04 June 2015

How to cure sore throat at home

A sore throat cartoon
A feeling that something has stuck inside the mouth irritates us very much, just imagine the level of irritation when a tiny mosquito enters into your mouth while you were busy in talking with your friend on the rooftop! Sore throat irritates you in the similar or even more painful manner than that of a tiny fly, so what is sore throat? Well, in simple words, sore throat is nothing but the feelings of pain and itchiness on the throat, it gives you a feeling that something has stuck in your mouth. A variety of reasons may be responsible for causing sore throat such as allergies, atmospheric dust particles, tonsillitis, cough, cold and other similar problems caused by bacteria or virus. The initial phase of sore throat is not a major concern and can be treated within a weak however, it may be worrisome if continued for ten days and more. Sore throat affects people with low immunity more than that of a normal person, similarly the chances of children having sore throat is far more than that of an adult as well.
The seriousness of sore throat starts after ten to fifteen days when simple medication fails to show any positive result; in such cases, it may lead to some serious health problems therefore, it is better to consult a doctor if it goes for more than 10-15 days. You can find wide range of medications for sore throat in any drugstore; in addition, you can use home remedies to get relief from sore throat as well. Some of the useful home remedies for curing sore throat are as follows.
For infections caused by virus or bacteria, garlic is one of the most useful remedies that you can find in any household. The reason for the usefulness of garlic against various type of infections is due to the medicinal properties it contains. Garlic is an antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial herb and in addition, it poses many types of useful compounds as well. Using garlic is not a complex thing and you can use it with whatever you like or you can even eat it raw as well.   
You have often heard your elders suggesting gargling when anyone in your family have teeth and gum problems. Similarly, gargling is very effective in sore throat in providing instant relief; you can easily do it in your home without much complications and arrangements. The best way of gargling is to use plain water along with salt, first boil a glassful of water and mix a little salt in it before gargling. Gargle at least twice daily for getting a quick relief from sore throat.
Delicious and hot soup is not only a tasty food recipe but sometime it serves you in other ways also. For
Tomato soup
problems like cough, cold and sore throat hot tomato, chilly, corn and even chicken soup works as a remedy as well. Its hot and chilly flavor is capable of killing infection causing bacteria and viruses and providing you relief from sore throat. You can use any type of soup you love to get relief from sore throat however, corn, chilly, tomato, ginger and chicken soup serves best for this purpose.  
Ginger is also very useful in providing you relief from sore throat. Similar as garlic, ginger too contains a variety of wonderful medicinal properties including antifungal and antibacterial that helps it in serving as a useful sore throat remedy. Take few slice of raw ginger, dip in honey and chew it for few minutes, use this two times a day to get relief from your sore throat.
Chewing plain lemon dipped in rock salt is another useful way of getting relief from sore throat. Moreover, you can use lemon with black pepper and baking soda also to treat your sore throat problem as well. Lemon contains germ-killing capabilities that in case of sore throat counters infection and provide you relief from it.
Honey considered as one of the best natural soothers that come in handy in different types of health problems including sore throat. Best thing about honey is that you can find it easily in any local drugstore or grocery shops as its an important daily used home item as well. Consume few drops of honey directly or with water if you are having sore throat problem moreover, you can use it with ginger and milk for consuming as well.


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