02 September 2015

How to achieve Rapid Weight Loss at the comfort of your Home

A girl doing aerobic exerciseAnyone trying for weight loss is not alone; according to a magazine, United States has approximately two-third of its population trying for weight loss. Nobody needs costly membership of gym just to lose weight. Following specific exercises for burning calories can be more effective in less time.

Setting Weight Loss Goals
You can lose weight in your home by setting health friendly aim, through exercise. If you want to lose 1-2lbs of body fat weekly then you have to burn 3500-7000 calories per week and as a result 500-1000 calories per day.
So instead of setting high goals, try setting realistic goals for weight loss. You can start with setting a small goal instead of burning 1000 calories per day. For example burning 500 calories per day you can lose 1lb in one week. You can also try taking low calorie diet along with physical exercise, like take 300 calories less per day and also follow physical exercise to burn 700 calories in that day to achieve the target of losing 2lbs per week.

Aerobic Activities

It required doing aerobic activities of 30 mnts per day to lose weight. For a person of 115lbs, walking with a speed of 3.5 miles/hr results in burning 298 calories. 520 calories will burn by riding a stationary cycle for 1 hour at home; also 744 calories can be burned in one hour by jumping rope. An aerobic video of low impact can burn about 410 calories per hour, and also one option to start work out schedules at home.

Faster Calorie Burning

You can choose workouts for burning high calories for reducing weight more quickly at home with your body gradually getting stronger, like do jogging instead of treadmill walking; it helps you to burn 446 calories per hour.  You can also try running in order to burn 1000 calories per hour according to your speed. You can also choose aerobic video of high impact instead of lower impact for burning more calories. It will
Squats illustration
increase calories burning from 410 to 520 calories per hour.

Strength Training Activities

By doing strength training quick weight loss can be achieved. Following 2-3 strength training routines per week will results in faster weight loss. However by lifting weights 224 calories can be burn in an hour, but by building your body muscles you can effectively burn more calories in a day that will results in losing weight quickly. By targeting main muscle groups like legs, arms, buttocks, back and abdominal your resistance tubing or body weight itself can be used. Various exercises like abdominal crunching, push ups, lunge exercise and squats uses own body weight for toning muscles. Similarly in bent over rows, squats and bicep curls resistance tubing is used.  

Apart from the above activities you need to take proper care of your daily diet, you can ask any dietitian to make a diet chart for you so you can maintain your diet accordingly. Always remember that everything is possible if have the willpower to do the needful, so set your goat and get..set..and go..



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