03 January 2015

Tui Na: The Massage Therapy of China..

China is one of the most knowledgeable countries when it comes to herbal legacy, Chinese herbalists are using varieties of herbs in various medicinal purposes from thousands of years. Therapeutic use of acupressure and acupuncture techniques that are widely practiced everywhere in the world now days were invented by the Chinese. The massage therapy tui na was invented in China during the reign of Ming Dynasty and later reached to other parts of the world

The ancient people of China used tui na massage to treat external body disorders like joint dislocation, arthritis, muscular stress, back pain and minor bone cracks. In addition, maintaining the overall physical fitness and energy level of body through tui Na massage technique also practiced during the older times as well. The ancient Chinese therapist used various subcategories of the tui na massage techniques as per the age of the concerned person, for an infant they used mild massage therapy while for a grown up person they used different methods of massage. Today, tui na massage therapy is a widely practiced technique everywhere in the world that therapists uses not only in muscular strain and joint dislocation but in body and mind relaxing massage as well. Tui Na massage is a technique of erasing the cause instead of providing short term relief, therapies like acupuncture and acupressure are widely used along with Tui na throughout the world including China now a day. A wide range of physical disorders such as shoulder dislocation, body aches, migraine, constipation, back pain sciatica along with other similar problems are treated with tui na massage in several countries including America, Europe and Asian subcontinent now days.

A perfect blend of psychological and physical therapy, tui na adopts simple approach to heal the problems, it is so simple that even a clothed person could undergo this therapy without any complications and without removing the worn out cloths. Traditional Chinese therapeutic concept states that a person’s body consists of several meridian points and these meridian points distributed equally within the body. There are 12 meridian points in the body that equally divided on the either side i.e. each side contains 6 meridian points, additionally, a human body also posses 2 meridian circles individually that located at the transaction of trunk and the head. The energy (Qi as per the Chinese theory) that controls the human body flows through the meridian points of the body, this energy distribution should remain balanced and uniform. The energy equilibrium whenever disturbed creates health problems like depression, irritation. Tui na is the technique of massaging different meridian points of the body to ensure balance of the Qi or life energy that further results in erasing the problem. A tui na master needs to know the extensive techniques of tui na and its implementations in the problem solving. It requires prolong training, wiliness to serve others and lifelong dedication to become a tui na master, institutions in Europe, America and Asian regions are organizing these courses along with China.
Massage points
Advantages of Tui Na

Tui Na is a multi diverse therapy, which strengthens mental and physical status of humans and provides relief from stress and depression. Another important function performed by tui na massage is ensuring proper blood circulation throughout the body and maintaining body’s blood pressure within the normal limit to avoid depression. Tui na also plays an important role in treating problems like insomnia, tiredness, respiratory problems and diarrhea as well.




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