27 January 2015

Goodness of Rice

Rice is a member of grass family that is used extensively as regular meal in various parts of the world specially Asia. Asia considered as a major Rice producing belt where most people love rice in their meal. The demand of rice in Asian countries could only fulfilled by producing it in large scale and therefore, rice is the major crop of these countries. Even Japan and Korea that are the developed Asian countries adopts the same habits as well. Apart from Asia, there are many countries in the world where people eat rice through snacks or any other forms. So, what is it in the rice that makes it perfect for the regular consumption? Let us find about the calorie contents of the Rice: 

RiceAn ordinary cup of rice has approximately 430 units, just more than enough for a normal person to fulfill his regular energy needs. Rice has other benefits too, the fat contents of rice are quite low, in addition, rice is also free from cholesterol as well, which gives it an ability to work as a healthy food grain. The carbohydrate content of rice is quite high which includes adequate amount of healthy dietary fiber as well, despite of high carbohydrate contents rice is free from the sugar. The mineral contents of rice is impressively high, the minerals found in rice includes Iron, Zinc, Potassium, magnesium, selenium and Calcium whereas, Iron contents of rice exceeds up to 15% which is a quite high value. Rice does not contain much Vitamins however, the high mineral contents of rice fills the gap.

Rice fieldThe white rice contains nearly 240 calories in one serve that is amazingly good for the energy requirement of a whole day.  The main reason behind the healthy dietary value of rice is its low fat, low sodium contents along with the zero cholesterol contents that in total exceed the health friendly side of the rice. Although rice is high on the carbohydrate contents however, most amount of the carbohydrate comes with zero sugar but rich dietary fiber.

A common misconception about rice is that it increases the body weight however, its’ not fully true, anyone who follows weight loss program often avoids consuming rice due to this common misconception. However, one can lose weight without removing rice from his daily diet, but he need to minimize the quantity and maximize the frequency rather. In addition, exercise is also important in case you do not want to remove rice from your plate. 


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