27 November 2014

How to prevent unpleasant body odor

Smelly body odorEvery human being has a particular odor or smell, and surprisingly a person’s body odor never matches with the odor of another person, same as happens with our fingerprints. Sometimes, a person’s body odor not only smells ill to the surrounding peoples but also to the person himself. There are wide variety of products such as deodorant and perfumes available in the market now days that claims eliminating ill odor instantly however, the facts are not always the same. These products may remove your body odor for a short duration but not for the whole day as often claimed by their manufacturers. These products are manufactured artificially and therefore, may cause side effects; moreover, people with allergies may find difficulty in tolerating the odor of these products as well. Fortunately, nature posses’ solution for everything and so do for smelly odor as well. There are plenty of natural resources available for preventing the foul body smell. Manufacturers often label their product as natural even if its’ not, it happens due to the absence of an international regulatory authority for defining the word ‘natural’ and monitoring its use in order to prevent manufacturers falsely using it. Therefore, always read ingredients of a product to avoid being cheated by false natural products. 

 Regular Wash

pic to promote bath daily A human body is highly susceptible to the wide varieties of bacteria found in the atmosphere, often these bacteria comes in contact with a person’s body and cause foul smell. However, regular bath and body cleanups might eliminate any such threat easily and prevent smelly body odor. One should always remember to clean specific areas like feet, armpits, private parts, and finger gaps because these are the areas, bacteria love the most. In addition, avoid leaving your body wet for long duration because damp body parts are like heavens for bacteria.   

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is natural bacteria, virus and fungi killers because it contains antibacterial and antiseptic capabilities. Applying white vinegar or apple cider vinegar is very effective in eliminating and preventing bad body odors. The best way of application is soaking clean cotton in vinegar and applying it over armpits, feet and other body parts then wiping out with a clean cloth.

Green Supplements

Adding green supplements like wheat grass in your daily intake is also effective in eliminating the foul body smell because they are natural deodorizers and pleasant in odor.

 Wear clean cloths

Researchers have found that, persons using materials like silk, cotton or any other natural fiber fabrics have fewer chances of smelling ill as compared to the persons wearing synthetic cloth materials. Natural fabric allows air to pass through it easily and keeps you dry whereas, synthetic clothing lacks this capability and dampens the body and attracts fungus and bacteria. In addition, try to wear comfortable dresses and avoid wearing tight dresses that blocks air circulations.

Sterilize your body with natural sterilizers                                                          

SpinachNatural sterilizers such as tea tree oil, hazel, eucalyptus oil are very effective in preventing the bad odor of your body. Theses natural sterilizers contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help in bad odor removal. Additionally they keep body’s ph level in control as well which is effective in preventing bacteria as well. Another thing you may use easily is baking soda; use the same technique you used for applying natural sterilizers.

 Diet Routine

Avoid using onion and garlic when going out because these may also cause ill odor sometimes. Moreover, milk products are also sometime responsible for the bad body odor as well. Therefore, avoid using while visiting places. People who are having digestion problems should avoid frequent eating of foods like eggs and fishes. If you are a habitual smoker or drinker than it would be wise for you to reduce you dependency on these products, as they may only add bad odors to your body as well.  
Eating green vegetables like spinach is also useful in decreasing foul body odor; spinach is a good detoxifying agent therefore limiting bad odor. Other green vegetables you might found useful are Parsley, Kale, artichokes, fennel, broccoli, dandelion roots, thistle and other green veggies.



  1. try boiling 3 stalks of lemongrass in 2'litres water.. until left with 1'litre.. let cool and drink the water. repaet 2x weekly... insya Allah no more unpleasant body odour

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