15 May 2015

Natural Home Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is a very common problem that may occur to anyone, but besides being a common problem, it could be a warning bell of some other diseases too. In common words we can define nausea as a sickening and uneasy sensation with the feeling that you are going to vomit but not necessarily. There are a number of factors that can cause nausea; some of them are viral infections of stomach, motion problems, over eating or drinking, during pregnancy, food poisoning, allergies, medicinal reactions and many more. Sometimes travelling can also be a cause of nausea, in many cases some shocking news or sudden weather change can also cause nausea though not much.

You can find many medicinal products that can give relief from nausea, any drugstore can provide them. Also in those cases when nausea is caused due to overeating or drinking, travelling or other, just getting out that particular condition can relieve you from nausea. Also there are various home remedies available which can be used in case of nausea. Generally these home remedies are very effective against common nausea.

Soda or soft drinks

In many cases of nausea that are related with stomach motions and acidity, plain soda drink can be very useful. Various soft drinks containing soda or lime which are commonly available everywhere is also good for common nausea. Soda works as cleanser for your stomach.


We all know that mint is a wonderful home remedy that can be used in many minor medical conditions. You can use mint as peppermint chips, mint tea or mint chewing gums mint in other forms. You can find any mint product easily. Mint is very useful in case of digestion and motions problem that can cause nausea. In some cases mint tea is advised during pregnancy. High temperature in summer season is also responsible for nausea in some people, in this case take some meshed mint leaves add water and black salt and mix them to make liquid drink. Consuming it twice a day will give you relief from nausea.

Cardamom is another wonderful home remedy for nausea; it is generally available in almost all homes. You can take cardamom directly and keep chewing it for some time; it will give you relief from nausea. Cardamom is an effective stomachic that removes gas problems in stomach; it helps digestion and decreases stomach motions that can leads to nausea.


Ginger with its excellent medicinal properties can be used in various medicinal conditions. It is found throughout the world and has an important place in every home’s kitchen. Ginger tends to increase digestion and relieves stomach motions. In case of nausea due to pregnancy, ginger is widely used. Ginger can be taken with black salt; also it can be taken with tea & lime.

Basil or tulsi

Basil is another multipurpose home remedy and widely used in all parts of the world. You can take it raw or with food, you can also take basil with tea. Basil is very useful in case of digestion and motions causing nausea. Basil has natural properties of relieving tensions, stress and depression that can cause nausea.



  1. If one feels nausea,one should drink a lot of water and induce vomiting. After vomiting one will feel good. Suppressing the symptoms with mint, cardamom, soda, or basil is not scientific. Instead of suppressing the symptoms one should always try to remove the cause of the problem.