12 December 2013

Natural Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

From last few months, I stopped buying my favorite ice creams, hot chocolates & chilled beverages, no...No! Nothing wrong actually, I was forced to do so by my own companion- ‘my teeth’. Whenever I try sipping hot chocolate, coffee or anything chilled, I suffered a high intensity pinching like sensation in my teeth, and the feeling was like someone drilling my teeth with a laser sharp instrument. Finally, I gave up and visited a dental clinic to seek advice; the doctor told me that I am having ‘sensitive teeth’ and prescribed me some ointments and specific toothpaste. I am quite exploring type person and therefore i started searching internet and other references to know about ‘sensitive teeth’ and here is what I found about it.

Having sensitive teeth is a very common problem that affects many of us irrespective of age or gender. Children, adult, or people of older age, anyone can have sensitivity in teeth. Many factors may trigger sensitivity in teeth including lack of proper hygiene, cracked or injured teeth, allergic reactions, tooth diseases, improper brushing, smoking, alcohol or any specific reason. The pain associated with teeth sensitivity prevent you from eating or drinking those items you liked the most due to a pulsating and irritating pain. But not to worry, as you can find various toothpastes, ointments and tinctures to help you in getting relief; however, you can also try these home based easy techniques to control sensitive teeth to high extent.


Mouth Hygiene / Gargle
This is the first step towards maintain healthy teeth as in most cases it decreases the probability of having sensitive teeth dramatically. The food particles remained stuck in between teeth & around gums that may damage the enamel and causes teeth sensitivity. Therefore, give special attention on keeping mouth hygiene, brush after each meal or at least twice daily in morning and before going to bed, use floss to clean hidden portions around the teeth, in addition you can use mouth wash as well. Gargle regularly to remove any leftover from mouth and use floss as well. Control or stop smoking and alcoholism, use vegetables and fruits frequently; following these practices, you will definitely conquer teeth sensitivity.

Clove & Clove Oil
Clove and clove oilThis is a well-known remedy for tooth decays, sensitivity and other related problems. Clove has many wonderful medicinal qualities that may help in teeth sensitivity; Clove has antibacterial, anthelmintic, antiviral, anti-fungal and antiseptic capabilities. You can use clove oil for massaging around your gums gently with your finger or cotton; additionally you can use raw cloves for chewing and gripping between the teeth for some time to get relief from sensitivity.

Using mint in teeth related problems also found effective. It contains different medicinal qualities such as antiviral, anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that makes it an ideal remedy for infections and other health disorders. For using mint in teeth sensitivity, mesh some mint leaves and add little black salt or black pepper powder to make paste and apply it over your gums and across the teeth, gargle with Luke warm water after 10 mints. Repeat this procedure twice daily to get relief; in addition, you can use its tincture also.

Tea Tree Oil
You can use tea tree oil for curing teeth sensitivity as well. It is easily available in any drug or grocery store, rub the oil with your finger over and around gums slowly or use a cotton cloth for applying it. Repeat these two or three times a day for 4-5 days to see its effect.

 Mustered Oil with Salt

I myself had experienced its effectiveness in sensitive teeth and tooth decays. You can use this technique in very easy manner, just take a little mustered oil and add some salt to make paste, use your index finger to rub the paste over gums and teeth. Clean your mouth similarly as you do after brushing, repeat it twice daily and you will get relief from irritating teeth sensitivity.

                                                  There are wide numbers of natural products that may help in minor health disorders, however it is better to ask your doctor to use these techniques, you will find many things in your surroundings that nature has gifted to humankind.


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