25 July 2014

RED Mans Syndrom

Red man’s syndrome
Using an antibiotic medicine named Vancomycin may cause two types of hypersensitive reactions; anaphylaxis is one of them and the second one known as red man syndrome or red neck syndrome. Red neck or Red man syndrome is the most common side effects of vancomycin. Carry on reading the below paragraphs to find the symptoms, causes, treatments and preventive steps of red man syndrome.
Red Man Syndrome

Red man syndrome mainly caused by using vancomycin through injection or consumed orally, when the infusion of vancomycin on any individual reacts in a specific manner then it leads to red man syndrome. But one cannot blame vancomycin only for causing Red man syndrome, there are some other antibiotic medicines that may cause RMS or red man syndrome. Some of these antibiotic medicines are includes ciprofloxacin, refompcine, teicoplanin and amfotericine B. One common thing that involved with all these antibiotic medicines including Vancomycin is the direct de-granulation of basophiles and mast cells.

Red man syndrome intensity varies with the consumed amount and types of the antibiotic medications used, the effect of Red man syndrome will be more if more than one type of antibiotics used. Consumption of drugs along with Vancomycin or any other antibiotic may cause serious RMS in any individual. Any muscular relaxation or analgesic drugs might cause such serious RMS problem.


Various symptoms involved with RMS or red man syndrome are:
Low blood pressure
Nausea or Vomiting tendency
Itchiness and irritations
Rise in heartbeats
Fever and cold feelings
 Appearance of body rashes in neck, arms, back or other parts
 Angioedema and hypotension might possible in some cases but occurs rarely. Pain on chest and back, dyspnea or muscular spasms might also possible in RMS.
Treatments and Preventions
Various treatment and medications are available to get relief from RMS, in market today. Using antihistamine medication is an effective way to get relief from RMS; you can use hydroxyzine before taking vancomycin in order to minimize pruritus and erythema. Diphenhydramine is also effective if taken one gram per hour to block RMS after taking or infusing vancomycin. Experts also suggest mixing H1 blocker receptor with H2 receptor blocker to prevent RMS. 

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