30 November 2014

Natural ways to Lower High Blood Pressure..

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A heart in a person's body acts as a pump for circulating the blood to different body organs by implying force through the artery walls. The pressure or force by which blood circulate inside a person’s body is known as blood pressure in medical terms. Health issues such as low blood pressure and high blood pressure are very common and people often heard about them. High blood pressure is a condition when the pressure of blood flow exceeds the normal limit referred as high blood pressure while, low blood pressure is a condition in which blood pressure decreases below the normal value. Both of these conditions accompanied by plenty of health related problems such as heart attack, depression, fatigue and even heart attacks along with vital body organ failure. There are various techniques and medications available for controlling hypertension as well as low blood pressure, in this article we are focusing on natural solutions for preventing hypertension by lowering the blood pressure to the normal limits. Remember to consult your doctor before using any heart related cures so he may suggest you the suitable solution according to your body’s capability.

Do not drink alcohol signOne of the best and permanent solution for preventing as well as lowering high blood pressure problem is to adopt a healthy diet routine which referred as DASH (dietary approaches to stop hypertension).This includes discontinuation of your regular food courses and start eating health friendly nutritious food that not only help you in relieving from hypertension but also strengthens your overall body fitness. Use green vegetables frequently because of their good nutritional values, in addition, consume fruits, whole grains, fat-less dairy items, fish and legumes in regular intervals. You may use potassium in adequate quantity by consulting your doctor as well for lowering saturated fats and normalizing high blood pressure.

Another important step to counter hypertension and bringing down high blood pressure to normal limit is monitoring your daily sodium intake. Sodium if taken in large quantity may cause water retention that may further result in high blood pressure. According to experts, recommended amount of salt or sodium for a normal person is 2,400 milligrams per day; however, by following DASH you may decrease your daily intake of sodium to 1,500 mg approximately. Avoid using too much frozen or processed food, which contains sodium in large amount.

Do not smoke signAlcohol consumption is another factor in causing high blood pressure and hypertension. High amount of alcohol if taken at once may trigger hypertension instantly whereas; regular consumption of alcohol by a habitual drinker ultimately weakens his heart. For a hypertensive habitual drinker, quitting alcoholism is the best solution however, limiting the frequency and amount of alcohol might provide some relief as well. 
An overweight person requires more blood then a normal person for supplying adequate amount of Oxygen and essential nutrients to the body. Increased amount of blood increases the blood pressure as well in the body of overweight person. Therefore, for a hypertensive and overweight person, decreasing an adequate amount of body weight would be the best solution for bringing back high blood pressure to normal limit. Regular workout is very helpful in lowering high blood pressure resulting from decreasing body weight. Habit like smoking also exceeds the chances of high blood pressure therefore; a hypertensive person should always avoid smoking as well.



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  2. The other force is due to the arteries as they resist the flow of blood. Blood pressure is always stated in two numbers, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Lucy

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  4. I'd say have a cup of hibiscus tea or warm lemon water in the morning as well