06 June 2015

Vitiligo ; Cause & Cures

 An autoimmune disorder of the skin that makes white patches over your skin anywhere in the body because of skin pigmentation loss termed as Vitiligo, which comes genetically and has chronic nature. The main
Vitiligo Patches
reason behind this disease is the inability of pigmentation cells of the skin to perform actively and hence turning dead. Researchers are still trying to find out the exact reason that causes vitiligo however according to various experts, the provable reasons for causing vitiligo includes exposure to certain chemicals, weak immune system, heredity and too much heat exposure for long duration. Moreover, many experts believe it as an autoimmune disease as well. The main symptoms associated with vitiligo includes, discoloring of skin of certain spots such as lips, fingers, chest, face and feet moreover, grayness in hair and eyelashes start appearing as well. The various treatments available today usually based on preventing or decreasing the skin pigmentation loss. However, by monitoring and changing your diet accordingly, you can take care of particular skin disorders like vitiligo. Vitiligo affected people require to maintain a specific diet with proper routine to counter this disorder and prevent further worsening situations, in addition, fulfilling any nutritional deficiencies that the body lacks may also help in preventing any further de-colorization as well. 

Fulfilling Vitamin Deficiencies

According to an International Vitiligo Support Center, people suffering with vitiligo often have deficiency of certain vitamins such as zinc, folic acid and vitamin B12. Therefore, eliminating the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and folic acid by ensuring their supply to the body may prevent the vitiligo problem as a whole or at least any further damage to the skin. The best practice is instead of taking iron or vitamin supplements for fulfilling these deficiencies, use foods that have good amount of required nutrients. For getting sufficient vitamin B12, use product like shellfish, dairy items, meat and fish. For zinc use shellfish, legumes, nuts and beef, additionally use fruits that are rich in folic acid along with peas and dried beans. In addition, vegetables are also very rich source of vitamins and minerals and one should eat fresh vegetables on a daily basis if he is suffering from vitiligo.


It is obvious that people with vitiligo disorder often feel neglected and suffer emotional problems. Various
A food catalog
alternatives to minimize the effects of vitiligo carried out today which works on re-pigmentation of the affected skin. According to an American Medical University, ginkgo biloba has capability of quenching free radicals therefore, using it for supplementation increases the process of re-pigmentation. Another natural supplement to improve re-pigmentation process is an amino acid named as L-phenylalanine; it increases the process of re-pigmentation when exposed to the ultra violet light. However, it is better to consult your doctor before using any of the above methods as these supplements are still undergoing further research.

Food to avoid

According to an Online Medical Library, hydroquinone may used on such cases in which the maximum portion of body has lost pigments and the vitiligo is in severe condition. Hydroquinone is used for the de-pigmentation or bleaching of the remaining vitiligo patches. The person suffering from mild vitiligo patches should avoid consuming hydroquinone as it also found on some food and can turn the situation even worse. Hydroquinone, a de-pigmenting source found in coffee, wheat, pears and blueberries also.


There are still not sufficient scientific data available for suggesting proper nutrients for preventing vitiligo. The best way to avoid vitiligo is to monitor your diet routine and do some required changes in foods, due to autoimmune nature of it. The process of pigmentation may improved by the foods helps in keeping the skin healthy. It is important to consult a nutritional and health expert for seeking proper advice on diet planning according to your situation.        



  1. Bring out an advanced 'Paper' on these traditional skin disorders or diseases, i don't know much. Its a good 'Article' raising the knowledge on skin diseases.

    1. Off course, i will try in near future Faheem. Also please feel free to share your knowledge with this page, you are most welcome here friend.

  2. Though there is no cure for vitiligo at this time, researchers are closing in on blocking the immune response that results in pigment loss. In the meantime there are viable treatments being used. As a rule of thumb, the earlier you begin treatment, the better the response will be. Children generally respond very well to treatment. The face generally responds very well to treatment, and the feet and hands are among the most difficult areas to repigment.
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