07 February 2015

Easy way to Control your blood sugar level during pregnancy.

Foods to control sugar
Gestational diabetes is a term used for high level of blood sugar during pregnancy. Around 3-5 percent American women during their pregnancy period affected by gestational diabetes, that causes hormonal changes on the bodies of pregnant women, according to a Renowned Clinic, Various risk factors associated with gestational diabetes include earlier history of stillborn or large babies, any in the family having diabetes and excessive weight gain earlier of the pregnancy. Generally, the increased levels of blood sugar itself decreased after baby’s birth, additionally, taking proper care of gestational diabetes during the period of pregnancy effectively eliminates any complication for baby as well as mom.

Consult a professional dietician or any suitable medical professional to sorting out a diet plan as per your pregnancy requirements in order to maintain and reduce blood sugar levels during pregnancy times are usually similar. Your obstetrician knew your condition, your age, health and any history, therefore, would consider all things into account.


Minimize the use of sugary foods, drinks and snacks. Avoid using food items including soda, cookie, cakes or any other items containing excessive sugar in order to prevent increased sugar levels during your pregnancy time that can make gestational diabetes more severe.


Eat often during your pregnancy period; take light meals 3-4 times in a day and additionally eat snacks between the intervals to prevent your blood sugar level from dropping between the two meal intervals.


Limit the regular intake of carbohydrates in meals instead; use high fiber containing foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes during your pregnancy.


Keep your body properly hydrated during your pregnancy days, take at least 64 oz fluid per day. This way your blood sugar level remains constant without causing any problems and complications in pregnancy.

Consult your doctor about knowing some mild routines such as swimming, walking or other suitable activities to keep you fit and prevent gaining excess weight. You can use these activities to maintain your blood sugar level, and in addition helps you in losing weight after baby’s delivery as well.


Use a glucose meter often to monitor your blood sugar level, you can easily use these meters by dripping a little blood on the given strip and insert it into the machine to display your blood sugar level correctly. You can then maintain your blood sugar level through diet & medicines to avoid hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic problems.


Ask your doctor about testing ketones level in your urine. When your body burns energy or fat, ketones appears in urine that may possess harm for your unborn baby.


If your doctor has suggested you using insulin then use it according doctor’s advice. Your doctor will tell everything from using time, amount and frequency of using insulin, in addition, your doctor will advise you about the place to store insulin safely. 


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