07 September 2015

Natural Remedies for the Treatment of Amnesia

Cress Plant
Amnesia is a state of mind in which memory of the affected person lost partially or completely. Amnesia may be the result of accident, fatigue, injury or some other problem, and its result may leads to more serious conditions even coma. Amnesia classified into two forms, one is anterograde amnesia while the other is retrograde amnesia. Various conditions can be the reason for causing amnesia such as trauma, chronic disease like brain tumor or similar, sudden shock, depression & stress, head injury and even mental illness results in amnesia. Its symptoms include state of confusion, short-term memory loss, reorganization problem, problem while walking are some of them.

Treatment of amnesia is a long process and needs regular medical attention. People during the ancient times, uses various herbs for memory boosting. Herbal remedies are still relevant in treating amnesia effectively. Various herbs plays an important role in memory enhancement, some of them are as follows.

 Natural remedies for amnesia

Brahmi (bacopa monniera)

People in many countries recognize Brahmi as one of the best herb for sharpening memory and brainpower. During ancient times also, people used this herb in various mental disorders & behavioral problems, and still people widely using it for memory disorders, epilepsy and mental problems. Various medical studies have found its memory boosting capability. You can use brahmi in oil form, capsules, tablets and its extract form. Brahmi tonic, if taken two times daily can decrease amnesia effect on a person.


Brahmi PlantRosemary is also useful in amnesia as it acts as a memory enhancer along with helping in memory relocation. In various mental disorders and behavioral problems, rosemary acts as a useful herbal remedy. The best way to use rosemary is by making rosemary tea, which you can prepare by its leaf or leaf extracts. For preparing, boil it in water for 20-30 mints and add one teaspoon of lemon juice along with black salt. Drink it 1-2 times per day for few weeks to check its effect.

Garden Cress (lepidium sativum)

Garden Cress is known as Chandrashoor in India and is found in all over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and many parts of the world. During the Ancient time people used cress for a variety of medicinal purposes including Asthma, joint pain, eye problems and mind related problems. It is said to contain the capability of strengthening the mind and improving the concentration and memory as well. You can use it by adding in your food preparation, adding in salad or making its soup.


Sage is another herb that people found effective in this condition. Sage boosts activeness of mind to enhance the memory. Sage also helps in mind concentration process and reduces mental stress. You can use sage in different forms but drinking sage tea is more effective in amnesia. Drink its tea with adding black pepper and lemon juice or few drops of pure honey to feel calm and relieved.

Cumin seeds

Cumin seed is also helpful in treating amnesia. Cumin boosts our nervous systems and prevents partial memory lose along with other mental disorders. Taking cumin with pure honey regularly helps in boosting memory power. Another way for using cumin is by adding few seeds of cumin in tea and taking it two times daily for 3-4 weeks to see its effect.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla (Emblica Officinalis)

Rosemary Plant
  Indian Gooseberry is one of the most useful herbs for the mankind because of the versatility of its uses from culinary to medicinal purposes. Loaded with various amazing medicinal properties it is considered very effective in bronchitis, diabetes, acidity, gastritis, common cold, jaundice, obesity and many more. Moreover it is also a very good blood purifier and mind and memory strengthener as well. You can use it with your food preparation, in salad and making juice however the best way for using Amla for Amnesia is to take one teaspoon of Amla Murabba twice daily, you can find Amla Murabba in your local grocery store.  

Holy Basil

Holy basil is widely used in various health disorders along with amnesia and other relative problems. You can easily find basil or its different forms in your local grocery shops or in any drugstore. Include basil in your diet by adding in food preparation or in salad, its oil or capsules you can use too. Best way to using basil is by preparing its tea and adding 1-2 teaspoon of limejuice, black salt and a little black pepper. Drink this tea 2-3 times daily for few weeks or you can even use it in a regular basis for long time without any side effects.



  1. All symptoms of diseases are the effects and treating the symptoms without removing the cause of a disease is like working hard to cut grass and other weeds from your (the crop you sowed) field. from above the ground and not removing them from its roots. The causes for amnesia you listed are surely not the primary causes of amnesia. Because one might have this problem even without any of the causes you mentioned. "Various conditions can be the reason for causing amnesia such as trauma, chronic disease like brain tumor or similar, sudden shock, depression & stress, head injury and even mental illness results in amnesia. Its symptoms include state of confusion, short-term memory loss, reorganization problem, problem while walking are some of them. There is but one cause of all diseases which is unhygienic life style. There is but one cure for all diseases - That is hygienic living. You also mentioned that one has to keep taking medications for a long time? What medication ? Can you vouch for what you said. All medications have a dozen side effects sowing seeds for more diseases. There is no remedy for unhygienic living except hygienic living, which includes ample exercise, adequate rest, positive food, positive thoughts and engaging in creative activity. Positive food includes the use of subtle foods like sunlight (sun baths), air (Pranayama) and ether (fasting) from time to time. If one does not follow this hygienic path no remedy helps. If one follows the hygienic lifestyle, there will be no need for any remedy.

  2. When people lose their ability to memorize data, memory or information, they might have Amnesia. It refers to the partial or complete loss of memory. Generally, this condition occurs in old age and in some mental disorders. It is a really complicated condition because you even do not remember your name and address while suffering from this condition. Are you or any of your friend suffering from Amnesia? If yes, you can try Amnesia Home Remedies for getting good results. The natural cure is very helpful in improving blood circulation to the brain and providing an effective treatment for this condition. You can also try Herbal Remedies For Amnesia , it can reduce the symptoms of amnesia.

  3. People with amnesia find it hard to imagine the future because our constructions and future scenarios are closely linked to our recollections of past experiences. People having amnesia problem, lose their ability to remember things, information and even their names and addresses. People who are suffering from this condition can consider to visit this site- Best Home Remedies for Amnesia . There is no permanent cure exists for this condition but with the help of Homemade Medicine for Amnesia you can slow down the progress of amnesia.

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