09 December 2013

Easy Cures for Heat Stroke

Mango Panna
A human body is full of surprises, several functions performed within body by their own. One such function in our body is controlling temperature of body organs; it works automatically as the conditions changes, but when body’s temperature control system stops working it leads to many problems. Heat stroke is a problem in which the temperature control system of human body stops working and raises body temperature to a high level resulting in unconsciousness or other serious health problems. In medical terms, this condition referred as ‘heat stroke’, which if not treated quickly & effectively then may trigger serious threats for our body. When a person catches heat stroke, many symptoms may appear including headache, fainting, excessive body temperature, muscle stretching, laziness, weakness, increased pulse rate and limited period unconsciousness. Various factors may leads to heat strokes such as extreme hot working condition, alcoholism, smoking, older age, weak body resistance, dehydration and chronic disease as diabetes may also trigger heat stokes.

Heat stroke is a matter of serious concern and needs immediate medical care. In case of witnessing heat stroke in a person, you should immediately call medical emergency team and took the person into a shaded and cool place, additionally, pour some cold water in his body and cloths until help arrives. Various easy curing techniques are also capable of minimizing and preventing its intensity but you should take them after an expert advice; some of these method & remedies explained below.

Hydrate yourself
Remember, prevention is always better that cure! Drink as much water as you can regularly, keeping your body sufficiently hydrated, highly decreases the probability of catching heat strokes. Additionally take water base fruits like watermelon, grapes & oranges daily.

Use cotton cloths with loose fitting to ensure free airflow, tight and heavy apparels may cause suffocation. Try to work in shaded area if possible and if not then try to work on early morning or late noon hours, wrap cotton cloth around ears and overhead. Always use a good sun block lotion when working outside and try to
Olive Oil
avoid alcoholic drinks & smoking to keep you safe.

Almost everyone familiar with peppermint and many of you often use it as well. During the older days, people used it in several problems like infections, cough, headache, flu and in heat strokes due to its cooling capability. You can easily avail peppermint from nearby grocery stores or find its extracts on any drug stores. Peppermint helps in decreasing temperature of your inside body organs effectively. You can easily use peppermint as food additive and in drinks, for heat strokes, the best way is to take bath with peppermint leaves, additionally use meshed mint leaves to mix in water and add some black salt or simple salt in it, drink it twice daily for quick recovery.

Olive Oil
This is another effective item to counter heat stroke; it helps in cooling the nerves to remove excessive heat from body. For using olive oil, massage your palm & feet with it two or three times a day, additionally take bath by mixing few drops of olive oil to get relief.

You can use basil in case of minor heat strokes & exhaustion. Basil contains various medicinal properties that help in decreasing excessive body temperature, anxiety and nerves calming. Use basil leaves extract and mix with water, you can add some salt or sugar to drink it, use it 2-3 times daily. Bathing with basil mixed water also effective in decreasing body temperature.

Raw Mango Drink

It is another effective remedy in case of heat strokes; in many Asian countries, people often use raw mango drink in heat exhaustion. For making this drink take 2-3 raw mangoes and make slices, mix water according to its quantity and let it boil for half an hour, mix little sugar & black pepper to complete the drink and consume it twice daily to feel better.
                                       Beside above shown method you can also use onion and ginger juice to minimize the body temperature; similarly honey and Aloe-Vera effectively decrease body temperature as well.


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