19 June 2015

Free to adopt exercises for Knee Bursitis

Knee Joints
Do you know what bursa sac is? We have a bowl like shape in our knee.  It is known as knee cap or patellar and in this knee caps, located a pouch like shape, filled with some fluid. This fluid filled pouch is known as bursa sac. This bursa sac helps our knee joints to move easily and freely. When bursa gets inflamed and the fluid in the sac increased then a condition bursitis occurs. It occurs due to any injury or blow to the knee, kneeling for long time, having infection on knee due to some cut or wound. Treatment of Knee Bursitis can be carried out with exercises as well.

Sign & Symptoms

Having pain in knee joints, feeling difficulty on bending or on kneeling, swelling and appearing redness around knee caps, you can easily identify bursitis. By taking proper rest and using anti inflammatory medicines bursitis can be prevented. Also you have to exercise for improving joint movements. In case of bursitis caused due to infection instead of injury, then doctors prescribes removing excess fluid from the sac.

Calf Stretch

For doing calf stretch stand in front of a wall keeping both your toes in such a position that they both remain at a little distance away from the wall. Now placing your injured leg one step back, try to lean on the wall by bending the front knee. Make sure that your injured leg remains straight; on doing this you should feel the stretch in the back side of the knee and in your calf muscle. Now keeping the heel on the floor, slightly turn the toes of the back foot. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat it 3-4 times a day.

Hamstring Stretch

Leg Stretching Some sports experts suggests that it is better stretch the injured knee for proper movements before doing any strengthening exercise. For stretching, the knees lie on a floor near to the doorway keeping your booth legs towards the door frame, then keeping your other leg on the floor raise your injured leg and place it on the door frame. Now try to strengthen the injured leg as much as you can and hold the leg in this state for 20-25 seconds.  Do this exercise twice or thrice daily.

Thigh Strengthening Exercises

For working on the quadriceps muscles in front of your thighs, sit on the floor while keeping your swollen leg in front of you and bending other leg to the side. Now tighten the quadriceps of your swollen leg while pressing back of the knee slowly into the floor. Hold on in this state for 4-5 seconds.  Repeat this process 20 times with proper relaxing intervals. For working on the hamstring muscles in the back of your thighs, turn the inflamed leg a little by keeping its heel on the floor; slowly stretch the other leg out in parallel with the floor.  Now by applying pressure on hamstring muscles try to press the heel of the injured leg into the floor. Hold on for a while in this position and repeat it 15-20 times thereafter.


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