27 September 2015

5 Wonderful Remedies for Treating Diarrhea....

Indian Blackberry Tree
Diarrhea is a medical condition that forces a person to discharge watery stool frequently and further causes dehydration to the affected person. A person when undergoes several watery stool discharge than the liquid level of his body drops dramatically and he reaches to a condition known as dehydration. A dehydrated body may suffer a variety of health problems such as skin dryness, skin de colorization, loss of energy, headache nausea, fatigue and many other problems. Earlier stage of diarrhea may prolong up to 3-4 days and does not possess any serious health threat; it may automatically cure itself or through simple medications. However diarrhea when prolonged for more than two weeks comes under a serious problem that may cause serious health problems. There are many reasons that may cause diarrhea, a viral or bacterial infection may result in diarrhea similarly infection of intestine may also lead to diarrhea as well. Other causes of diarrhea includes indigestion, allergy, spicy foods, stomach problems like gallbladder and stone, bowel related diseases like ulcers and crohn’s disease and medicinal reactions. Loose and liquid like stool for more than three times is one of the most common symptoms of diarrhea, various other symptoms associated with diarrhea includes tiredness, weakness, abdominal pain, bloating, fever, nausea, blood in stool, cramping and decreased urination frequency.

Diarrhea is a common health problem that may occur to anyone including the children, it is quite hard to find a person who never have fallen into the grip of diarrhea at least once however the chances of a child having diarrhea is more as compared to an adult. Depending upon the severity and prolonged duration, diarrhea is divided in many categories such as acute diarrhea (from 2-3 days to a maximum of two weeks), chronic diarrhea (From 2 weeks to a month at the maximum), secretory diarrhea and osmotic diarrhea. There are various remedies available for the treatment of Diarrhea however, the first and foremost solution for diarrhea is to keep a tight watch on your diet, stay in proper hygienic surrounding and drink as much water as you can. Home and herbal remedies are also very effective in treating diarrhea some of which mentioned below.

Connessi Bark (holarrhena Antidysenterica)

When it comes to Diarrhea, nothing is better than Connessi bark, it is also known as Indrajou and Kurchi Bark as well. This is one of the widest used herbs in Ayurveda since the ancient time and still relevant in varieties of health disorders such as Malaria, Hives, gout, seasonal fever and skin disorders. Moreover it is very effective in preventing diarrhea mainly the one in which blood is discharged along with the stool. For diarrhea give it along with buttermilk to the affected person for a quick relief, you can also use connessi bark along with castor oil to get relief from diarrhea as well.   
Connessi Bark Tree (Indrajau)

Indian Blackberry or Jamun (Eugenia Jambolana)

This is another wonderful remedy for the treatment of diarrhea. Originated from Asia and widely found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Nepal, China, Indonesia and Malaysia, it later spread to most part of the world including US and Africa. Indian Blackberry is a versatile remedy due to its uses in varieties of health problems including Hives, oral infections, cough, cold, liver problems, diabetes, stomach problems, dysentery and diarrhea. If an affected person is a child than give its juice along with goat milk to the child for a quick relief. Moreover, you can use its bark to make powder and consuming an adequate amount of this powder twice daily for getting relief from diarrhea as well.

Guava (Psidium Guajava)

Guava is a widely known fruit found in almost every part of the world though it is said to be originated from South American Countries. It is a tropical plant containing a pear like fruit that has a wide range of culinary uses including Salad, jam, jelly, powder, candies and many others. Guava is a highly nutritious fruit with rich amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and dietary fiber; moreover it is a very good antioxidant as well. It is very good in treating digestion problems, toothache, acidity and diarrhea. For diarrhea of children boil its root in proportional amount of water for 30-45 minutes and then refine it with a clean cloth. Give two spoonful of this water twice daily to the kid for getting relief from diarrhea. For adults you can use the extract of its leaves for getting relief from diarrhea.

Guava Tree

Cinnamon is among those remedies that are used for both medicinal as well as culinary purposes, it has a long array of medicinal uses for a variety of health problems due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cinnamon is effective in treatment for diabetes, reducing cholesterol, skin infections, stomach problem, bowel syndrome, tooth problems, arthritis, cough, cold, fever and many other problems. Moreover, cinnamon is very effective in preventing diarrhea and dysentery as well. The best way to use cinnamon for diarrhea relief is to consume cinnamon tea which you can take twice daily depending upon the severity of the problem.


Ginger is another great way of getting relief from diarrhea. Ginger is a well known domestic herb used from past several centuries. It contains many wonderful medicinal properties to treat a variety of health disorders. Using ginger is very easy and it does not need much preparation and complications, you just need to consume ginger tea according to the severity of the diarrhea. You can also use raw ginger with honey to consume it 2-3 times a day for getting relief from diarrhea as well.



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