26 February 2014

Hemorrhoids ; Home Treatments.

Vegetable juice
Many of you have heard the name hemorrhoids. It is a health disorder that people often feel ashamed of and therefore, do not want to disclose it to anyone. It is not very rare problem though, but people still hesitate to talk about this disease. Human body consists of an internal cushion like structure inside the anus that used in controlling the stool process within the body. Any infection may cause swelling in these cushions, which may result in pain and bleeding to form hemorrhoids internally or externally or even both at the same time. The actual reason for causing hemorrhoids is still uncertain however, researchers assumes that various factors may involved in causing the hemorrhoids such as sudden pressure or strain to the abdominal area, improper diet habits, aging, chronic disease, pregnancy or long time sitting, in addition too much heat or genetics may also cause hemorrhoids.   

You can find a number of medications in any drugstore for treating hemorrhoids but it needs proper guidance from your doctor to use these medications. Additionally according to some experts, there are certain home remedies that you can use to get rid of hemorrhoids fast at home as well. In the following paragraphs, you can find some of them.

 Home cures for Hemorrhoids

Goat milk
Goat milk is one of the best home based remedy that you can find effective in various health disorders including hemorrhoids. The importance of goat milk is already proven by different studies; in addition, you can use goat milk in treating piles and hemorrhoids also, as It works as a softener for softening the stool and therefore relieving you from applying extra pressure. Goat milk also plays an important role in enhancing the process of digestion inside your body. You can take goat milk in many ways such as by adding little amount
Goat milk
of honey in it or you can consume goat milk by adding few teaspoons of lemon juice in early hours. Many physicians recommends drinking a glass of warm goat milk before going to bed for perfect sleep, another way you can use goat milk is by extracting Curd from it  and applying to the affected area in case if having external hemorrhoid.

Vegetables juice

Another effective method of treating hemorrhoids in home is by using vegetables. Vegetables are very good sources of a number of essential nutrition. Some vegetables such as mint, carrots, ginger, spinach and lemon
are very effective in treating various health problems. You can use juice of spinach, carrots or mint to get rid of piles or hemorrhoids. First make juice of spinach or carrots and then mix little amount of honey in it and take 2-3 times per day for getting relief from hemorrhoids. You can also use goat milk with vegetable juice to cure hemorrhoids as well. 


Using oil to get relief from hemorrhoids is also an effective way you can perform at home. There are number of oil available that you can use in curing hemorrhoids. You can use olive oil or coconut oil in case of piles or hemorrhoids by simply applying few drops of oil into the affected part of your body to get quick relief.
Apart from the above-mentioned item, Honey is also useful in curing the hemorrhoids.   


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