard to exercise after working the entire day; additionally time shortness is also a factor besides tiredness, which prevents people to do exercise routinely after the ending of the day. On the other hand, morning hours are best for exercising due to its multiple advantages including muscular toning and maintaining a healthy heart condition. Therefore, it’s better to adopt morning exercise routine instead of night; some of the simple exercising steps are given below;

Go for Sun salutation; an effective yoga technique involving multiple body postures for a complete body workouts. Ten seconds are sufficient to perform each posture involving deep breathing cycles; you can adjust the time duration according to your capacity and needs. Another option is doing each posture randomly after initial body warm ups.
 Adopt squat routines for shaping up your thighs, legs and buttocks. For squat routine first stand straight and stretch apart both legs, now stretch your both arms in forward direction with keeping the spine straight. Now slowly bend squat down by bending your knees so that your seat presses your back, now during the squat down position of your body take a deep breath and return back to your initial standing position and then repeat the same for ten times. Always remember to squeeze your thighs and buttocks on releasing the squat
Sun Salutation
position every time you perform standing up & squatting down sequence.                  
In order to activate your core muscles perform either crunches or any other abdominal strengthening routines. For this lie down straight on you back and keep both arms behind your head, now initiate crunching by lifting the torso slowly on upward direction and pull your belly button into the spine for abdominal muscle stretching. Lay still in this posture for few seconds, then gently return to your initial position, repeat this routine for up-to 10 times.
For finishing your morning workout routine, stretch the muscles of your body. First, start relaxing the muscles of your legs by adopting bend yoga posture. For abdominal muscle relaxation, lie on your stomach with keeping your neck and spine in a line, now start pulling your body in upward direction by keeping your elbows on the floor and putting your body weight on your arms and elbows and return to your initial position.

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