19 February 2014

Hair Loss & Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera
You have often noticed that a number of men suffer baldness which occurs due to hair loss. According to a survey, around fifty percent of the male population has hair loss problem or pattern baldness. Pattern baldness represents the permanent loss of hairs but it can be treated with latest clinical techniques available today. There are many reasons that may cause hair loss in men such as depression, stress, chronic disease, poor nutritional diets, stress, certain medications and hormonal imbalance. Aloe Vera is very effective in treating temporary baldness if used properly. You can find more about using it in the following paragraphs.

What is Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a plant commonly found on most part of the world. Researcher assumes that there are almost 350 types of aloe Vera species found in various parts of the world. Aloe barbadensis considered as the most commonly found Aloe Vera species that originated from northern part of Africa and mainly used in skin & body lotions and other medicinal purposes. People in many countries grows Aloe Vera in their homes also, the main useful portion of this plant is its thick leaves that containing thick gel. This gel is the main useful product of Aloe Vera that is used in medicinal as well as cosmetic use. Aloe Vera gel contains natural soothing property, which is very effective for using in skin creams, ointments and gels.  

How it Works

Many naturalist claims that Aloe Vera with its soothing effects sooths our scalp and as a result prevents the further loss of hair and in addition helps in hair growth as well. However, many other researchers said that proper lab testing of Aloe Vera’s effect on human hair growth still not fully administered and therefore the hair loss prevention and re-growth capability of Aloe Vera is still under the scanner. The gel found in Aloe
Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera Gel
Vera contains polysaccharides and glycoprotein helps in stimulating the growth of new skin cells.

How to Use

You can use Aloe Vera before or after shampooing, to use Aloe Vera, wash the thick leaves of it with clean
water and then peel off its gel by using a vegetable peeler, now apply this gel over your scalp by using your both hands and massage your scalp smoothly by your fingers for 1-2 minutes. When you got convinced that, you have applied it properly over your head then leave it for five minutes and then wash it properly. The best way is to plant Aloe Vera in your home and use its gel accordingly. This will ensure you that you are using fresh and natural Aloe Vera gel which you can’t get from your local market. Sometimes, the Aloe Vera products found in market often undergoes oxidation or other similar process but when you grow it by your own then you can guarantee its originality.


Different studies claim the effectiveness of Aloe Vera In dermatological purpose such as dandruff, skin dryness and burns. However, there are many more testing needed to prove its effectiveness. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor before using Aloe Vera. 



  1. I grind the gel then apply it with brush on my hair.

  2. However, the growth cycle, hair fall and rebirth can be altered due to several factors, such as family history, hormonal changes, diseases and medications. Physical and emotional stress can also lead to hair loss.

    1. Yes you are right, these are also factors that causes hair fall however the remedies given in the article are applicable for all types of hair loss.

  3. it starts this season there a change to telogen phase (decay phase), which after a variable time is regularized only going to recover most of the anagen hairs.

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