03 February 2014

How to fight phobias naturally

A phobia illustrationHave you ever gone through ‘Phobia’? People often have phobias, no matter what type. Anything or any situation may trigger phobias such as, walking, skiing, flying, driving, or phobias of bees, cockroaches, spiders, underground tunnels or climbing. Different people may have different types of phobias. Phobia generally defined as an unreasonable fear towards any living or non-living things or fear towards certain situations or anything, even if it does not have capability to cause you any harm. Some people fears fire or water, others people may fear cat or mouse or almost anything, phobia can cause you depression or extreme anxiety also.

According to their nature, there are various categories of phobias like certain things related phobia, phobia for facing mob or some specific person also known as social phobias. These phobias further divided into several subcategories, some of them are:
Acrophobia – This type of phobia occurs due to height
 Agoraphobia – This includes fear of sexual violence
 Arachnophobia – This is very common phobia that occur due to spiders
Aqua phobia - Fear of water,
Gelotophobia – Fearing about people laughing at you
 Hade phobia – Fear of hell

 There is a long list of phobias however; the cause of one type of phobia can be completely different from other types of phobias. There are various reasons involved in causing phobia such as bad experience during childhood days or fearing particular things since you were a kid. Additionally some physical, mental or emotional disorders may also cause phobia and in some case, it may transfer to new generation from older one as well. Advising some specific medications for the treatment of phobia is quite difficult because it may involve some psychological problems too. You can use natural remedies or simple techniques to decrease this tendency after consulting your doctor.  

Juniper said to be an effective remedy for minimizing the effect of phobias as it contains sedative capability. Any natural remedy containing sedative may be useful against phobias. You can use juniper extracts or you can use juniper oil that you can find in any grocery or medical store. Apply juniper oil over your body for massaging or you can even try adding its few drops into your bathing water for staying calm.


This is one of the best techniques for preventing depression, anxieties, disturbing thoughts, nightmares and phobias. Meditation is very helpful in providing relaxation and keeping you calm to decrease the chances of having phobias. It is very important that you have previous experience of proper meditation techniques but if
Aromatherapy essential oil
you are inexperienced than only go for some light meditation. For doing light meditation choose a calm and natural place to sit, keep your body straight but in relaxing position while sitting, now breath slowly keeping your eyes closed. Now try to concentrate your mind and feel the air you are inhaling, try to follow the path of air you breath within your body. Practice it regularly either in evening or in the morning. This will help you to fight against your phobia.

Aroma Therapy

This is another effective and known practice to counter phobias. During the older days, people from all over the world used aromatherapy widely. Aromatherapy is a massaging technique by using essential oil found naturally. Essential oil helps in strengthening our body nerves and the essence of essential oil sooth & calms our mind. You can use essential oil for inhalation as well. You can use a number of essential oils such as jasmine, lavender, juniper, ginger, chamomile, basil or any other.

Orange or Lemon

 Orange or lemons are also useful in minimizing and preventing phobias. Both lemon and orange contains rich amount of vitamin C, which is nerve and stress reliever. It is a proven fact that some fragrances may lower anxieties and fears. Similarly, the fragrance found lemon and oranges calms our body and minds as well.

Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce is very effective in decreasing the tendencies of phobias due to its sedative properties. You can use wild lettuce in oil forms made with its extracts. In addition, you can prepare tea by using wild lettuce or you can mix it with salad as well. You can also use wild lettuce for inhalation purpose or use few drops of lettuce oil when bathing. Wild lettuce is useful for curing sleeping disorders, cough & cold, depression and anxiety also.


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