23 May 2015

Natural Home & Herbal Remedies for Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea illustration
An oral problem infecting the gum tissues surrounding our teeth is termed as Pyorrhea. Pyorrhea occurs due to the lack of oral hygiene, in its initial stage it is not of much trouble and can be treated easily. However, once it turns into a serious tooth infection it may give you a very hard time both physically and economically. Pyorrhea causes infection into the gum tissues, which in turn loosen the grips of teeth from the supporting gums and inflict pain and smelly breath.  Moreover, these may even leads to discharging of puss from the gums as well. A wide variety of reasons may involve in causing the problem of pyorrhea including ill habits like chewing tobacco, smoking, Alcohol consumption, negligence towards mouth hygiene, medicinal reactions, allergies, injury out of accidents, improper diets and too much stress. In addition, various chronic diseases may also cause pyorrhea as well. Pyorrhea can be easily identified by the associated symptoms such as severe toothache, smelly breath, swelling, puss and blood discharge from the gums. 

Best way to prevent and treat pyorrhea is keeping your mouth at the best of oral hygiene however, different types of medications are also available for the treatment of pyorrhea as well. Moreover, various types of home and herbal remedies are also very useful for the treatment of pyorrhea as well. It is advised to consult your physician prior using any type of home and herbal remedy.

Holy Basil

Clove oil
Widely used home remedy Holy basil is very effective in treating pyorrhea and other minor health disorders. Besides pyorrhea, holy basil is also useful for treating oral problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, and oral infections as well. There are tremendous medicinal properties found in basil, which makes it an important home remedy, it contains antiseptic, anti inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties for treating various minor health disorders. Basil is very common in Asian countries and people use it as a home plant as well for adding it into various food recipes. In order to treat pyorrhea, make paste by using basil extracts and mustard oil and add a little black salt in it, massage this paste by your index finger over the affected parts twice daily. Moreover, using basil in making tea is also useful or you can even use its oil for massaging your gums as well. 

Clove & Clove oil

Another effective and easily available remedy is Clove, which is widely used for the treatment of gum and tooth problems. A variety of medicinal properties found in clove makes it perfect remedy for treating tooth problem along with other oral problems. Clove has a wide array of medicinal properties within it which includes antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial, anti allergic and anti inflammatory properties.  You can use clove in many ways for the treatment of pyorrhea, just press 2-3 buds of cloves between the affected teeth to get instant relief from pain. Moreover, you can use clove oil for massaging gently over the affected portion of the gums or you can place a clove oil dipped cotton ball near the affected surface for few minutes also.


Barberry is another useful item for treating pyorrhea and other gum related problems. Different type of medicinal properties such as anti inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial capabilities makes Barberry very effective in treating oral infections like pyorrhea. One of the useful contents found in barberry is berberine,
which works wonder in oral infections. You can use barberry in a variety of ways such as in making mouthwash and tea with it, moreover, you can use its extracts for making juice as well.  


Echinacea is another easily available though very useful item that serves as remedy for pyorrhea, gum related problems and other minor health disorders. Anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral capabilities makes Echinacea a very effective remedy for the treatment of pyorrhea. Drinking tea made with Echinacea leaves twice daily is very useful in providing relief from pyorrhea moreover; you can use it with lemon and even add its leaves in your food as well.


Ginger has plenty of uses in any household however; it is also a very useful home remedy that may treat many types of minor health problems mainly infections. Use of Ginger in problems like gingivitis, pyorrhea and other types of oral infections is a widely practiced phenomenon in Africa and Asian peninsula. Ginger contains anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties along with various other useful properties to make its medicinal values. You can use ginger in making tea, in food preparations or even with honey, try to consume ginger tea twice daily for getting relief from pyorrhea.


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  1. Drinking 1 cup of spinach juice mixed with 1 cup of carrot juice is another effective remedy for the prevention and treatment of pyorrhea. Or, Take an orange or lemon peel and rub on the gums for 5 minutes. Repeat this two times a day to stop the bleeding. It is important to have proper care and treat pyrrohea to avoid future dental problems. Read some more insights on the causes of pyrrohea.