18 December 2013

Simple Remedies for Restless Legs Syndromes or RLS

Foot massage
Although, restless legs syndrome or RLS is a common problem, but not many people still fully aware about it.  It is a mind related problem rather than of legs. Many times people experience irritation and discomfort in legs while on bed during nights and they may like to walk in the room to subside this irritating  sensation which, in medical term known as restless legs syndrome or RLS. Anyone can experience this syndrome regardless of male, female or kids, but the chance of having RLS is more in full day working individuals. Mainly it occurs at night while on sleeping but it can occur in anytime even when sitting comfortably on a chair.

The RLS affected people often pass sleepless nights that results in making their work very hard in the next day, in addition, not having sufficient sleep, makes them jittery. There are various reasons that may trigger RLS such as due to heredity (any other family member having RLS), some chronic disease like diabetes or Parkinson’s disease, kidney problems, iron deficiency, pregnancy, medicinal reactions, smoking and alcoholism.
You can take advice from your doctor for the treatment, in addition, you can use some home based technique & remedies as well that are very effective for RLS.

Exercise & routine change
 One of the best home based techniques for RLS is to adopt some easy exercise for body and mind relaxation. Another way is to make some positive change in your regular schedules and in addition try to subside or give up bad habits such as smoking, drinking or using any other tobacco products to get relief from RLS.


Massaging is another effective home based easy solution for RLS relief. Massage always  considered an effective way to get rid of various problems including RLS. To get relief from RLS take some mustered oil in a pan, add 3-4 cloves of garlic and then boil it until the garlic cloves turn brown. Use this oil 2-3 times a day for massaging and feel the effectiveness of this method.

Hot bath
Regular warm water bath before sleep is another effective method to prevent RLS. You can easily adopt this technique without worrying about costly product or equipments, as it needs just simple water, you can also add some plain salt into water for additional advantage. It will calm your nerves and help you to get sound sleep and minimize RLS effect.

Warm milk with honey                                                                  
AlmondsMajority of peoples are aware with the soothing effect of milk and honey. The calcium
contents of milk are very rich that helps the bones of our body, additionally milk is also effective in calming the nerves. Taking warm milk before sleeping with honey or peanuts will help you to sleep soundly which as a result decreases the chances of experiencing restless legs syndromes.

Very few are aware with many wonderful qualities of almonds that you can use in many common problems including restless legs syndrome. One of the main reasons for causing restless leg syndrome is the deficiency of Iron, vitamins and magnesium in the body. Almond contains rich magnesium compound that makes it very useful in RLS. You can take almonds directly or you can massage your legs with almonds oil to get relief from restless legs syndrome. Consuming few almonds daily is a good practice for preventing restless leg syndromes.

Essential Supplements
Various essential supplements your doctors may refer in case of you having restless legs syndrome. Some of the effective supplements to prevent this syndrome include magnesium, folic acid, vitamin B complex, iron, vitamin E and calcium.
                                Apart from the above-mentioned remedies you can use passionflower or valerian too if having RLS, additionally regular walk in morning, evening or on both time also help greatly in minimizing RLS. Quit any bad habits like sedative drugs, alcohol or smoking to avoid restless legs syndromes as well.

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