24 June 2015

Effective home remedies for the treatment of Rectal Cancer

Rectal cancer sometimes called as large intestine cancer as well, as the name suggests rectal cancer is a type of cancer that affects the appendix or rectum portion of the body. The reason for rectal cancer is the abnormal cancer cells formation in the appendix area that further damages the healthy cell tissues and makes the situation worse. A wide range of cause may be responsible behind the rectal cancer or large intestine cancer, some of which include, habits like alcoholism & smoking, some type of chronic disease, family history of similar case and sometimes age factor is also responsible in causing it.  There might be many symptoms associated with rectal cancer by which, one can identify it such as continuous decrease in diet, blood and pain during stool, decreasing interest in day-to-day activity, frequent feelings of tiredness and depression. The large intestine cancer or rectum cancer is not something that one should be careless about, it is indeed a dangerous disease that may cause lives if not timely identified and cured. It is utmost urgent to identify it so proper medical care could be monitored. Moreover, there are some effective home remedies against rectal cancer found in every household as well which one can use however; these home remedies are only effective if the cancer is in earlier stage. It is also advisable to contact a physician first before using these home remedies against rectal cancer.

Do you know that onion sometime referred as anti cancer remedy? The reason lies behind the wonderful medicinal properties of onion, which gives it healing capabilities. Onion not only useful in treating rectal cancer but it also prevents the further growth cancer cells and limits its spreading. Onion works in multiple levels inside our body, it boosts our immune capability, it purifies our body, it prevents our body from bacterial, viral and fungal threats as well. Using onion is simple and you can use it in the similar way as you use garlic, moreover, regular use of onion with your meal, with snacks and with salad is also a good way to use onion as well.

Carrot juiceTurmeric is another wonderful health friendly item, which is widely used in almost every part of the world. Ancient people used turmeric in many occasions, they also used it as a medicine to cure skin diseases and stomach related problems. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature turmeric serves as an effective remedy for oral and skin infections, moreover, turmeric is also an effective immune capability booster of our body so we can counter different types of health problems. Turmeric has a tendency to prevent cancer cells from further spreading and resists its growth. For using turmeric add it in a little quantity into your daily meal, moreover honey and turmeric are also a good combination for consuming. Further, you can add 1-2 small cloves of turmeric into warm milk for daily consumption as well.

Garlic is among one of those regularly used household items that could work like wonder in many health related problems including the large intestine cancer or rectal cancer. The best thing about garlic is that it is very easily available and easily usable. Garlic contains wide range of medicinal properties, which makes it suitable remedy for different types of minor health problems. The best way to use garlic is to eat it raw or with other foods, moreover, you can use its tablets that you can easily find in your local grocery or drugstore.

A very useful content found in carrot is carotenoid that works great in a wide range of health disorders, researchers has found carotenoid very effective in treating oral and rectal cancer and therefore gaining popularity as an anti cancer food. Loaded with wonderful medicinal capabilities such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, carrot may provide relief not only in earlier stage of cancer but also in other problems like skin and oral infections as well. You can use carrot as you like, you can have it raw, add it into salad or make out its juice for consuming. The best way is to consume carrot juice for at least twice daily for better result.

The basil or sometimes called as holy basil is very good for boosting our body’s immune system, it increases our body’s resistance so it can counter varieties of health threats including rectal cancer. The medicinal properties found in basil include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral and few others. Basil is a kitchen garden plant; in India, people consider it as a sacred plant as well because of its wonderful uses. You can use basil in making tea or adding its leaves into your food preparations, moreover, you can add its leaves into salad or you can eat basil leaves raw also.

 Other home and herbal remedies for the treatment of rectal cancer includes:

·         Oregano
·         Chickweed
·         Parsley
·         Ginseng
·         Wheat grass
·         Black Cumin
·         Grape seed
·         Olive


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