12 June 2015

Causes and Herbal Cure for Left Sided Headache

Left sided headache
Our daily routine and work can be disturbed by headache and disabling us to work. Some individuals may have chronic headache where as others headache may occur at different time intervals. Headache can be caused on either one side or both sides including face. There are various reasons that can be responsible for causing headache on the left side. For finding the main cause of left side headache, it is necessary to tell the doctor about any symptoms having in the past along with informing him about the headache on the left side. This will help doctor in determining the actual cause and its treatment.

Abnormal blood Flow

According to a medical institute, migraine may affect one side of the head. Any specific reason for causing migraine is still not very clear. In general belief, the contraction & expansion of blood vessels causes’ increase in blood on a particular brain area that leads to pain. This pain can occur on any side of the head or only on left side. Different smells, high sound, stress, Alcohol, diet and various other reasons can be responsible for causing migraine.

Weather Changes, Smoking and Heredity

 Headache of only one side is usually occurs in cluster headache that may extend to two, three or several days. According to institute of Neurology, Smoking habits and weather changes mainly causes these types of headaches. Sometimes allergies and cluster headache may be mistaken with each other. A head injury can also be responsible for causing cluster headache.


When sinus cavities linings get inflamed or irritated, then sinusitis condition occurs. Various seasonal allergies, respiratory conditions and indirect cigarette smoking can cause sinusitis. Several sinuses or either left or right side of the sinus cavity can be affected by sinus headaches. According to some experts, many times Migraine headache might get mistakenly diagnosed instead of sinus headache. The only difference in case of migraine headache is its occurring along with various symptoms.


In case of aneurysms, if our left sided brain gets affected by aneurysms then there may be chances of left sided migraine headache or left sided cluster headache. According to a headache research, aneurysms can be caused due to extreme high blood pressure or it can be caused with birth. Sometimes aneurysms, never shows any symptoms till it gets near bursting due to its very large size, which leads to chronic headache. Physical exertions too can be responsible for causing aneurysms symptoms.  

Herbal Remedies for treating left sided headache                                                                                 
 Lavender oil

Do you like the freshening scent of lavender? Well who does not! lavender has a soothing and calming scent that goes through our nerves and soothes it. Lavender has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an effective remedy for relieving the left sided headache. In order to use lavender oil, take few drops of it on a clean cotton cloth for nasal inhalation or use the oil to take steam.


Peppermint is another nerve-soothing herb that has a calming effect on our mind, loaded with various medicinal properties peppermint is very effective in relieving left sided headed as well. You can use peppermint oil similar to that of lavender oil as described above and you can rub it over your forehead. Moreover, you can consume mint tea to get relief as well.


Ginger is one of the most versatile herbs that you can use in many types of health problems including left sided headache. Ginger contains some wonderful medicinal capabilities that make it suitable for various health disorders. The best way of using ginger for left sided headache relief is to prepare its tea and consume it at least twice daily.

Some other useful herbal remedies for the treatment of left sided headache mentioned below.
·          Basil
·         Eucalyptus oil
·         Kava
·         Turmeric
·         Cayenne
·         Lemon
·         Butterbur
·         Yarrow