30 April 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Male Yeast Infection

A common misconception about yeast infection is that it only affects women however; it is far from the truth, yeast infection may occur to males as well. A fungus biologically referred as Candida is the main reason that causes yeast infection. The commonly affected male body part from yeast infection is genital parts however; the infection may affect a man’s mouth as well. Yeast infection is easily visible through the naked eyes by the appearance of itchy pink or red rashes over the affected body parts. There are numbers of reasons that may
cause yeast infection in males such as unhygienic conditions, unhygienic cloths, heavy antibiotics dosage, smoking, alcoholic beverages, allergy, contact with affected person and poor resistance capability of body’s immune system.  

Although yeast infection in women are far more than that of men but men too catches Yeast infection as well, in less numbers than women though. A wide range of products including creams and ointment are available now days however, a variety of home based remedies are also found effective for the treatment of male yeast infections. It is advised to contact your family doctor before using any kind of home remedies because he knows your body’s temperament well.


Vinegar is a commonly found home based item that may help you in minor health disorders as well including the male yeast infection. The process to use vinegar to get relief from yeast infection is quite simple; first dilute the vinegar by adding a proportionate amount of water. Take a clean cotton cloth or cotton ball and soak it into the diluted vinegar, apply the diluted vinegar with the help of cotton ball over the affected portion of your body. The fungus Candida killed by the diluted vinegar and you will be relieved. Use it twice daily for few days to get rid of yeast infection completely.


The ancient people used garlic in many ways to get rid of various types of health problems, most of their rituals included garlic in one way or another. Garlic still comes under a useful home remedy for the treatment skin infections and other related problems.  Loaded with wonderful medicinal properties such as antibacterial and antifungal capabilities garlic proved to be a good and effective home remedy for treating yeast infection
. You can use garlic in a variety of ways to get rid from yeast infect, you can eat few cloves of raw garlic or you can apply a paste of garlic prepared with adding water, milk or vinegar on the infected part.  


Water not only gives life but it helps in maintaining and safeguarding the life as well. People often avoid using water as home remedy and does not even considers it as a home remedy. Well, this is not a good thing because it is the easiest resource that one can find in any household; moreover, it gives you protection from various diseases and capable of eliminating minor health problems and skin infections as well. Doctors often suggest drinking plenty of water because it not only purifies your body thoroughly but also prevents infections as well. For people having yeast infection, increasing the daily dose of water is very useful in getting relief.


Maintaining a proper diet routine is a very good practice in keeping your body in perfect health. Since dietary habit is also involved in causing yeast infections watching your diet may give you relief from this problem as well. Remember to monitor your daily dosage of sugar because it causes yeast infection as well. Try to reduce your daily dose of sugar, limit alcoholic beverages, avoid using fast food and fried foods as well to get rid of yeast infection. 


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