03 February 2015

Natural Remedies for Common Fractures..

Pic: Comfrey flower
A common problem, fracture may occur to anyone. Fracture is nothing but the cracking or breaking of bones partially or completely because of sudden mishaps. The reason behind causing fracture is the impact of a sudden excessive force to the bones that broke the bone tissues. There are many categories of fractures including spinal fracture, oblique fracture, complete fracture, pathological fracture, complete fracture, traumatic fracture and so on. A variety of fracture causing reasons includes osteoporosis, weakness, sudden injuries, diseases and older age in addition with several others. One can easily reveal a fracture with some  commonly associated symptoms such as rashes, pain and swelling in that specific area, tenderness and immovability of the affected part.    

Mostly the fractures of shoulder, arm, ankle, knee bones are not serious and are easy in treating however, the femur bone fracture and the fracture of spine may sometime cause partial or complete body paralysis as well. In ancient time herbal remedies and bamboo sticks were used to reconnect the broken bones however, artificial plasters along with allopathic medicines are commonly used for fixing the bones now days. Nevertheless, herbs also used widely now a day to cure the cracked bones as well. Following are some effective and commonly available herbal remedies for fractures. Please remember to consult your doctor before using any of the herbal remedies mentioned here.


Horsetail Plant
The name of Arnica always comes first in mind when we talk about fractures and it indeed is very effective in relocating the fractured bones as well. Containing several wonderful medicinal qualities including rheumatic, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory along with analgesic capability, Arnica effectively decreases pain and swelling from the affected area. Moreover, it helps in relocating the broken bones as well. There are plenty of Arnica based creams and ointments available in the market now a day which one can use to apply in and around the affected bone. In addition, Arnica oil is also very useful when applied through soft massage as well.
Horsetail herb

Another effective and commonly used herbal remedy in fractured bone relocation is horsetail herb. Horsetail herb is loaded with wonderful medicinal properties such as antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, additionally useful contents like calcium, iron, glycosides and potassium found in horsetail makes it perfect for different types of health disorders including fractures. An important content found in horsetail is silicon that effectively helps in joining the broken bones. Massaging with horsetail oil helps in healing and relocating the broken bones in a quick manner.


Comfrey is a versatile herb that used in variety of applications including fractures, wounds and swelling.  With its anti-inflammatory nature, comfrey effectively treats rashes, swelling and external injuries moreover, the presence of Vitamin A & C, iron, calcium, fiber and sulphur enables comfrey to strengthen the bones as well. In fractures, wrapping the poultice of comfrey and mustard oil in the paste form is an effective and quick healing technique.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities that make it suitable for the treatment of fractures and strengthening up bones. The technique of using Turmeric in fracture is similar to that of the comfrey; you need to make a poultice of onion and turmeric meshed together with mustard oil. Remember to heat the mixture before placing it into the poultice for wrapping around the fractured bone.


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