22 November 2014

Suggestions for Reducing Your Omentum Size

Omentum is a fatty organ held between the stomach and the pelvic portion of our body in a suspended position. Decreasing omentum fat is quite easy; you can easily achieve this goal of omentum decrease by adopting regular exercise routine and adding health beneficial foods to your daily diets. You have heard about beer belly, which used for a person having excessive omentum fats in his body.

foods for omentum cut
Various researchers have found that omentum cells prevent abdominal infections and counter harmful germs from reaching the abdomen. Omentum can be divided into two categories healthy and unhealthy omentum. A healthy omentum is one that has transparent and lace shaped appearance while, omentum with a thick and opaque omentum referred as unhealthy omentum. Abdominal inflammation, body’s sugar level fluctuation and arterial disorders are some common problems that might occur because of an unhealthy omenetum.  The normal omentum size suggested by experts for women is 32 inches while for men 35 inches omentum considered within the normal limit. Carry on reading the following paragraphs to know about simple ways of achieving a healthy omentum.

 Effects of Diets

Taking health friendly food is one of the best options for decreasing the size of your omentum.  Healthy diet ensures a healthy body and therefore a healthy omentum. Foods containing omega-3, which is a fatty acid mainly, found in vegetables, whole grains, fruits and fishes (biggest source of omega-3). The fiber contents found in whole grains and fruits are very effective in preventing you from excessive eating moreover, it helps you in achieving longer stomach fullness feelings. You may also decrease your omentum size by avoiding processed foods and also increasing the frequency of your eating i.e. eating in small quantities multiple times instead of taking full meals three times a day.   


Fitness experts and medical professionals often recommend regular exercises for increasing the fitness level of their clients. Same thing applies for reducing omentum size as well. A half an hour walk in regular frequencies along with 20minutes of weekly power lifting sessions are the best methods for achieving your omentum reducing goal. A 20-minute weekly workout is also helpful in this regard.


A glass of smoothieBreakfast contents and timings also play a key role in building up of your body fats and therefore you should take your breakfast in a fixed daily schedules, additionally you need to add health friendly and nutritious items in your breakfast as well. According to various researchers and dietary experts, a nutritious breakfast with its
fiber contents keeps your body’s sugar level balanced in addition with controlling your excessive eating habits. Regular use of nutritious drink in your breakfast is also helpful in cutting your omentum fat as well.

How to make a Nutritious Breakfast Drink:

Making a nutritious drink is quite simple and anyone can do it. You require half tablespoon of flaxseed oil, blueberries (frozen), banana, soy protein, psyillium seed and half tablespoon of honey. In order to blend the ingredients together, you need to first mix them with water depending upon the quantities of ingredients. With a few minutes of blending, your nutritious breakfast drink is ready for consumption.


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