18 October 2014

Lemon for lowering your Cholesterol level


High cholesterol level is the main reason for causing heart disease. According to many experts, the death ratio due to heart disease caused by high level of cholesterol is much higher in America and Europe as compared to other countries in the world. Every sixth American has high cholesterol level according to the center for disease control while the situation in Europe is much better than America but it is still a serious concern. However, cholesterol level control is not an impossible to achieve task, you can control your body’s cholesterol level by decreasing your dependency on junk foods and adding cholesterol lowering food items in your daily diet. A variety of foods may help you in lowering your body’s cholesterol level; we are talking about Lemon as a cholesterol lowering food in this article. Citrus acid found in lemon has high amount of vitamin C, zero cholesterol fewer calories; in addition, it is free from sodium and fat as well.

 Cholesterol Control by Lemon
Lemon not only has an advantageous color but also posse’s health friendly compounds as well as flavor. Lemon contains Limuloids that reduces the production of Apo B and helps in lowering the cholesterol level of your body. In addition, lemon also contains flavonoids that provide anti-oxidant capability to lemon, the anti-oxidant properties of lemon controls LDL or Lipoprotein, which sometimes referred as bad protein. Lipoprotein or LDL when oxidized accelerates the building up of fats in your arteries. Lemon with its anti-oxidant capability blocks the oxidization of LDL and erases the chances of fat building in the arteries. Another useful compound found in lemon is Pectin that has the ability lower the cholesterol level of your body, moreover, Pectin absorbs bile acid in your body, which results in utilization of the stored cholesterol in your body to produce bile acid and hence lowers the body cholesterol.

Uses of Lemon
Lemon is as a flavoring agent in many parts of the world; various types of seafood preparation said to be incomplete unless lemon added in them. No one can imagine the tastes meat, fish, vegetables or even drinks without the tangling touch of lemon. In additionally you may use lemon as a substitute of salt as well. One interesting fact about lemon is its easy availability, you can easily buy lemon anywhere in the world because of its universal presence, additionally in can grow it in your kitchen garden as well.
When we talk about the uses of lemon than who can forget the sensational taste’s of lemonade that we all loves. Apart from the above-described uses, you can use lemons in countless ways including:
Controlling High Blood pressure
For keeping vegetables fresh
As anti-oxidant and for anti-aging
As a washing item for utensils and vegetables
Preventing infection and allergies
For mouth hygiene and mouth freshening
Metal polisher
Digestion and stomach problems
Sliced lemonAs deodorant and stain remover  

 How to pick Lemons                                                                                             
Choosing lemon is not a difficult task or needed special skills, just remember to choose the one with thin skin, contrast yellow in color a little heavy. Lemon not only work as a freshening agent for your vegetables but lemons itself remains fresh for 10-15 days in your refrigerator as well.

Lemons could do wonders in lowering your body cholesterol but you need to minimize your smoking habit, alcohol dependency as well. Additionally, try to add lemon in your food preparation as well for the best result.


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